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    Music, Hockey, Beer, and Grilling. Nuff said.
  1. TSN Power Rankings

    yeah im aware of that...still not buying.
  2. TSN Power Rankings

    Eight, using a 5 game sample size? good lord. I'd love being on the payroll too peddle my gibberish.
  3. All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

    Are we about to share our feelings as we pass the talking stick?
  4. All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

    What is going on in this thread?
  5. beers!

    Mmmm Beer
  6. Matt Tkachuk: League's New Villain?

    Looking foward to catching the Flames take the Aves to the cleaners here in Nov. I'll be keeping an eye out for Tkachuk
  7. Givani Smith

    Anybody here know Givani's timeline for returning?
  8. Athanasiou Rumor

    You watch a load of GR games I take it?
  9. The Next Expansion Draft

    I ask because well if you simply use the great google you'll find out very quickly how financially in the hole Hartford is.
  10. Athanasiou Rumor

    Doesn't sound like you have much faith in our D prospect pipeline...
  11. Athanasiou Rumor

    Im starting to warm up to the idea of trading AA for a young top 4 Dman. However, I would argue that it appears our beloved Wings already have many young Dmen in the AHL waiting to get the call-up. Just worth consideration.
  12. Jared Coreau

    I look forward to getting some scouting reports on him this season.
  13. Mitchell Callahan

  14. The Next Expansion Draft

    Hartford - Where have you heard that recently?
  15. Alex galchenyuk - should we make a move ?

    Whats a realistic trade where the Wings could land him?