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  1. Givani Smith

    oh my i thought he was with the Griff this year...
  2. What Are You Currently Listening To?

  3. Givani Smith

    so i can't find any 2017 stats on him. Is he still on IR?
  4. Dennis Cholowski

  5. Salary Cap to Rise at least 3 Million

    Great news for us. Obviously will provide some relief via liability for so many incredibly bad Holland contracts. Here's hoping it'll go up to $7+ million. Imagine for a quick minute a reality in which we unload at least $10-15 million in bad contracts by the 2018 Draft, plus an additional $7+ million becomes free via cap - then, Mantha, Larkin, and AA are signed to reasonable fair market contracts, which leaves us room to be competitive in signing some 1st line scoring talent. Jesus, oh my, what an imagination I have.
  6. Michael Rasmussen

    Alright anyone catch him at a Tri-City game this year? He's currently averaging 1.32 points per game. Games 19 Goals 14 Assists 11 Total Pts 25 +4 PIM 16
  7. Keith Petruzzelli

    Good character building.
  8. Evgeny Svechnikov

    Currently, the Griffs are more than struggling. The question i have is the following: Is Evgeny at least getting ample quality playing time and how does he look even on this year's sub-standard team?
  9. Seattle

    Im digging on the NHL finally putting roots back in the U.S. Northwest. Long overdue considering the market and economy. Hell Id delay my 2-3 yearly flights to Seattle, to drop some cash on a game, food, merch, and hotel. In return, they can TAX the blood out of me.
  10. Has Blashill finally lost the team?

    your dead wrong. We got SOME talent just not being coached/managed properly.
  11. Mike Green - worth?

    Green for a minimum mid-to-late 2018 first rounder. Question is whose will to pay?
  12. Blashill says struggling Wings must "Trust The Process."

    I hope we make Guy Boucher an assistant coach soon.
  13. Why are we better than last season?

  14. Hockey Fights 2017/18

    We need a Derek Boogaard....who can also score.
  15. Hockey Fights 2017/18

    oh my