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  1. TheXym

    Pre-Draft "State of the Rebuild" Assessment

    It’s awesome to see you back on the forums blue! Hopefully more of the old guard will come back. I’ve been in lurk mode for a while due to offline stuff being pretty chaotic for a couple of years. Even if it’s a sock, the blueadams line threads were always a blast.
  2. TheXym

    Pre-Draft "State of the Rebuild" Assessment

    Is this the same blueadams or old on a new account or a tribute?
  3. TheXym

    Are these press conferences necessary?

    You guys must be young. Looks like Miss Elizabeth, ex-wife and valet of Macho Man Randy Savage.
  4. Where is BoS with the butt pats?
  5. TheXym

    Wings Sign UFA Malte Stromwall

    The roster may end up like the best scotch - single malt(e)
  6. Agreed. I wouldn’t shed a tear if Muzzin received an “accidental” butt end or spear for what he did.
  7. Long overdue. The boys needed this.
  8. TheXym


    Seattle Triryches
  9. Someone might want to tell Seider that isn’t what they mean by Detroit tanking. seriously, though, that’s gotta be one of the hardest hits in the tracks since Stevens destroyed Kozlov in the 95 finals. It’s like Havsplat, the next generation.
  10. Saw the title and half expected to see this old vid: Weeeeeeeeeee! Gonads and strife
  11. TheXym

    Merry Christmas LGW!

    Leo Moracchioli does awesome work metalizing songs. Merry Christmas everyone
  12. TheXym

    12/22 Woof GDT - Coyotes @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM ET

    @MabusIncarnate. Thanks. Been a much better fall,than last year. I’ll give deets in PM if you want
  13. TheXym

    12/22 Woof GDT - Coyotes @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM ET

    Is Muzzin getting any punishment from the league?
  14. TheXym

    Gimme Muh Monthly Yzer-Trade

    Primus sucks!
  15. TheXym

    Gimme Muh Monthly Yzer-Trade

    JuiceWRLD is some rapper who just died. I only knew about him because one of the 7th graders is a huge fan. DT is Dream Theater. John Myung is a huge influence on me as a bassist, and Jordan Rudess is a god on the keys. I didn’t get into Rush until Imstarted playing bass.
  16. TheXym

    Gimme Muh Monthly Yzer-Trade

    If you are referring to the abomination Geoff Tate rolled out after he was fired, I’d agree.
  17. TheXym

    Gimme Muh Monthly Yzer-Trade

    Come on CRL, he’s in mourning over Juice WRLD. I’ll be over here rocking out to Rush, DT, and Queensrÿche.
  18. Filppula got away with a stick hold,there
  19. Decent pressure, but they need to break through again while they have momentum
  20. Is this gonna be a power play kill or will they actually do something?
  21. Think the goalie felt a Fabbreeze as that puck went by him?
  22. Yeah, it’s a painful season, but we expected it. And thanks for the well wishes for my dad. It has been a rough few months for me with his health, and some other stuff I won't get into in a GDT. But, on the home front things are so much better than a year ago. cholo with a post after a few deflections. Good replay of it on the flyers feed.