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  2. Send Conklin down and bring Joey up to back up Howie or just trade Conklin.
  3. Thank you for informing me
  4. Off the wall question What if a player has a chance for a empty net goal. Then a player throws his stick to prevent the goal should be be penalty shot. Will the goaly be allowed to go back in the net, or will they have to use a player on the ice? Just wondering Tom
  5. GO Bruins Bruins in 6
  6. I was just watching some old you tube videos. Saw Homer used to wear #15. Does any one now when and why he changed? Just wondering. Tom
  7. I have one in the freezer but I am in up state NY. We just buy them at the local grocery store. That has a decent sea food selection you may have to ask GO wings go!!!!!!!
  9. pic of the wrong numbered jersey
  10. I have a LEGACE jersey thats is numbered wrong on one sleave its 43 I wore every day the wings played this play off I will have it on tomorrow GO WINGS GO
  11. Nope they threw a bunch of stuff including a rubber chicken
  12. That is was the worse call ever ref was not even in position what a lazy ref
  13. NHL needs new refs I retired from the NAVY in July 2012 how do I Apply
  14. clear them out boys to much traffic in front or net
  15. NHL needs to order new whistle they must be broke