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  1. Ah yes, my mistake.
  2. Doesn't Howard have a NMC though?
  3. Yeah, it is a foolish way to do it.
  4. But he is the savior of the NHL!!!111!!!
  5. The CORE IS STRONNNNNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!1111!!!!111!!!!
  6. I forgot about, "The CORE," until I ran across it in this thread again. Good times on LGW.
  7. No, us getting older, and losing the vets has been the issue.
  8. Great news for Dats! Congrats to them all.
  9. I thought he would live forever. Oh well, wonder who we will start bitching about next.
  10. They are ugly, but I also think they are kinda cool.
  11. I know Puckloo and I are down for getting Hasek back for sure.
  12. It took me a moment to see what you left at the bottom there.
  13. Agreed.
  14. Oh for Christ's sake.
  15. That it has.