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    Red Wings Tough Guy?

    Wow I'm not sure if your serious or not. Please go watch soccer or something because you obviously don't know how hockey is suppose to be played.

    Kostopoulos suspended 6 games

    Abdelkader should be suspended for not doing anything.

    Stuart out 6-8 weeks with broken jaw

    Great we lose a tough Canadian and replace him witha soft euro. Lovely. We should atleast call up janik to try and replace some physicality. Now we have the softest defense in the NHL. 5 soft euros, and another soft American. Gotta give holland credit, he's made the wings so soft it's laughable. Guess I'll go watch a some Probert fight now to remember how the wings once were a tough and skilled team.

    Trade Time?

    I say we go out and get a konopka type player. I think just one guy like that would do a hell of a lot for Abby and ericsson because he actually knows what he's doing. Than Abby and Ericsson wouldn't feel like they hAve to do all the dirty work.

    Red Wings Tough Guy?

    Ok, im new to the site so hello everyone. But i got thinking the other day and i was wondering why the red wings dont have a tough guy. I mean honesty its not like a tough guy could do any worse than hudler or the now injured washed up haz been madano. If we had a tough guy atleast he would go out and do something to create energy. The way i think of it as if you cant score atleast try and hit and fight and get energy in the place. if you cant fight than you should be able to score and produce. Hudler is doing none of that right now. hes not scoring so he should be atleast hitting and fighing making himself noticable. Bob probert died over the summer, the least the wings could do is show a little spin and get a tough guy. And dont tell me that abby and ericsson are tough becuause while they fight mabye 2-3 times a year they arent an enforcer just a GRITTY guy. we have a bunch of grit but not toughnest. red wings were playing some amazing hockey 3 years ago when downey was patrolling the ice. The wings neeed that more than ever. remember when lapperier layed out lidstrom? downey was the one that came to his aid and beat his ass. Also dont tell me a team with all tough guys doesnt win because the pens are currently leading the nhl in fights and are the best team in the nhl right now. They are the ideal team right now with skill and toughness. they are the wings of the 90's. Sure they can play the most skilled team in the league and beat them but they can also play the toughest teams and mop the floor with them too. They can score goals all night long but went things turn ugly they will beat the crap out of you. they have 3 heavy weight in godard, engelland, and rupp. but they also have adams, orpik, and asham. In the off season this year we could have gone out and got a tough guy. we could have gotten 3 konopka's for the price of hudler or madano. No but we decided the waste our cap space on a whased up has been in madano and a small none physical euro in hudler. what happend to the days of probert, kocur, lapointe, shanny, and mccarty. the only guys on the team now with some balls are abby, helm, eaves and stuart. for the love of god ken holland get someone on the team that can go out and do the dirty work. DO IT FOR PROBERT!!! End rant. Sorry if i offendend any of you guys but i though i would just make a point. I think i will like this place.