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  1. In a dream world this would be great but the question is will he even become an UFA? Obviously a trade is out of the question so it seems unlikely.
  2. I miss Shanny and hearing the irish jig after every goal. Holland get on it ASAP!
  3. Who knows, maybe that guy is playing in Grand Rapids right now. You can always depend on good scouting from the Wings.
  4. Sorry fellas im new to the forum. Probably should of looked over past topics before posting so my bad.
  5. Obviously that clears a nice chunk of the salary cap. So what big name player could the Wings go after and do you think they will do that at all?
  6. Totally agree but only to a point. The Wings are certainly softer than they were in the old days but I think it's unfair to question their heart. When I see the Wings I see a team that never seems to just cash it in even when their losing. One thing is for certain, we need to beef up a bit up front and on the blue line. We can't always depend on finesse to win hockey games. Sometimes it's the gritty plays that are most effective and I think we lack the big physical players on both offense and defense. Still I see no reason why we can't make another serious run this long as goal tending holds up that is.
  7. Too bad for him. Another talented player who can't stay healthy. Probably time for the Bruins to cut ties with him after the season.