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  1. Show me data. Man, you'd be a tough GM. "Get better at something you're not really known for or retire!" I'm tired of reading myself on here and my tomato plants aren't going to pick themselves. LGRW!
  2. You're making an argument for no reason. Ericsson is as skilled as he's ever going to be. He probably won't get any better. But he could play more physical. He can control that.
  3. Maybe! Probably! Definitely not! Who knows? Time will tell. Lets be positive, folks. Accept it or not, the people in charge of this team are smarter than you.
  4. We were talking about big players playing big.
  5. Ericsson doesn't have the skating ability that Kronwall does/did to lay people out. He's more of a North-South skater, probably fairly easy to avoid. I just wish he was meaner in front of the net. More cross-checks to the back. Get them away from the goalie, that kind of thing.
  6. Dude at least give him enough credit to not let you anywhere near his coffee.
  7. True, he was very passive when he was up.
  8. Well McKee was a long-shot project from the get-go, not a 9th overall pick. Mantha was a highish pick and he's turning out pretty well. Along with his skill he had more fights last year than any year in juniors. Sheahan isn't physical. Ericsson plays more physical than I think people give him credit for, but he doesn't punish people. Abdelkader pisses people off. As goofy as Blashill looks, and as questionable as his tactics are, I think he embraces a "protect your teammates" approach more than Babcock did, which is exciting.
  9. I like how we've been drafting and signing some edgy, in-your-face type players over the last few years. It's not been fun watching the team get pushed around. Now we've got Bertuzzi, Smith, Renouf, and who knows, maybe Fraser and Zablocki down the road. There seems to be a bit of a sea change going on and I like it.
  10. Who are you, Kreskin? You can't see into the future, dude. Stop trying, put down the books they aren't working. I wanted Tippett, too, but we didn't get him. Maybe he'll be really good, maybe not. I hope Rasmussen is really good, and not to prove anybody wrong, but just because it would be awesome to have a 6'6" powerhouse on the team.
  11. Who knows? The anger is so over-the-top with some of you. I'm just glad you take it out here where I can easily add you to my ignore list. Yeah, but you'd WANT to. Admit it. You'd want to run over Ken Holland with your truck.
  12. Perfectly mature behavior.
  13. I used to get bummed out by all the semi-recent negativity on this board, but I've come to be reassured by it, really. It's become clear that these people are just absolutely miserable, and the only way to express it is by s***ting on EVERYTHING. It's reassuring because at least you aren't out there shooting people.
  14. Who knows if he'll ever dress for us, but I certainly enjoyed this video of Cole Fraser!
  15. So who do we want that could realistically fall to us at #38?