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  1. Do either of these guys have to return to juniors next year or are they pros? I can't keep track of all of the rules. Wasn't Saarijarvi up last year and back to juniors?
  2. 8 years 8.5 AAV per McKenzie.
  3. Since Bert and Larkin didn't have they're first full pro season until 15-16 they are clear. Mantha and AA are not.
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    DeKeyser and Mrazek should receive large raises since they aren't expected to receive bridge deals. I could see Marchenko getting 2 years at 1.25-1.5 AAV. Pulkinnen has no leverage and hasn't proven anything. He'll be lucky to get an AAV of $800k.
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    His games played and goals increased while his penalty minutes went down. Sure, his assists total took a major hit, but that can't be placed entirely on him. If he put someone in a position to score and they didn't isn't in his control. If he continues to progress and has a couple seasons with 15-20 goals and 25-35 assists it will be a great deal.
  6. Agree. I could see a few trades where the existing team gives up pretty good compensation if the expansion team takes a bad contract.
  7. This TSN article says that NMC must be protected but NTC do not.
  8. Per the official site. Anyone know much about him? Good size for sure. 6'2" 200 lbs.
  9. Don't you mean "The Dungeon"?
  10. No, I don't think they're playing well. But firing a coach 10 games into his NHL career seems rash. Back to the point I was making, he hasn't had one of the best players on the team and several key players have already missed time due to injury. It wouldn't be fair to fire a guy before he's given a chance to prove himself with the full roster.
  11. While we're at it, waive Pavel. The guy hasn't even scored a goal yet. So much for a playmaker.
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    I'm excited to see if he can add anything. He's been off for a while though.
  13. Funny thing with THN is they don't even have him in the Wings top ten prospects. Not a very good list, at least with their order, if you ask me.
  14. On waivers per Bob Mckenzie's twitter. Sorry, on my phone and can't link.
  15. 2020? Are we really 6 years away from seeing a contender? They may not win the SC before then, but I surely hope they contend before then.