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  1. Development Camp

    I've heard a few good things about Zablocki, although I think he may be another Nastasiuk type player. Ceiling is likely no more than a decent bottom 6 grinding winger. I've also heard a lot of good things on both Lindstrom and Kotkansalo. Nothing on Elfstrom. And I don't think Holmstrom was at development camp this year. Apparently Cholowski put on mad weight this past season / this summer. I think it was something crazy like 26lbs. Not bad for 10 months...
  2. Off-season moves

    Who has argued that we should keep all of our players and not shed cap? I'm pretty sure every single Red Wings fan can name at least one player on this roster that they would love to ship out to free up cap space. I'd be happy with just moving Ericsson, although in a perfect world, I'd move 3-4 players. The problem isn't the players or the contracts they are signed to (although it doesn't help), the problem is the GM that still believes these are good players signed to fair contracts. Each and every player on the roster could be traded, but we all know they won't be while Holland is still in charge... I'd be surprised if Coreau were claimed. I think IF we were to trade Nyquist / Tatar or Howard / Mrazek, it should be a "hockey trade" to upgrade our defense, not for picks at the deadline. But yeah, Green should be shopped at the deadline, and as long as he stays healthy and produces the way he's capable of, he should net us a late 1st minimum.
  3. Off-season moves

    Agreed. But at the same time, not even Larkin, Mantha or Athanasiou would get any defenseman of that caliber. We need to be looking at potential elite, not established elite. I still wish we went balls to the wall after Trouba last offseason...
  4. Kronwall and Franzen going on LTIR would leave us with over $4M. Athanasiou shouldn't cost any more than $2.5 (and I think that's being a little generous). That leaves us with nearly $2M in wiggle room to call up another forward. I agree that relying on LTIR isn't the best way to do business, but if he was aware of the situation a month ago, before free agency, being in this situation is a little more understandable I guess...
  5. 2017 Opening Day Roster

    Thanks. I wasn't aware of that. That's a good thing though in my opinion. As I said, I can see Saarijarvi starting in Toledo, so that's one less body he would have to jump on the depth chart.
  6. 2017 Opening Day Roster

    What makes you think Sulak is going back to Europe? I think Cholowski will definitely be Prince George this season, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Saarijarvi start the season in Toledo.
  7. Off-season moves

    I'm assuming we're just talking about Ekman-Larsson level players here? I think Trouba as well as several other high quality defensemen could be had for a package not including any of those three.
  8. Mrazek "Maturing, could bounce back like Howard"

    Absolutely. The criticism is warranted, but not reason to give up on the kid. That's my only point here. And I'm not saying you want him gone, but I know there are some that do, which is crazy to me...
  9. Mrazek "Maturing, could bounce back like Howard"

    A lot of people are giving Larkin a pass (myself included), and rightfully so. He's still very early in his development, and struggles are to be expected. Mrazek struggled more than I think anyone could have expected, but as with Larkin, he is still very early in his development and should be given the benefit of the doubt, based on what he's shown he is capable of in the past. He may never put up Vezina like numbers again, but I doubt he'll ever have a season as terrible as this past year. I do agree with your point about him being past his ELC and being paid big bucks though. He needs to prove he's worth the money, and maybe because he didn't this past season, is a big reason fans turned on him so quickly...
  10. Mrazek "Maturing, could bounce back like Howard"

    I think it's a lot more common than you think. You're acting as if I'm saying it's more common. I'm not. I'm saying that there are many situations where a 21 year old is more mature than a 25 year old. I've witnessed it in many cases, and I'm sure you have as well. But anything to argue about right? Anyway, this is getting way off the point. Larkin and Mrazek are at similar stages of their development, but Mrazek is being chastised by many, while Larkin is being given the benefit of the doubt. I hope / think both will turn things around, and neither is more or less likely to hit their ceiling than the other. Both are good, young players, that are coming off rough seasons. Let's hope they turn things around in a big way.
  11. I think we will be a better team this season than we were last, despite minimal personnel changes. I don't think it would be possible for every player to play as poorly as they did last season, and if the majority of the team sees even a slight spike in production, we should be much better. We will finish better than 79 points, but I don't think it will be enough to make the playoffs. I hope I'm wrong, but the only way I see this team making a large enough step to get back in contention, is if we make a trade or two. That's not happening. I think we finish with around 85-90 points, just outside the playoffs...
  12. Mrazek "Maturing, could bounce back like Howard"

    This makes no sense. I'm not saying Larkin is more mature now than he will be at age 25, or that Mrazek was more mature when he was 21 than he is now, or that any person regresses in maturity as they age... However, people do mature at different rates, just as people grow at different rates, hit puberty at different ages, etc. Everyone is different, and if you can't see the possibility that Larkin could be more mature than Mrazek or any other 25 year old, just because he's a few years younger, I don't know what's to say...
  13. Mrazek "Maturing, could bounce back like Howard"

    I don't think anyone would suggest that there isn't a huge maturity gap between those age groups. My only point was that it's very common to come across a 21 year old that is much more mature than a 25 year old. And in this case, I think it's very likely that Larkin is just as or more mature than Mrazek. I also think they're in similar stages of their development, despite Larkin being 4 years younger. Anyway, I think everyone hopes that both have huge bounce back years, along with the rest of the team.
  14. Mrazek "Maturing, could bounce back like Howard"

    I do remember when I was 21. I know 21 year olds now that are more mature than most of my 30+ year old friends. It's not hard to imagine a 21 year old Larkin (who seems to be very mature for his age) could possibly be more mature than a 25 year old Mrazek (who doesn't seem to have it all figured out yet). Anyway, we're straying way off track here. I think Mrazek can bounce back, just like everyone thinks Larkin can bounce back, regardless of age or maturity level.
  15. Mrazek "Maturing, could bounce back like Howard"

    21 isn't a grown man? My point is that forwards generally have a smoother transition than goalies. It usually takes goaltenders (and defensemen) a little longer to figure things out at the NHL level. Forwards, for the most part, don't have to go through such a learning curve coming from the American League. The bolded, I completely agree with.