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  1. No, DeKeyser, Green, Kronwall and Smith are top 4 based on usage. I'm thinking Smith either stays or we get a 3rd for him. But like I've said, I am okay with moving him at that price. I do use those numbers, and I'll admit to cherry picking stats at times. Everyone does it to support an argument. But the basis of any argument I have on any player, positive or negative comes from watching games. Of course there's bias involved but from watching Smith, I like what he brings to the team. And so do quite a few others. Bias also goes the other way, and for the majority of people that don't like Smith, I think they have a negative perception of him based on the player he was, not the player he is now. Anyway, I'm done with this for now... I think Smith is a very good hockey player. I hope we move Ericsson and keep Smith, but since I know that's not going to happen, I'm okay with trading Smith for the right price.
  2. Fact? What facts? Points? Corsi? No amount of numbers are going to tell the whole story. Just because player X has more points than player Y, does not necessarily make him a better player, nor does it make him more valuable to his team. I believe Smith is a better hockey player and is much more valuable to the Red Wings going forward than Kronwall. You don't. Cool. CRL think Ericsson is better than Smith. Cool. I don't.
  3. Smith is currently being played as a top 4 under Blashill. I care as much about how Smith was used in the past, as I do how much better Kronwall was in the past... Right now, Smith is a top 4 defenseman on this team. I'm not completely opposed to trading him, just like I'm not opposed to trading some of our top 6 forwards, but it has to be to a benefit of the team. As I've already stated, anything less than a 3rd round pick and I don't even consider it... unless Smith makes it very clear that he wants to test free agency, then I'd let him go for a 5th (although he would certainly get more than that).
  4. I already told you to go back and read / reread kip's post, and you said you did and you disagree. Smith is a very good puck moving defenseman. I value that. Either you (as well as others here) don't, or you refuse to see Smith's positives, and in my opinion, there are a lot of them. Great skater, great puck mover, solid in his own zone, physical, hard to play against, etc.
  5. What? Smith's numbers are down this year? I find that hard to believe with every other player having a career year stat wise... It's not like any other players production level has dropped off this year... and even if that were the case, that's not an excuse for Smith, right?
  6. We're talking about re-signing Smith, so let's talk about the future contract years, not what Kronwall used to be. Smith is better for the team going forward because Kronwall has limited time remaining in Red Wings uniform. It could be another season, or it could be 20 games, but there's no way he's finishing that contract. You give the edge to Kronwall, I give the edge to Smith because he's better (in my opinion) and younger. Smith is not a 6th defenseman, he's a top 4, and it's not just two people that think that. There are plenty others that believe he is a top 4 as well. The players you listed are top tier 2nd pair guys, some are even top pair guys... That doesn't mean Smith isn't a top 4. Is Niklas Hjalmarsson a top 4? What about Trevor Daley (the guy Pens fans want to see replaced by Smith)? Jason Garrison? Justin Braun? Ben Lovejoy? Robert Bortuzzo? Chris Tanev? Smith is a solid top 4 when you look around the league. In my opinion, he's similar in ways to '08 Stuart, he just needs an '08 Kronwall to pair with him.
  7. Kickazz, why are you bringing up what Kronwall was 2-3 years ago? Why are you comparing Smith to a "healthy" Kronwall? Kronwall isn't healthy and likely never will be close to 100% again, probably not even 75%... I'm obviously not saying Smith is better than Kronwall ever was, that would be stupid. I am however saying, and stand by, that Smith is better now, and certainly will be better in the future (next three years) than Kronwall. I'm not "dropping my standards" for Smith. I believe he is a legit top 4 defenseman. What I'm saying is that he is not the issue with our defense. Ericsson and "injured-no-good-knees" Kronwall are much bigger issues. By the way, I think you should drop your standards quite a bit, since you keep bringing up the golden years when we had Lidstrom, Rafalski, Kronwall and Stuart as our top 4. We may never see a top 4 that good again, because we'll never see a defenseman like Lidstrom again... What the hell does another user thinking Cory Emmerton being a top 6 center have to do with anything here?...
  8. Smith is better than DeKeyser. DeKeyser makes $2.25M more. Smith is better than Kronwall. Kronwall makes $2M more. Smith is better than Ericsson. Ericsson makes $1.5M more. 15 mil tied up in those 3 long term. But Smith needs to be traded. Ok. That better? Smith is not the issue with this defense, and if we're trying to make this team better, those are the guys that we need to look at moving. Not Smith. Kronwall will likely end up on LTIR over the next year, so I'm okay with waiting for that to work itself out. Ericsson CAN be traded, and I'm sick of hearing everyone say "he can't". No contract / player is untradeable, it just takes a GM to get creative. Look at all the terrible players / contracts the Leafs were able to move over the past two years. If Clarkson can be traded, so can Ericsson. The unfortunate thing is, this organization, for whatever reason, values Ericsson and his "size"...
  9. I'd love to see him traded and get in some more games on another teams 4th line. Trade him for future considerations if any team wants him, unfortunately for Drew, I just don't see any team calling for his services...
  10. I agree, but Smith would definitely garner more than a 6th round draft pick... Unless management have decided they have no intention in re-signing Smith this offseason, or he lets them know he wants to test free agency, I'd be disappointed with anything less than a 2nd round pick. I'm not saying I think we'd get that, I just think Smith is more valuable than a player we could potentially draft in the 3rd round or later...
  11. I wasn't a fan of the Hronek pick when we first made it, because I felt there were better players still on the board at 53, like Taylor Raddysh... Still wish we picked him, but oh well... Hronek is starting to look like a decent prospect though. He's been the kid I have been keeping a close eye on this season and he has been very impressive thus far. He's playing on a very bad Saginaw team, is 2nd on the team in points (50) and shots (186) in just 48 games (6-8 less than the rest of the team). He also leads the team in +/- with a +15, most of the team are in the minus, with the worst being -24. He's 5th in the entire league in scoring for defensemen, and 2nd in points per game. He definitely needs to bulk up a significant amount if he wants to have a career in the NHL, but not bad at all for a 170lbs. 19 year old kid...
  12. Completely agree. The thing I get most frustrated about is, Smith does produce offensive chances, he just doesn't put up points, for whatever reason. Lack of finish on this team maybe? There was a stat last year that he lead the team and was top 10-20 in the entire league for passes that lead to high quality scoring chances per 60... I scoured the Internet last night trying to find the site I found this on, no luck, so if anyone knows where it is, and would post it, would be appreciated. Regardless, Smith is a very efficient puck mover, and every team needs a couple of those. He's been known to make his fair share of blunders throughout the game, but so do most puck moving defenseman, and he has drastically cleaned up that area of his game. I think in the right system, with another solid top 4 guy as a partner, he would be very good. We've seen that in the past, and not much changed. He looked great some of those games, not so good in others. Smith and DeKeyser are both 2nd pair guys in my opinion. One is a "puck moving defenseman" that moves the puck well, but doesn't produce enough points. The other is a "two-way defenseman" that has no offensive instincts whatsoever, and is mediocre at best in his defensive zone...
  13. You're acting as if I'm saying we can't lose Smith, when that's not at all what I'm saying. I've said that we should probably move him, IF the return value is there. My point is, Smith is very undervalued here, and if / when he gets traded, I think he will be a very solid addition to whichever team acquires him. If it were up to me, I'd keep Smith and offload Ericsson, but we all know that's not happening... I honestly think Smith is better than DeKeyser, but DeKeyser is massively overpaid, and no I wouldn't give Smith anything close to that. I'd be okay with kliq's $3M per for 3 years number, IF we could offload Ericsson and Kronwall went the way of LTIR...
  14. You mention Petry as an "offensive defenseman", but he's never really had any overwhelming offensive numbers, until his breakout season, this season, at the tender age of 29... Unfortunately, I don't think Smith will ever get to the status of "offensive defenseman", but he's still very valuable. None of the kids are currently better than Smith, and although they all may have the potential to get there, maybe none of them ever do. We were all extremely high on Smith once upon a time as well...
  15. CRL9, I'm not getting into yet another back and forth with you about Smith. I think he makes this team better, and harder to play against. You don't. Cool. Your disdain for Smith almost rivals another posters for Franzen...