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  1. Nope. I just don't share your irrational hate... Umm no, it's because we dont have a Connor McDavid.
  2. krsmith17

    AA traded to oilers

    No one. I was more so talking about taking on a bad contract (probably not going to happen), or trading up on draft day...
  3. Athanasiou would be more valuable as the team adds talent / improves, but Fabbri will be less valuable as the team adds talent improves... Yeah, okay... If Athanasiou re-signed, and plays a full season on McDavid's wing, he could possibly hit 40 goals. So what? He wasn't going to get that same opportunity here, and for good reason. Kuffner is a borderline AHL player...
  4. krsmith17

    AA traded to oilers

    I will not.
  5. krsmith17

    AA traded to oilers

    Nah. Not unless it's top 10, plus.
  6. krsmith17

    AA traded to oilers

    Good trade. We need to add another 1st though...
  7. LOL whatever you say. Gagner is a solid veteran. Good trade. Quit bitching.
  8. Who the f*** is "getting excited" about Gagner? Helm - 33 years old - 61GP, 9G, 6A, 15PTS Gagner - 30 years old - 36GP, 5G, 7A, 12 PTS Yeah, Helm is sooo much better than Gagner...
  9. Man you're dumb. I'm sure you think Helm (50% retained) could get a mid round pick though...
  10. I'm saying that a 30 year old veteran winger could fetch a mid round pick at the deadline. What a bold statement... Saying that he can't is just dumb.
  11. LOL. Gagner could absolutely fetch a mid round pick. Not saying he will, because Yzerman might want him around the locker room. But yes, he could.
  12. Good veteran depth winger for a contending team. Retain 50% and trade for a mid round pick...
  13. Is it possible that Gagner is being flipped for another mid round pick?