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  1. Our draft position

    Statistically, it's the most likely scenario... There's a 65.5% chance we move back to 6 (34.5%), 7 (26.7%), or 8 (4.3%)... There's only a 26.1% chance we move up to 3 (8.9%), 2 (8.7%), or 1 (8.5%), and an 8.4% chance we stay at 5... F*** the stats though! We're moving up into the top 3!
  2. Our draft position

    I think he gets it, he's just taking it to an extreme, in another attempt to get his point across. It's not going to work though because people see Daley as a good defenseman, on a good contract (which is true), and automatically think that it was a good signing for the Red Wings. It wasn't. We are a team that should be rebuilding, with the oldest defense in the league, and we add a player that makes us even older. It makes no sense. I would have been perfectly content if we signed Daley and moved another veteran in the process, but not to have 6 veterans on the team, 27+, with no room for any of the kids for the next couple years. Anyway, what's done is done. The contract was signed. Holland admitted that we need to get younger. So to do that, he's going to need to make room for at least one of the kids this year, and maybe two more the following season. Some veterans need to go, whether it's through trade, IR, or expiring contract.
  3. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    Top 5 for D and F for me would be... Defense: Dahlin, Bouchard, Boqvist, Dobson, Hughes Forward: Svechnikov, Tkatchuk, Wahlstrom, Zadina, Veleno
  4. Question for KRS

    I think both Cholowski and Hronek have the potential to develop into number twos, and between the two of them, hopefully we'll have our 2D / 3D spots filled. Even if we don't win the Dahlin sweepstakes, there should still be other potential number ones available. I think Bouchard and Boqvist both have the potential to get there. We'll see... Our defense is in rough shape, but we do have some nice pieces, as well as a ton of picks in the next two drafts. If all goes well, I think we'll be in pretty good shape in the next couple years.
  5. Question for KRS

    I used to watch a lot of Griffins games. I've watched maybe 5 or 6 full games this season. I'll be watching every playoff game though for sure. From the few games I have watched, Hronek is the only one that stood out in a positive way. I also watched two Prince George games earlier in the year, and Cholowski looked very good as well. Very headsy player that does everything well, but nothing exceptional. I honestly don't see a single defenseman in our system as anything more than a decent number 2 / good number 3 in the NHL. That's just my opinion though and there is still a ton of time for some of these players to step up. @kipwinger summed it up pretty well. I also agree on Hicketts being nothing special. I see him as a decent bottom pairing defenseman. I too hope that the Griffins concentrate more on developing these players, rather than going all in on the vets in hopes to win another championship. This was a big reason I strayed from watching as many Griffins games this year. I have little interest in watching Street, Lorito, Tangradi, Puempel, Lashoff, Renouf, Russo, etc. playing every night. Give me some more young kids that I can (over)hype...
  6. 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Well yeah. Maybe if he didn't allow that duster in the 2nd game by Paul LaDue (who?), he would have much better numbers, including 3 shutouts. Now that, I would consider "good" goaltending... How far do you think Fleury is going to carry the Golden Knights with a 0.977 SV% / 0.65 GAA? Definitely needs to step up his game a little in the 2nd round...
  7. 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread

    Fleury has been "okay"... 3 goals allowed on 130 shots, 0.977 save percentage, 0.65 goals against average, 2 shutouts in a 4 game sweep...
  8. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    We're all hoping to get one of those top 2 picks on the 28th, but if we end up with the 3rd pick, I'd definitely shop it to a team in the 5-8 range. If we could get Bouchard with that top pick and trade up to also get Wahlstrom, that would be an amazing first round for us. And we'd still have another one or two picks in the 2nd round to hopefully get another big player. Larkin / Veleno also wouldn't be close to the calibre of Crosby / Malkin... A ton of teams have two top centers as good or better than what Larkin / Veleno project to be. We need a number one defenseman, a top 2 center and a couple high end right handed wingers added to the prospect pool. If we could get 2 of those 4 pieces, we'll be well on our way to rebuilding this team. This is a HUGE draft for this organization. Hopefully we get lucky in the lottery and on draft day...
  9. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    If we end up with the number 2 pick, we have to take Svechnikov. If we end up with the number 3 pick, I'm okay with taking either of Zadina or Tkatchuk, but ideally I'd like to trade back a few spots in hopes we can still get one of the defensemen we like. I think it's way too wide open to project who will be available with our Vegas pick, or Ottawa's / our 2nd, but I'd like to use a couple of those picks to move up to the middle of the 1st, if a player we like drops.
  10. Holland and Blashill expected to return

    According to Custance, Torchetti will not be returning next season.
  11. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    I don't think many are "down on Wahlstrom". I think anyone would be thrilled to have him in their organization, but if we're picking top 5, there will likely be better options available. If we fall back to 8, I'd consider taking him for sure, depending on who else is still on the board.
  12. Our draft position

    I agree. However, this team is nowhere close to the Edmonton model, nor did I say anything that would indicate that I'd like to see us model the Oilers... There's a huge difference between having a team full of kids and having the oldest team (and defense) in the league. There's a middle ground, and that's where I'd like to see the Red Wings. A defense that averaged over 30 years old, did not need a 34 year old "character" player to teach the young players... I asked this before, with no response, so I'll ask again. Which young players did Daley teach? The youngest defensemen on the roster were 27 years old. Not exactly young... Being better off does not equal wanting... I was one of the few that said I was still rooting for / wanting the Wings to win every game, despite knowing they'd be better off losing...
  13. Our draft position

    I never said I wanted to finish lower in the standings... I don't think a 34-36 year old that put up 16 points this year was the best solution to fix our piss poor defense. I think Hicketts or Sproul could have produced just as much or more, while not giving up a ton on the defense side. You disagree, which is fine. What about taking a flyer on a younger UFA defenseman like Murphy or Morrow? What about trading for a youngish defenseman? There are / were much better options to fixing this defense than signing a past his prime stop gap. But hey, what do I know... The "experts" disagree with me, so I'm obviously wrong... I'm becoming "known for inflated opinions of young players" because people like you only point out when others are wrong on their projections... What about all the times people have been right? What about Ouellet and Marchenko? Most people were really high on both and said they were future top 4 defensemen (or better in some cases). I said they both sucked and were bottom pair defensemen at best. I also said Jensen was better than both and people gave me s*** for that as well. It's kinda sad that you (and a few others here) get your rocks off by pointing out when people are wrong... But whatever, to each their own I guess...
  14. Dennis Cholowski

    He will definitely be joining the team, but will he crack the lineup? Hopefully, but there's no guarantee... There's already way too much of a log jam on the Griffins defense as it is, with Hicketts, McIlrath, Renouf, Russo, Sulak, Hronek, Lashoff and Saarijarvi... Lashoff was a healthy scratch for Sulak the other night. Hopefully Renouf or Russo will be a healthy scratch once Cholowski is up with the team... Rasmussen and the Americans will play the Silvertips starting on Friday. I'm kind of hoping they lose that series so Ras can play with the Griffins as well... While they're stacked on D, they could definitely use the help up front, after losing Lorito and Turgeon, and Bertuzzi not being sent down. Seeing what Rasmussen can do in the AHL playoffs could go a long way in determining whether or not he will make the Wings out of camp this fall.