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  1. Soft Euro's like Konstantinov, Emelin and Gudas.
  2. Oilers in 7.
  3. Preds in 6.
  4. Sambrook is turning a lot of heads. He's quickly moving up my list of favorite prospects. Great pick in the 5th round.
  5. Thanks! Good catch. I don't know how I missed that first tweet. I still can't see it. Oh well, makes sense now.
  6. I found it weird, when I was scrolling through my Twitter last night, I came across a tweet from "Red Wings Prospects", that said "Ejdsell (C/LW, 6'5", 214) lead the Swedish Allsvenskan (SWE-2) with 57 pts in 50 games #RedWings"... For those that are unfamiliar, they tweet nothing but Red Wings prospect news and stats (great follow). I've never seen them tweet any information about a player that wasn't Red Wings property. Has he already agreed to a contract, and the info just hasn't been released to the public yet? Maybe?... Either way, I don't expect him to go to any team and immediately become a top player, but he could be a solid middle 6 guy. Who knows though, we could luck out and he could be another Panarin... No harm in giving this kid a shot.
  7. I said Jackets in 7 last series, only because it's what I wanted, not what I actually thought would happen. I'm going with the same mindset here... Caps in 7, although I think it will be Pens in 5 or 6...
  8. I want a player that plays exactly like Simmonds, but I wouldn't give up a significant amount (not close to what it would cost) to get him at this point in his career. He will be 29 years old to start next season, and the style of game he plays, he won't likely be close to the player he is now, in 3-5 years from now (when we will be ready to contend again). I'm stillness hoping we have our very own Wayne Simmonds in the pipeline, in Givani Smith. Although I doubt he becomes anything close to the beast Simmonds is (offensively speaking), he could develop into a lesser version, that plays a similar game in the middle 6...
  9. Yeah, I'm sick of having none skilled guys fill out our bottom 6, because they bring all sorts of "intangibles"... There's absolutely no reason to bring back either Miller or Ott when you have Glendening, Abdelkader, Helm, Sheahan and Bertuzzi that can all play a similar role. And you can also fill the bottom 6 with guys from Grand Rapids like Svechnikov, Nosek and Frk as well as one of the top 7 guys (Zetterberg, Nielsen, Nyquist, Tatar, Larkin, Mantha, Athanasiou) that gets pushed out of the top 6. All of this of course, is assuming there are no changes to the roster up front (I hope there will be) and everyone is healthy...
  10. Agreed. I don't see anything special with this kid. Kind of surprised they offered him a contract to be honest. I expect he will start with the Griffins / Walleye next season, and will be back in Sweden within a year...
  11. Doubt he plays. Griffins are already overloaded as it is.
  12. I don't want Shattenkirk either, not a huge fan, but saying he's not a 1D because of his +/- is just laughable. As for your proposed Trouba trade, Cheveldayoff would laugh his ass off and hang up with an offer like that... right after he said "Done Deal" of course... A 20 year old top 6 center, a 24 year old offensive defenseman (that could flourish if given the opportunity), and a top 10 pick that could become a top 3? F***! I'd love to have Trouba here too, but talk about massive over payment...
  13. I completely disagree with Athanasiou having a "low hockey IQ". I think he makes a lot of very smart plays with and without the puck. He does try to do too much at times, but so do a lot of young skilled players, because they could get away with it in lower leagues. Tatar was notorious for it, but has learned to rely on his linemates more and more. AA will as well. As for the "floating", I don't really buy that either. No player skates at 100% for the full shift, and because AA is such a fluent skater, it may look like he's dogging it out there, but he's not (at least not any more than any other winger). I don't think he's been a disaster defensively, but there's no question he concentrates more on the offensive side of the game, as he should. I wish we had more wingers that played this way. I'm sick of every player having to be a "200 foot, defense first player". I'd like to have one player for each of the top 3 lines, that concentrate solely on the offensive side of the game. I don't want players like Mantha and Athanasiou giving up their offensive game to play defensive first hockey. Let Mantha and Athansiou cheat a bit on the offensive side of the game, and I think it would pay off. Anyway, I think some are way too high on Athanasiou, and some are too low, there is a middle ground, and that's where I lie. I think Athanasiou is a very good young player that still has a ton of room to grow. He will never be elite, but should be a very good top 6 player in this league for a long time. The only question for me is, will he be a winger or center. I personally like him on the wing, but could see them using him sparingly at center as well.
  14. So we shouldn't waive Nyquist and Tatar?...
  15. Loved this pick when we made it last year and it looks like he's progressing quite nicely. I still don't see him as anything more than a #4/5 at the NHL level, but I think he will definitely be an NHLer in a few years. If he can develop into a smarter, more physical version of Ericsson, I will be very happy. I'm not sure, but I think he will play another season in the O, before he makes the jump to the A.