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  1. krsmith17

    Howard = Average

    Who said anything about a three year deal? ..."who had already proven over previous seasons that he was spent"... Who are you talking about here? That sounds like Howard to me... No, there are no "younger, deserving players waiting to take (Howard's) roster spot" / he is not "replaceable from within", but that doesn't mean he isn't very "easily replaceable"... Literally take any goaltender off the UFA market (doesn't have to be one of the top guys), and it's a huge upgrade over Howard *at this point in his career*. Yes, Howard "has proven over his career to be a quality player at his position". What he's done throughout his career is irrelevant though. He's done. He needs to retire. The ONLY way Yzerman should even consider bringing him back next season, is if he knows first hand that Jimmy is working his ass off all summer, comes into camp in the best shape of his career, and proves it on a PTO, near league minimum contract. That's not going to happen though, so Howard should just retire before he further ruins his career / reputation with the fans, the way Cleary did... Anyway, I'll say it again... I would absolutely, 100% take a flyer on a way past his prime, veteran 14th forward, that wouldn't be expected to play at all, let alone big minutes, over a past his prime Howard, that would need to be relied on to play (lose) 30ish games next season...
  2. krsmith17

    Howard = Average

    Yes. I would... This.
  3. krsmith17

    Howard = Average

    I'd take 41 year old, 5 years removed from the NHL, Dan Cleary over Jimmy Howard next season...
  4. krsmith17

    Howard = Average

    Trevor Daley "wanted" to be traded at the deadline...
  5. krsmith17

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    Some won't reach. Some will exceed. Pretty standard stuff...
  6. krsmith17

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    Dude, f*** offff with your bulls***... You think saying that we're a bottom 5 team again next season, and a bottom 10 team for the next three seasons is unrealistic or "hopeful"? I personally think we're one year closer than that. I'll go bottom 5, bottom 10, and then bubble (potential playoff team). There's a huge difference in a core made up mostly of highly drafted players (Larkin, Mantha, Bertuzzi, Rasmussen, Veleno, Zadina, Seider, Hronek, 2020 top 4 pick) and our old "core" made up mostly of later drafted players (Nyquist, Tatar, Sheahan, Pulkkinen, Jurco, Frk, Jensen, Ouellet, Sproul, Marchenko)... Being optimistic about that old "core" was foolish, but there's legit reason to be optimistic about this new core, and the Red Wings going forward. If you want to s*** on people for that, you do you, but we'll be laughing at your dumb ass when Yzerman turns this team around, with most of it's current core still in place. You want to trade Larkin and Mantha. For what? More draft picks? Great plan... Maybe you want to trade them straight up, one for one for another player? Who? The plan to trade two of our best young players that are still (barely) in their prime is beyond dumb. I'm happy Yzerman isn't that dumb. He will not trade either of those players, unless a team massively overpays. It's not going to happen...
  7. krsmith17

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    Nice troll job... Again, I never said anything about the Red Wings being "BETTER than the championship Blues"...
  8. krsmith17

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    Exactly. And while all three might not reach that sort of ceiling, I think it's very reasonable to expect two to get there, or at least close.
  9. krsmith17

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    On the roster? Yes. He was injured though, and also played less than half the games this season, as a 20 year old, on the worst team in the NHL... What the f*** are you talking about? I never even brought up the Blues, let alone said "we're probably the next St. Louis Blues"... I'm simply comparing players (at the same age), that someone else brought up... And yes, you are delusional and very cringe-worthy lately. I'm not sure what's worse, your dumb takes on the Red Wings, or going on and on for pages about guns... Absolutely. What's your point though? It's not just about those few players. We have many other players coming as well. We also have a top pick coming that will likely be better than any player currently on the Red Wings or Blues...
  10. krsmith17

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    Probably because only one of the players I mentioned is currently on the team... My point is that we have a lot of young talent, that could be impact players in the not too distant future. And like I said, not a single one of those STL players mentioned were any further ahead at the same age of the DET players I mentioned... Dylan Larkin (up until age 23 season) 389 GP - 107 G - 159 A - 266 PTS - 0.684 PTS/G Ryan O'Reilly (up until age 23 season) 345 GP - 73 G - 118 A - 191 PTS - 0.554 PTS/G Filip Zadina (up until age 20 season) 37 GP - 9 G - 9 A - 18 PTS - 0.486 PTS/G Vladimir Tarasenko (up until age 20 season) 0 GP - 0 G - 0 A - 0 PTS - 0.000 PTS/G *** Vladimir Tarasenko (up until age 21 season) 38 GP - 8 G - 11 A - 19 PTS - 0.500 PTS/G *** Alex Pietrangelo (age 18/19 season) AHL - 1 GP - 0 G - 0 A - 0 PTS - 0.000 PTS/G NHL - 8 GP - 0 G - 1 A - 1 PTS - 0.125 PTS/G *** spent most of the season in the OHL *** Moritz Seider (age 18 season) AHL - 49 GP - 2 G - 20 A - 22 PTS - 0.449 PTS/G No one would be at all delusional to think that any of those DET players could possibly become as good as any of those STL players. You've become the most cringe-worthy poster here of late. I'm not sure if all the losing has permanently f***ed you, or COVID-19 has done the job. Either way it's unbearable... The team sucks does not equal every player on the teams sucks... Yes, because "the Veleno's and Rasmussen's of the world" are so much better than the Larkin's and Mantha's of the world... You're trolling, and I'm taking the bait. The only one "moaning and whining" here is YOU... "This team sux". "Trade everyone" "Boo-F***ing-Hoo"...
  11. krsmith17

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    Not yet, nope, but Seider could be a Pietrangelo. Larkin could be an O'Reilly. Zadina could be a Tarasenko. Petruzzelli could be a Binnington. etc, etc... Keep in mind that none of the players you mentioned were any further ahead in their development at the same age as the players I mention... Point is, it would be beyond dumb to trade away any of our current core at this point, unless a team is willing to massively overpay. It's not going to happen.
  12. krsmith17

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    The only fans that don't understand, are ones like you, that want to get rid of every player on the team. The team as a whole is bad, that doesn't mean that every player on the team is bad. No one should be untouchable, but we shouldn't be actively shopping Larkin, Mantha, Hronek, etc. These players are good enough, and still young enough to continue to build around. They're the three best players on the team right now. Ideally, we'll have 3+ players better than those three in 2-3 years... Seider could be one of them. Zadina could be one of them. Our 1st round pick this year will likely be one of them, as well as our 2021 1st round pick. We need to add "elite" talent to surround our "high end" talent. You seem to think Seider will be elite. How many teams have more than one, truly elite defensemen? Larkin isn't elite, but give him an elite winger like a Lafreniere, and not even you can possibly think he'll be a "60 point center". Again, we need to add a lot to our current core. That doesn't mean we should completely scrap our current core...
  13. krsmith17

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    Don't bring logic into this... ThIs TeAm SuCkS! TrAdE eVeRyOnE!
  14. krsmith17

    Report: Detroit to name Steve Yzerman as GM

    Man, you've become insufferable... We get it. Yzerman sux. Larkin sux. Everyone sux. You don't need to keep bumping every old thread, spewing the same tired bulls***...