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  1. Very pleased with every pick so far today.
  2. I'd take that bet...
  3. NHL scouts / GM's never get it wrong...
  4. Winnipeg grab another player I liked. Stelio Matheos.
  5. Kasper Kotkansalo
  6. Fabian Zetterlund gone to New Jersey... another player I wanted us to go after...
  7. And there goes Brook...
  8. Winnipeg take Samberg...
  9. Lindstrom's one of the players I wanted, but didn't think we'd use a 2nd on him. Thought he'd make it to the 3rd round..
  10. Gustav Lindstrom.
  11. F***! Two of the guys I wanted... Yup, they're doing great thing so far.
  12. That's fine, and I don't think a single person is saying that Rasmussen is a bad player, just that he was a bad pick at 9 with the players that were left on the board. If you want a big guy that can bang in rebounds, pick him in the later rounds. Hell, I would have been okay if we picked Rasmussen after trading back to the mid round, without Vilardi and others on the board, and picking up another 2nd. With a top 10 pick (the first one in a quarter century) we should have taken the most skilled player available. Rasmussen was not close to that in my opinion.
  13. I'm trying to get behind this pick, and I've read several scouting reports and it still sounds like it may turn out to be somewhat of a botched pick. Not because he's terrible, but because he's not great, and I feel there were still some great players available at 9. It seems like his biggest assets are his size, strength and ability to protect the puck. All things that should be a given for a 6'6", 215 lb. kid playing mostly against kids half his size. What happens when he turns pro and is playing against men? Is he going to be able to continue to push players around, and drive the net for those dirty goals? Maybe, but there's no guarantee. To me, Rasmussen lacks the overall raw skill that you should be looking for in the top 10. All of his goals are scored on rebounds within a couple feet of the crease, and while that is something this team could use, I hope he's capable of more than that. I'm not furious about the pick, disappointed yes, because I feel there were several better options available. I would have been ecstatic if we picked a player like Rasmussen in the later rounds, but it just doesn't seem to me to be a top 10 talent level pick. I hope I'm wrong. I hope he pans out, but I honestly don't expect him to be anything more than a reliable, two-way, middle 6 center. I want one of Timmins or Hague personally. Hopefully both if Holland is able to trade a couple 3rd round picks for another 2nd.
  14. I do think Rasmussen was the wrong pick with Vilardi still on the board, but who knows how they'll turn out. Regardless, he's a Red Wing now and has instantly become one of our top prospects. Hopefully he ends up better than Vilardi and develops into a true number one center. I'm hoping Holland still has something up his sleeve in this draft. He should trade a couple 3rd round picks for another 2nd, and draft two of Timmons, Hague, Samberg or Brook.
  15. Yzerman takes Adam Foote's son...