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  1. What is Helm's offensive potential?

    We all know Helm is a great player and penalty killer, and will most likely be a fixture on the Wing's third line for years to come. Due to his recent hot steak however, has anyone else gotten the feeling that he may develop better offensively then most first projected? I always had him as a bit more talented version of Draper, someone who would put in 15 goals and 25 assists a year, but his recent hot streak has made me a believer in his offensive potential, and I honestly think we could have a Kesler light on our hands. I know he'll never score a ppg season or 30 goals, but is a 25 goal season/60 points possible for this guy in a year or two if placed on a scoring line/given more minutes? I like to think this could be so, as his hands have tremendously improved throughout this year, and he is still only 24, and putting up comparable numbers to what "2nd liners" like Filppula put at that age. Edit: I was typing this fast and misspelled offensive in the title, if a mod could change that it would be great. Thanks in advance
  2. Hates fat women

    1. Hiei


      So you hate yourself then?

  3. Former Buffalo Sabre Rick Martin passes away

    If only Bettman didn't get a contract extension...
  4. Next year could be big for the NHL

    What, did they sign your monstorously fat ass to the o-line?
  5. Flip snr

    I'd rather give a guy like Mursak minutes instead of some almost 30 year old who has never played in the NHL before, but thats me. Maybe Holland wants to ice a Eurodance team on the side.
  6. "rebuilding mode..." What?

    Anyone who thinks that we will be as dominate as we have been in the next few years is delusional. Lidstrom will open up huge void and Rafalski is no longer worth the money. The wing's won't go full rebuild, but it won't be inconcivable to seem them drop to the 5th-8th seed for a few years before Smith develops/we get a competent replacement.
  7. Ville Leino Scores Hat Trick

    Glad we got Tollferson for this guy.
  8. Crosby's family trying to convice him to retire?

    Jealosuy is a *****. Yes, because what happened almost 3 years ago now still is relelveant. Crosby has greatly improved since then, while Zetterberg has declined. There is not one GM in the league who would say Zetterberg is better than Crosby at this point and time. Why are you brining Zetterberg up in this. I've met them both, and Crosby was anything but a ******. maybe a little bit of a tool in a "try too hard" way, but was far more outgoing and nice.
  9. Abdelkader

    Decent game last night. I like Abby, and think he can kinda be a better version of Martin Lapointe, but I still will always secretly detest him because we could have drafted Latrendesse instead of him. Still good for him. He was invaluable in the playoffs last year.
  10. Owners back Gary Bettman with 5-year contract extension

    As a fan of the league's health, I am thrilled. As a fan of the game on ice, I am dissapointed.
  11. Valtteri Filppula watch thread

    Oooh an empty guarantee from someone who has no true impact or sense of the control on the situation, sure sounds promising. Flippula has never even scored at over a 55 point pace proated for an entire season, and he has gotten top 6 minutes for more than a season now. The fact that you are calling Franzen an incompetent forward but not Filppula is laughable. Face it, Filppula is simply not as good as you think he is. He is a decent (and I say decent, not exemplerary) two way player with MAYBE 55 point potential over a full season. There is a reason why he rarely plays PK or a shutdown role, and he rarely shows this top tier offesnive skill you claim. I can vividly remember at least 4 goals this season where FIlppula got awarded a goal purley by accident (including two in one game where Franzen bounched it off him on purpose/Filppula lost the puck and accidentally slid it in between the goalies legs). Get off this dude's nuts and realize hes a good 2nd-3rd line tweener, and nothing more. Because ZDC said he wasn't man and everything he says is true. Just look at how many 70 point seasons Filppula has had recently. Come on man, get with it.