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  1. Kerjuxaxaxa

  2. Pens Targeting Suter and Parise

    How they're going to extend contracts with Letang, Crosby, Malkin in the future if they sign both top UFAs to a long term deals? They'll face the same problems like Chicago few years ago. Their depth will be significantly affected with having so much talent up front. They could sign one, but not both. I hope Parise won't slap NJ in the face by signing with division rival. At least he said he won't sign with Rangers.
  3. Trade Ian White?

    I wonder how Nashville fans will feel about it if it actually happens.
  4. Forums Upgraded

    I'm going to miss negs because sometimes it helps to decide whether there is a sense to read long essays on this board.
  5. Nashville to trade Suter's rights?

    Keep in mind that Kings will need to resign Quick next season, who could get Rinne-kind of contract.
  6. Red Wings 2012 Preseason Schedule Announced

    it's only ~2 into the offseason, but I already want some Red Wings hockey
  7. Looking at Holland comments.

    Why do you think Semin is not an option?
  8. Off -Season Game Plan:Detroit Red Wings

    Are there any teams with weak defence that are desperate enough to sign Quincey sacrificing 1st and 3rd picks?
  9. Off -Season Game Plan:Detroit Red Wings

    Poile named the stage of negotiations with Suter "very constructive". That's a bad sign.
  10. In five years

    One of his interview to Russian press few years ago he said he wants to retire as Red Wing.
  11. Who's going to make it big if anyone?

    2 of them should definitely pan out. I bet one of them is Smith. However, I'm an inveterate optimist.
  12. Kronwalled at the Worlds!

    What's the point of that hit? Sweden's winning easily. Latvia has no chances to advance further. No necessity to swing momentum here. I just don't get it.
  13. Quenneville Vs. Bowman(s)

    I want that weed you smokin'.
  14. 3/2 GDT : Wild 0 at Red Wings 6

    WTF Kindl is doing on PP?
  15. Current standings

    Blues have pretty tough schedule ahead with big amount of road games, I doubt they win the division.