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  1. While I agree I am very emotional, I do base a lot of what I say on stats as much as I can. I know you weren't talking about Nyquist, you were talking about Franzen. But I brought up gus, because I said it looked like he has been doing just what Kucherov is saying. Nyquist stepped it up near the end, and if he keeps it going, I will definitely eat my words about him. I may be right about things and I may be wrong, but when I'm wrong, I take my medicine. Honestly though, I'm hoping that he is no longer in the organization next season. I just found it funny that when I say certain players are known to get their money and coast, there is no way in the world it happens. But when someone in the NHL says it, people go, hmmmmm....
  2. I will give you that, it is a "Holland" pick, as would be Pettersson. Let's just hope if he drafts Pettersson over Tippett, it doesn't turn out to be another Niskanen over Kindl....because Kindl was a "Holland" pick... I agree, whoever he drafts will probably work out (hoipefully) but it's always nice to see the guy you are a fan of come play for your favorite team. Like I was with Mantha and Larkin...so that is why I am confident Holland won't let me down! Besides, Holland has spent a good amount of time in Mississauga, but maybe its scouting Hague...
  3. Would Mrazek, Tatar, pick get it closer? I know I'm a mrazek fan, but I think I'd rather trade him before any of my three core members...maybe they'd want more of the playmaker in Nyquist to dish it off to Laine... Dang it, I wish we had something else to offer...
  4. Howard, Tatar, draft pick for Trouba?
  5. https://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2017/04/goalies-wanted-desperate.html Could be one of thedestinations for Howard. Package deal upcoming? Defense coming back to us? We'll see!
  6. Yah, he's pretty entrenched in Minnesota now, but remember, he at first chose Detroit, his wife (maybe girlfriend at the time) didn't want to live here. So he then chose Minnesota. That's per Bob McKenzie. None of it matters now. I'm sure he'll retire a Wild, but I'm betting he never wins a Cup there.
  7. So you're saying, when a player says it, it could be true...when a fan says it, it's never happens...I think that's what I said already, but thanks. BTW, nyquist didn't have head problems, and I've blamed him for getting his money and taking it easy too. Franzen wasn't the only one. But in Franzens case, before anyone knew of his concussion problem, there was more than just me that was more than mad at his floating around and showing lack of interest. When it came out that the head was his problem, even i stopped. The reason it seemed like I've always bashed him is because I started disliking him somewhere around 09, well before everybody else. But don't you just hate when I'm on the right track about things when you try so hard to show that I'm wrong? Even now you're trying to turn this story into me still being totally off base. Hey maybe Kucherov and I are colluding about this.
  8. Me too...but if the guy grew up playing RW, at least that'd be better than trying to put a natural LW over there...but I agree, we need a RH'd top 6 shooter that can play the NHL game...
  9. At least Ejdsell plays RW. He may not be RH'd, but at least it's a needed position. Pettersson is a LW, we don't need that position.
  10. What? This never happens, ever! Well at least that's what I'm told over and over and over and over again. No player, regardless of nationality, gets their money and coasts through the rest of their contract....never happens. Funny when an actual star NHL player says it, all of a sudden there must be some substance to it..if a super fan says it, f*** off, it don't happen.
  11. Because I'm hoping for Tippett. It doesn't matter where they were born. I said Tippett. Did I say fine young Canadian boy Tippett? No. Did I say ANY player as long as they're born here? No. I said Tippett. You guys are the ones that keep bringing up "no matter where they're born." I said nothing of the sort. I've been team Tippett for a long time. I have friends in Missagauga, they talk very highly of him. I've seen a lot of highlights, I think he does fill.a need of this team. You guys need to get a new hobby if all you're worried about is flaming me. If we draft 6-10Tippett is my choice. Not NA Tippett....Owen Tippett. Imo, Tippett, if not taken already, is the best player available at a position of need.
  12. Tippett now at #6. http://www.tsn.ca/patrick-hischier-in-tight-race-for-no-1-in-tsn-draft-ranking-1.736258 I am completely confident that if we end up 6-10 Holland will be drafting Tippett. That is, until he doesnt....
  13. If anyone is interested:
  14. Ya, ok. If what I call Finesse style or formerly European style hockey is racist, then what style should they be categorized under? How would you describe the two different styles I am referring to? How about sand paper style and lubricating style?
  15. If the kid plays 6'5" and not 5'6" like Ericsson, then he at be worth a look.