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  1. Yep, I'll take 4th this year and 1st next year...or the next, Bedard is one bad-ass 15 year old!
  2. Could you imagine the hype if this incident happened and Rags had a Bobby Probert or Tie Domi type player? The ratings for this game would be through the roof! Plus Wilson would be picking his teeth up off the ice. Man I miss real hockey.
  3. LeftWinger

    5/2 GDT - Lightning at Red Wings - 3:00 PM EDT

    I'm tired of Hronek not shooting. Despite his points this year it just seems like he makes wrong decisions on the pp. Should dangle him out there at the draft.
  4. LeftWinger

    Post-Mantha State of the "Yzerplan"

    ya, no.... I'll pass on the offer sheet. We still have 4-5 years of being in or just out of the draft lottery. not only is Pettersson NOT worth 4 1st's, he's definitely not worth 4 top 15 1st's! I think we already have our "Pettersson" in Lucas Raymond. Yzerman is going to need his next 4 years of 1st's. Would ANY team in their right mind TRADE four 1st round picks for Pettersson? So why would they offer-sheet him to a contract that would result in losing the same picks?
  5. LeftWinger

    2021 Draft

    Ok, who is this Shane Wright kid and where does he fall in the draft rankings? He's having himself a very impressive tournament so far!
  6. LeftWinger

    Éric Gélinas

    I'd be ok with re-signing Glenny, Gagner, Staal and Bernier. Draft BPA with our pick and (if that's not Wallstedt) draft Cossa with Washington pick. Sign all the RFA's. I do believe I read that Djoos is going overseas and I think one of Svech, Lindstrom or Cholowski will be Seattle's pick. Most definitely buyout Nielsen, I'd also buyout DD, especially if Yzerman may be looking at a UFA defenseman. Staal is a better option IMO.
  7. LeftWinger

    Éric Gélinas

    Albert Johansson and Owen Power. (if we get a top 4 pick) re-sign Staal Cholowski to SEA Staal - Hronek Power - Seider Johansson - Stecher DD (Lindstrom)
  8. LeftWinger

    In the System - Prospects: Centres

    https://www.mlive.com/redwings/2021/04/red-wings-eager-to-see-joe-veleno-before-season-winds-down.html Honestly, I wouldn't be opposed to moving Larkin to wing.
  9. I (admittedly) have historically been on the side of having the "big" and "heavy" type North American players, well mostly in the past at least. I can remember a ton of arguments with former members (or ones with new names) about "Euro-players" etc... Thankfully (and unfortunately due to life events) over the last few years I have turned my attention to more things than Red Wings hockey and really have not gotten into that stuff anymore. That being said, I was and am a big Mantha fan, BUT I do believe that Vrana fits the style and player type that Yzerman is looking for to make this team a Cup contender again. I am not saying players like Mantha are not needed, I am sure having one or two on a complete team would be great, but it was obvious that he wasn't liking it here or was just lazy at times and in the Yzerplan, if you do that, you are gone. I am so glad this trade has worked out thus far, Mantha was a big fan favorite. Obviously Vrana isn't going to score 4 goals a game, he'll probably never do it again, but like Kip said, each one of his goals were of different styles and that shows there that he can be (or is) a better more dimensional scorer than Mantha. All in all, Yzerman "won" this trade moving forward. Obviously Washington "won" the trade for the NOW because they are in their window to win. The only question now is "Who's next?" I guess if the right "hockey trade" knocks on the door, it could be anyone! (except Seider and Raymond of course.)
  10. LeftWinger

    Post-Mantha State of the "Yzerplan"

    I really don't think Yzerman is going to trade Vrana. If he keeps Bertuzzi, I can see a line of Vrana - Larkin - Bertuzzi really coming together. Both Veleno and Ras are better than 4th line centers. But also, Ras can be a pretty good winger too. I also read somewhere that Veleno was playing both C and Wing in Sweden. So it's entirely possible they are line mates one day. Both on the wing maybe!
  11. LeftWinger

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    I honestly think that Griess will be the protected G.
  12. LeftWinger

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    I just realized that Yzerman has OVER $50M in capspace next year....holy moly! You have to figure that Bertuzzi, Hronek, Erne and Vrana are all getting hefty raises, but not $50M worth! The rest of the RFA's are minimal raises at best. The ONLY UFA's I would like to see return are Glenny and Ryan. I guess Bernier if he survives the expansion draft since we don't really have a pipeline of G talent, but again not too much of a raise coming to any one of them. Not saying that Yzerman will make a splash in the market, but it gives him a ton of flexibility for competition! IF both Cholowski and Lindstrom survive the expansion draft, and Seider gets a spot, that'll leave DD as the 7th D without re-signing anyone. That is IF Djoos gets qualified. Maybe Yzerman re-signs Staal or pays up for another younger UFA. Maybe he buys out DD's last year of his contract? It'd be a $2M then a $1.5M hit for the next two seasons. But I think, with no cap issues, he'll just keep him signed for the one more season and waive him to GR if he needs the roster spot.
  13. I hope Zadina turns out, but I still think we should've gone D no matter what. Whether it was Hughes or Bouchard. #ThanksHolland I mean, FWIW, he is 6th in scoring on this team, only 6 points behind Larkin and Hronek. If Raymond and Vrana are going to be our snipers, then I really don't mind Zadina become better defensively and a setup man. Whatever he has to do to make his pick at 6th worth it. Maybe he gets dealt too? Yzerman has pretty much said, in not so many words, if you were here before me, then you could be gone if you don't earn and keep your roster spot.
  14. LeftWinger

    Seattle Expansion Draft: Who you pick?

    Stecher and Hronek are two of my choices to protect. Question is do you protect Cholowski or Lindstrom? Is Adam Erne earning himself a protection? In whose place? Namestikov? As always do you protect Smith or Svech? I have an odd feeling that Yzerman will choose to protect Smith, he mentioned him more on that TDL press conference and even referred to him as Smitty. Maybe I am just reading too much into that, but ya never know! As of today, here is are my choices: Larkin, Bertuzzi, Vrana, Fabbri, Rasmussen, Smith and Erne. Hronek, Stecher, Cholowski Griess ...I think if you expose Cholowski and or Svech, Namestikov is safe. Then again, maybe Seattle wants a little more experienced player. I do believe that if Erne keeps up his point pace,and he is left exposed, Seattle will take him over Svech, Smith or Namestikov. Just my opinion. Even though Cholowski hasn't shown much, I am not sure Lindstrom has overtaken him (yet.) I guess we will see with the last remaining games who takes the spot!