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  1. LeftWinger

    Hossa and Redden for Dats and Lidstrom

    Ok, as big of a Hossa slappie I have been, I'd have to say.... ...Frk No! Who the Sam Hell would even propose this? Even in 2005, no hindsight, hell no. Let it be known, I did not propose this.
  2. LeftWinger

    10/11 GDT - Maple Leafs at Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    Ugh this is going to be a long season. The only thing worthwhile this season is a shot of Jack Hughes. Signing out good night
  3. LeftWinger

    10/11 GDT - Maple Leafs at Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    Yay killed it. Can't see the fight on the radio how's it look?
  4. LeftWinger

    10/11 GDT - Maple Leafs at Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    Same Book Different cover? work hard for a goal then take a penalty. let's see what happens.
  5. LeftWinger


    In honor of tonight's Wings/Leafs game, lets revisit this doosie of a trade rumor! Wow!
  6. LeftWinger

    10/11 GDT - Maple Leafs at Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    Here's the Hype of Hypes!
  7. LeftWinger

    2018 Off-Season Trades / Signings / News

    Matthews is going to get shafted at one point, I do believe...
  8. LeftWinger

    Predictions for the 2018-2019 NHL Season

    I am not saying that Holland hasn't been moving players, but I just think, at the very least, Abby and Dekeyser are here to stay. Not that he hsn't been very good at the deals he has made, but I think those two are players that will start and finish their careers here. They aren't horrible, and really, they have $13M in cap available next season, with really nobody that important to re-sign. If they do not re-sign any of the UFA's, they will have plenty of kids from GR coming in at very low wages. That is not to say that they won't go after a UFA come July (Karlsson) and then absolutely they'll have to be dumping salary this TDL. If they trade Daley, that'll add another $3.1M on to their cap. So even if, let's say land Karlsson for $11M-$12M that'll still give them $3M-$4M to fill in from GR. But that is for another thread... But maybe someone wants Nielsen and Ericsson this spring, ya never know. I just don't see Abby or DD going anywhere. Abby will most likely retire after this contract and I can see DD re-signing after his. They aren't that bad, they just need to be in the appropriate place on the ice. ATM, that is Bottom 6 for Abby and bottom pairing for DD. Prediction, if they're in the playoff picture by TDL, they won't get rid of anyone...if they are out again, I can see a few names being talked about, you've mentioned them, but I just don't think he'll trade them all. IMO Any of Nyquist, Howard, Daley, Helm and Glendening could be on the move, but I'd welcome Nielsen or Ericsson being dealt as well.
  9. LeftWinger

    Predictions for the 2018-2019 NHL Season

    Honestly, I understand your point(s) but Abby will probably never be traded, neither will Dekeyser. Vanek has a full NTC with no details provided. (Yes, I know NTC's can be waived.) I think, though, he wanted to guarantee that he will not be dealt. Besides, Vanek is not part of the problem(s.) Green will more than likely not be dealt until next TDL, if he even ever becomes healthy enough to play. Green has a FULL NTC up until Feb. 2020, then he provides a 10 team No Trade List. Nyquist also has a full NTC with no details provided. Again, does not mean he won't waive it, but it would have to be an optimal situation for him. Howard is free and clear, and if he has a nice season, and a team is need, he will probably be dealt. Daley can be dealt, he has to list a 15 team no trade list and he probably will be the one to be gone this season. I really don't see Nielsen going anywhere, unless a team comes asking about him, he does have a MNTC listing 10 teams he won't go to, though, so it could happen. Ericsson also has a MNTC listing 19 teams he won't go to. I am on board with you when it comes to cleaning up some of the house, I just don't see Holland moving most of the players you listed. Unless he can get a 1st or 2nd for someone, I don't think he'll waste his time acquiring low draft picks that may never pan out. Just my opinion...
  10. LeftWinger

    Predictions for the 2018-2019 NHL Season

    I am not over-reacting. No need for me to calm down, already calm. I just said that would suck. I really don't care in the grand scheme of life. I mean, does it really matter?
  11. LeftWinger

    Predictions for the 2018-2019 NHL Season

    #7 would suck. That would be such a heartbreak, especially after all the D we left on the board.
  12. LeftWinger

    10/7 GDT - Red Wings @ Kings - 10:30 PM EST

    Bizarre Hype!
  13. LeftWinger

    2018-2019 Opening Night Roster - Dedicated to BlueAdams!

    Same old Blashill, blame it on AA.