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  1. This is going to be a short thread. Holland will make minimum moves. Trading AA would be the worst move of his career. Given the number of minutes and importance of those minutes, AA was by far your best player last season. Do not trade.
  2. 100% strictly joke! No truth to it at all, it's meant to be exactly what you said, he does nothing.
  3. ...and Ken Holland has inquired with Franzens doctor to see if he'll be ready to start the season. Seriously, Holland must really love his team.
  4. He can't be traded to Sens until after Jan. 2018. According to rules, no team can reacquire a lost player until then.
  5. Seems Methot might be moving too, but he has a 10 team list. Says he'd rather stay in Vegas than alter his list.
  6. You have Patrick, Hischier and Vilardi. I understand the need for D as well, but these three are well documented to best in the draft. I'm perplexed as to why NJ would select Makar, but then again it is need. We need both, but I believe we need to start with the marquee center. You never know if we may be able to land Fowler or Trouba...again, I don't like the whole "doesn't have a high ceiling and may never quarterback thed pp." In a #1 D, those are two things we most definitely need.
  7. I'd draft Liljegren before Heiskanen, but neither at #3. #3 You need the C that will no doubt be on your team come October.
  8. No. If we trade up, it's to get the #1 center marquee player we need. Patrick, Vilardi, Hischier. It's not to get a defenseman who's ceiling is not too high...but I do understand wanting one of your favorites to be a Red Wing.
  9. Maybe, just maybe Vilardi could drop to us? Or far enough for Holland to trade up? So then Holland trades the #9 and a D-man to Nill for the #3. We draft Patrick or Vilardi and they get a D with the #9. Simple!
  10. Is there anyone on our team that compares to Strome?
  11. Where's the flood of trades we heard was gonna happen?
  12. All in all, I'm happy yet disappointed that we lost someone we don't need to replace. I'm glad we didn't lose anyone significant, yet was looking forward to Holland having to actually do some work. I think Vegas teamwould've looked a ton better if teams werent allowed to offer trades to protect more players...
  13. What nonsense are you speaking Of? I'm not saying anything bad, I'm simply adding in his $3.8M to our available cap.
  14. Anaheim gets robbed 3 1st rounds so far...