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  1. LeftWinger

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Don't know. I am just throwing stuff out there. I did not know he was doing well, like I said, I haven't heard his name too often, so I nearly forgot we had him.
  2. LeftWinger

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    I totally forgot we had Rasmussen. Has he been hurt? Anyhow, I wonder what Holland would give us for Ras and Cholo along with AA? Hmmm....could be a nice return!
  3. LeftWinger

    2020 Draft Thread

    Ok, fair enough. Let me pose this question then. If you had the #1, and the #2 team came calling (whoever it would be from the non playoff teams) who would you trade it for in addition to the #2 (assuming Byfield) and a high end prospect from the same team? (please no mention of McDavid since EDM won't be trading him) to : TPA - The #1 Overall pick, 3rd round pick to DET - The #2 Overall pick, Brayden Point, Both Foote brothers I'd have to consider it, unless Byfield is a huge step down from Lafreniere. I'd also listen to offers from the #3 team, because if Yzerman wants a C, he could go with Stutzle at 3, and really rake in the picks/players/prospects from either team... I know Tampa is in right now, that's just an example... How about Florida? Would the #2, Ekblad and Serron Noel or Spencer Knight get it done? (notice I did NOT mention Tippet, ) Let me add, I have nothing against Lafreniere, I would be ecstatic if we won the lottery and drafted him! 1,000,000%
  4. LeftWinger

    is there anything "good" about the Wings?

    Oh, I thought maybe SuperElit was a higher league.
  5. LeftWinger

    2020 Draft Thread

    I see Columbus is in a Wild Card spot right now, I am gonna go back to the 1st and 2nd pick scenario just for a minute: Detroit wins lottery, Columbus misses playoffs and jumps to #2. Would you trade the #1 overall to them for the #2, Werenski and another pick/prospect?
  6. LeftWinger

    2/11 Trap Game GDT - Red Wings @ Sabres - 7:00 PM ET

    I think they said Mantha is playing tonight.
  7. LeftWinger

    is there anything "good" about the Wings?

    Could be a 6th round steal! Let's get this kid under contract and see what he can do in North America!
  8. LeftWinger

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    I think Minnesota won that trade for sure! PLEASE, does anyone want to deal with us?!?!?! This honestly should set the bar pretty high for AA, you think? I'd rather keep him, I am a fan, but if AA could get anything near this? See ya! AA for a Player/Pick/prospect sounds great! How about this? Detroit Trades Bernier and AA to EDM for Puljujarvi, Mike Smith and 2020 conditional 1st...(same conditions as the PIT trade)
  9. LeftWinger

    Should the Wings try to sign Lehner July 1st?

    No...Not at $5M or above. Not on our rebuilding team. We are going to a lottery team again next season, I don't want to see UFA signing here making too much money on this rebuild, cap space or not. I'd rather go with Bernier and and young goalie. If we need to get above cap floor, I wouldn't mind seeing us acquire some vet contracts along with picks/prospects to give a Cup team some cap relief though! (it's time to be greedy!) Make Hockeytown Great Again! ...and signing Lehner to an over inflated contract to watch yet another season like this? No Thanks! Even if Bernier gets traded, I'd rather go young and get an aging Vet to a lower contract to be the tandem. *Edit: an aging vet NOT named Jimmy Howard....I'd go with Ryan Miller before going back to Howard. Our focus should be on developing one of our young goalies anyhow, so any 32+ goalie should be pretty happy with some cash and some 1a/1b playing time.
  10. LeftWinger

    is there anything "good" about the Wings?

    just to throw another coaching name out there, if he has not been mentioned yet, keep an ear out for Lane Lambert. He also has connections with Yzerman, drafted the same year, played together for awhile, is currently Asst. Coach on The Isle.
  11. LeftWinger

    Trade deadline bait available this year?

    Try to be a reasonable as you can... What do you think these players can get us? (I overvalue our guys too much, so I am not going to put anything) Daley Athanasiou Glendening Howard Helm Filppula (he is on TSN's trade bait list) Ehn Svech Green ...I guess outside of AA, and maybe Svech, we'd be looking at draft picks for the rest probably. Unless we're talking prospects or RFA's like Perlini, Fabbri, Erne, etc....
  12. LeftWinger

    Trade deadline bait available this year?

    Trade for Gusev and Puljujaarvi, screw it! Wait, Gusev is 27, nevermind...
  13. LeftWinger

    2020 Draft Thread

    Well, odds are, we aren't getting either. To Hell with this lottery system!
  14. LeftWinger

    is there anything "good" about the Wings?

    I wonder what Arizona has to offer...could Yzerman get me my boy Liam Kirk? LOL! Just kidding, but he isn't doing too bad this season in Peterborough.
  15. LeftWinger

    2020 Draft Thread

    you know what sucks the most about this year? We are NOT going to get the #1 pick, and we just watched (are watching) the worst statistical year in my entire life!! we will not even be rewarded with the one player that would not only turn us around quicker, but drafting him could possibly attract some other players more to want to come play here. I don't think the likes of Byfield, Stutzle, Rossi, etc... would have that same impact. And it's absolutely stupid that the worst team in the league has an odds on better chance of dropping than they do keeping the #1. Lottery is so flawed! Plus no way a #14 team should be able to jump to a top 5, let alone a #1!!!