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  1. I kind of like the 1 year huge salary idea, BUT I'd rather throw the $14M at Matt Duchene than Eberle or maybe Panarin.
  2. LeftWinger

    SJS vs VGK - Series Thread

    Be careful guys...
  3. Here we go! First of all, you never trade AA. Period. Cap rises to $83M (shy of $85M rumor) Isles lose in 7 games to Nashville in SCF, they call Detroit at the draft asking them the price of acquiring Nielsen for veteran leadership. Nielsen waives his NTC and Isles send 2019 1st (#30) to Detroit in exchange for Nielsen, 2019 2nd (#35.) Detroit trades E. Svechnikov, Givani Smith, 2019 2nd round (Isles #60) to Carolina for Justin Faulk. Detroit drafts Bowen Byram at #6, Cole Caufield (fingers crossed) at #30. See below for my entire draft! Detroit uses ZERO buyouts Detroit signs Erik Karlsson (5 yrs $12M) and Gus Nyquist (5 yrs $5.5M) on July 1. Re-Signs Kronwall (1yr 4$M) Witkowski (2yrs $750K) Mike Green start season on LTIR along with Z and Fanzen. Cholowski, Rasmussen, Kuffner, Frk (re-signed) start in GR. Sign Veleno, Byram and Caufield to ELC's. Re-sign McIlrath, Chelios, Rybar, Sulak, Hicketts, Wade (all GR.) Vanek, Sateri are both allowed to pursue other opportunities. Rybar and Larsson are your GR goalies. Believe it or not, still have $5.5M in cap space. Opening Day Looks like: Bertuzzi - Larkin - Mantha Hirose - AA - Zadina Helm - DLR - Nyquist Abby - Ehn - Glenny (Witko) DD - Karlsson Daley - Faulk Kronwall - Hronek (Ericsson - Bowey) Howard Bernier ....Do I think Holland will be this bold? No. But this would be nice! Yep, I'm crazy, but as long as we are poking and hoping. (yes, I dropped the idea of Skinner in exchange for a cheaper Nyquist, who will no doubt bring Karlsson with him! ) 2019 Draft: (after my deals above) 1st round: B. Byram, C. Caufield (if not there then Nolan Foote) 2nd round: (with SJS pick that remains after trades) Ethan Keppen 3rd round: Ryan Johnson 4th round: Nando Eggenberger 5th round: Michal Mrazik, Mason Primeau 6th round: Juuso Parsinen 7th round: Adam Edstrom
  4. LeftWinger

    SJS vs VGK - Series Thread

    I'm still baffled on how Knights were able to fleece Anaheim into trading them Theodore in the expansion draft. Welcome to Detroit Karlsson.
  5. LeftWinger

    TB vs CBJ - Series Thread

    3-0! Good for Columbus, they were buyers at the deadline and need this. Tampa learning 62 wins (asterisk) mean nothing.
  6. LeftWinger

    NYI vs PIT - Series Thread

    Good for the isles, I picked them as my eastern conference team. Plus, f*** the pens.
  7. LeftWinger

    2019 Draft

    So, no Hughes or Kakko, lets say Cozens and Byram are also gone, do you draft a D man that high that "might" be a top 4 guy, do you draft another C that won't be here for awhile (especially since you already have Veleno coming soon) or do you deal the #6 pick away? Would you trade the #6 pick and a player/prospect (Helm & Svech maybe) to WPG for Trouba and their 1st? I guess for WPG to want to make that deal they'd have to fail miserably in the playoffs. But honestly they are probably going to have hard time with Trouba again, so maybe they'd welcome the #6 pick for him. It's just valuing their 1st that depends on what to add to the package. Helms NTC is void until the start of the season due to the clause that the Wings failed to make the playoffs, I happened to think Helm and Svech would be worth a late round 1st, but I really don't know for sure. Anyhow, for me, if Byram or Cozens are both gone, that's what I would do. to WPG: #6 Pick, NHL Player, Prospect to DET: Jacob Trouba, 2019 1st round pick (TBD) Not enough to WPG? What do you think?
  8. LeftWinger

    2019 Draft

    I think the top 3 picks will be: Hughes, Kakko, Podkolzin, so that leaves both Cozens and Byram, but lets hope 4 and 5 don't take them. I don't know too much about Turcotte. I actually don't know too much about the rest either. Haven't kept up like I use to do. But I trust TSN and their top 10, they say, all are NHL players, so I guess we'll see who we get. Here is Craig Button's post-lottery picks up to us. He and I agree on the top 3, honest I didn't look at it before I typed above! Considering the 2 extra 2nd rounds picks are way back there (pending eliminations) I am hoping we can snag a diamond with our 2nd. I usually don't prefer the shorter forwards, but if Cole Caufield fell to us in the 2nd, that would be a nice pick! Right now he is ranked #16. I hear a ton a nice things about him!
  9. LeftWinger

    2019 Draft

    With losing the lottery, this is the 1st year in a long time that I really don't care who they take, I;m sure anyone we take will be at least 2 years away anyhow. But if I had to choose: D - Byram F - Cozens I know, bold picks! So, that being said now, it's guaranteed Holland won't take either.
  10. Can't say it much better than this. There is NO reason why a team that just missed the playoffs should be drafting ahead of teams that have struggled and lost all year and were out of the playoffs since before the TDL. Not unless they've traded for that pick of course. In the same breath, you can't keep rewarding the same teams over and over.
  11. LeftWinger

    Met Jamie McLennan last night (Includes Yzerman News)

    Until they killed Kurt Cobain. WHAT!?!?!
  12. LeftWinger

    Tough Guy The Bob Probert Story

    I went back a few pages and couldn't find a thread, so apologies if it's there somewhere. This is playing in the Detroit Are now at Emagine Theatres. Also, in memory of Battling Bob, he is some great merch! https://themittenstate.com/search?q=Probert
  13. LeftWinger

    Met Jamie McLennan last night (Includes Yzerman News)

    Great post, thanks for sharing!
  14. Exactly. 3 out of 6 Cups less than 10 years ago disqualifies any sense of having a top 3 pick in the draft. Same with picking 1st already within 5 years.