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    Groupon Contest

    Hey Red Wings fans! I don't post here often, but I frequently peruse the forums. I've recently gotten engaged with my fiance and we are currently competing in a Groupon Valentines day competition and could use ALL the help we could get. I'm asking for your votes! You can vote every hour and it only takes a few seconds (no sign-up or anything required, although they do require you to have a Facebook account to limit voter fraud). Help your fellow Red Wings fans win an AWESOME date night! (Of course not nearly as awesome as going to a Wings game) I'm sorry for seeming desperate and apologize if this is inappropriate to post here, but we've never really won anything and we actually seem to have a legitimate shot at this one. Thanks for all your support! Go Wings!
  3. PaZel

    Jimmy sucks in a shootout Howard

    I understand that Jimmy has been awful in the shootout, but this is still a two-part problem. Typically, you won't win in a shootout while scoring only once no matter who is in net...that is unless you're playing the Red Wings, but in that case you would score more than once...
  4. PaZel

    Who is YOUR most under-appreciated/unsung Red Wing?

    Dallas Drake. Talk about a guy who gave his all every shift!
  5. I'm not completely opposed to bringing Cleary back, but at $1.5m? Seriously? I mean he brings depth, leadership, blah, blah, blah... If I was Riley Sheahan I would be pissed, since he's going to absolutely have a roster spot for a measly 950k. While Cleary, according to Holland, "He'll have to beat people out to be in the lineup." Spending more on a back-up than a starter? Also, compared to the $1m deal for Heatley and the $2m deal for Richards, I'd say that Cleary deserves right between the two of them....right? <---- Sarcasm (maybe not a fair comparison, but I just hate the idea that Holland's getting fleeced by hometown discount Danny Cleary, while other teams are signing better "project" players for MUCH better deals)
  6. PaZel

    NHL Draft 2014: First Round

    I'm a residential advisor in one of the nicer dorms at UofM. I think it would be pretty awesome if Larkin was one of my residents! Haha
  7. PaZel

    ECQF - Game 5 - Red Wings at Bruins - 3:00 PM EST

    I thought Datsyuk played pretty poorly overall in this series. That being said... Datsyuk scored 50% of the Red Wings goals this series. And contributed to 83.33% of our scoring. You know it's bad when our best player isn't playing well and still is carrying the team.
  8. PaZel

    Next Seasons Needs/Team Future

    Y'know with all the money they have tied into Samuelsson (3 mil), Bertuzzi (2.075 mil), and Cleary (1.75 mil) there's definitely enough for a top-2/solid top-4 defenseman there. Then there's Alfredsson (3.5 mil), Legwand (4.5 mil), and Quincey's (3.775 mil) money coming off the books too. IMO aside from maybe alfredsson, most of those contracts are pretty poor so having them off the books has to help. I wouldn't be opposed to buying out Kindl (2.4 mil) or Franzen (4 mil). This would lead us to 21-24 million to fill 1-2 forward spots (assuming Jurco is up full time), roughly 2 D spots (depending on whether or not we call up Ouelette/buy-out Kindl), and a back-up goalie. With that in mind we'd have to sign Dekeyser, Tatar, and Sheahan. Let's assume that all RFA's are resigned for roughly 10 million (which IMO is pretty gracious). Leaving us with still 11-14 million in free cap space and essentially the same roster we have now. If we then spend 2 mil on a back up goalie then we're still looking at 9-12 million to simply improve. I'd love to see more than just "depth" signings with that money. We should be able to bring in 3-4 players who could legitimately contribute on top of our current roster of the following: Forwards: 40-13-8 93/UFA-90-14 21-15-26 20-43-41 Defenseman: 55-52 65-UFA 2-UFA 61-4(?) Goalies: 35 UFA Personally I think Ouellette could be our 6th D, but I don't like Lashoff as anything but a 7th D. Still we should have roughly 9-12 million for a top-4 D, top-6 D/top-4 forward. I'm honestly in favor of cutting Kindl over Franzen because I don't like the idea of tying up 3 million (23 and 4) into a 7th defenseman. So IMO I'd like to have 9 mil for a top-4 D, and top-6 D and then forward depth. I honestly hope Kenny shakes things up a bit this offseason, he really has the potential to do so.
  9. PaZel

    ECQF - Game 5 - Red Wings at Bruins - 3:00 PM EST

    Terrible outlet by Franzen. Terrible coverage by Lashoff.
  10. PaZel

    The Franzen Hate.

    I'm a little confused by his "ridiculous surge in the latter part of the season". Franzen had 1 goal and 7 points in the last 18 games of the regular season Are you confusing Franzen with Nyquist? Granted, Franzen had 12 points in the 6 games prior to that slump. Which of course makes his stat-line look better when looking at the last 24 regular season games - 19 points in 24 games. However, that deceiving state-line doesn't change the fact that he wasn't producing for the last 18 games of the regular season. So I would agree that the wings wouldn't have made the playoffs if it weren't for Franzen's "ridiculous surge for six games with about a quarter of the season left to play". But, I would also agree that if Franzen actually would've showed up for the last 18 games of the season we would have easily made the playoffs and probably would be playing the Pens rather than the Bruins. He absolutely does not deserve praise for helping us make the playoffs. There's a reason the credit is going to all of the "kids" on the team.
  11. PaZel

    ECQF - Game 4 - Bruins 3 at Red Wings 2 (F/OT)

    That overtime was so pathetic, the wings looked so tired. There were multiple shifts the Bruins had that I felt were definitely going to lead to a goal. So despite the lucky bounce, we had that had one coming. On another note, am I the only one who thought Franzen played alright tonight? I'm usually pissed off by his lack of effort, but I definitely was surprised by how much jump he had (compared to normal). I also thought Quincey and Smith played pretty solid. I was disappointed with Kindl (per usual) but also thought Dekeyser had a pretty poor game tonight too.
  12. PaZel

    THN: Top 10 free agent flops - 2013/4 edition

    We've also got #2 and #10 here...
  13. PaZel

    Least Favorite Wings Players

    Mikael Samuelsson, Jason Williams, and now Johan Franzen. Franzen has 8 points and 1 goal in the last 21 games. This is including the crunch-time regular season stretch where we needed our team firing on all cylinders to make it into the playoffs and then the playoffs themselves. This man is a fraud. I'm sorry, but that doesn't cut it for the 3rd highest paid (albeit healthy) forward on the team who happens to also be signed for the next 6 years. I'm glad that I, like many others here, will have the opportunity to stay frustrated at our least favorite Red Wing (barring some miracle that he's bought out or traded) for more than the next half a decade. Cheers.
  14. PaZel

    Official 2014 Olympic Hockey Thread (Admin warning #316)

    I dunno if something like this has been posted already, but if you missed the USA vs. Russia game and want to watch a full-game replay, it's available on NBC. You just need to sign into your TV service provider's account. Spoiler: Heard Oshie like shows up or something