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  1. Playing Rust a lot I take it?
  2. xault

    2020 Draft Thread

    Would Lafreniere be closer to Pastrnak or Kucherov?
  3. xault

    2020 Playoffs

    No one.
  4. I went to the game tonight... That's all I got. If the wings get scored on 5 or more free 5 for 5. That's a deal.
  5. I kinda miss having Tatar..
  6. Long day, could use a win.
  7. xault

    is there anything "good" about the Wings?

    This is how I feel about our current roster...
  8. Yea he did, he was acting as if Larkin was still playing on Z wing as well and just started playing center this week more or less. Sad is that is, I don't even blame him. They've not been worth watching for 2+ seasons now.
  9. xault

    Mantha might be done for the year - what now

    Same s*** new season with Mantha. The guy is glass.
  10. xault

    Gallant fired - Deboer replaces him...

    I am sure if you think real hard about it you'll figure it out. If not, flip coin and have a nice day.
  11. xault

    Gallant fired - Deboer replaces him...

    Sure we can go that way.. As long as we play more then half of game against teams like Maryland, Middle Tenn, Rutgers, Illnois. Maybe we will beat TOR 1 every 5ish years.
  12. xault

    Cholowski Sucks

    Steve Ott, maybe?
  13. xault

    Gallant fired - Deboer replaces him...

    I would compare signing Gallant to Michigan signing Jim* Harbaugh. Us Wolverine fans already living that life....
  14. xault

    Gallant fired - Deboer replaces him...

    I really want someone with no real ties to Detroit. 100% new face and voice. Someone outside of the ole boyz club. Gallant is kind of them things, and would feel just like a comfortable safe zone pick. That said, I wouldn't hate Gallant here. But some fresh blood and new faces is needed.
  15. xault

    Yzerman Interview with Ken Kal

    Yea... few too many times.
  16. xault

    Yzerman Interview with Ken Kal

    I think if Yaroslav Askarov was canadien media would act if he was the next Price or Fleury.
  17. xault

    Yzerman Interview with Ken Kal

    If we pick anywhere outside top 3, I want Yaroslav Askarov. I honestly wouldn't be mad taking him at #3.
  18. xault

    Dylan Larkin's comments on ASG Last Man In voting...

    People get banned around here?
  19. xault

    Fabbri or Zadina?

    Just stay under Fenris back legs, can't hit you.
  20. xault

    2020 NHL All-Star Game

    Yep I am voting for sure now. If we have to live in misery, he's coming with.
  21. This season killing me.. make it stop
  22. xault

    General Rebuild Discussion Thread

    Zadina looking like a NHL player now. See if he can take another step. I still like Markstrom a lot, but I don't think we will get him. We need so many prospects to take a big step, even if we land 1st over all. One player not nearly enough. Going be a long ride into the night before we see day light.
  23. Mickey Redmond is 90% why I even watch them at this point.