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  1. xault

    Vote for Larkin!!

    Didn't make it : /
  2. xault

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

    Hope everyone well, everyone they know is well. Merry Christmas!
  3. xault

    If you had the choice...

    Anything that brings the Wings back to the west the better. If we are gonna suck, lets at least suck vs some real rivals.
  4. At least we have Mickey. The man got stories for days.
  5. Could use a win today, been one them kind of days at work.
  6. xault

    I Love Larkin

    I've been one of them people that has though of Larkin to be at best a really good number 2 Center. His play has been changing my mind and I am happy to be proven wrong about it.
  7. xault

    So I gotta ask...

    If it was 100% chance to get the 1st over all, I'd say tank it. But it's only like a 20% chance of landing the 1st over all pick if we finish dead last. I don't even know what we could honestly do to tank it even more. Red Wings roster already loaded with half of an AHL team.
  8. This is how I feel when I watch the redwings win games this season.
  9. Good thing we've got almost 5000 games worth of refing on the ice...............................
  10. Here to watch Pettersson to be honest.
  11. xault

    Blackhawks Fire Coach Quenneville

    People are just sick of Blash, it's that simple. Sick of his system, sick of his face, sick of his voice. Time to go. Rather lose with another coach that doesn't make me want to mute my TV every time he speaks.
  12. Really wish we somehow manage to drafted Pettersson.
  13. xault

    Who Do You Want To Play First In The Playoffs?

    I just want to see TOR lose in the first round again. Could care less to who.
  14. xault

    Hughes vs. Cozens

    With the lottery draft the way it is, am I the only one that doesn't really like getting all hyped up for a 1st overall? It's a 22% (i think) chance to win it if we finish last, but a 78% chance we don't win. I think I am good with at least getting a top 5 pick and taking BPA. Not doing anything crazy. I'll get hyped up about drafting with the 1st over all once we have it. Maybe that makes me no fun, don't know.
  15. xault

    10/28 Welp GDT - Stars @ Red Wings - 5:00 PM ET

    Nice to see as get a win Them backseats aren't helping much in my opinion.
  16. We've gotta have the highest SoG average against in the season, anyone know?