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  1. xault

    General Rebuild Discussion Thread

    I like Markstrom the most and hope we have a chance at him. I doubt it because I am sure he's done with being apart of rebuilds and maybe wants to try and win. My gut says we sign Domingue. As for D, any interest in Edmundson? I think he would be solid if CAR doesn't lock him up.
  2. xault

    LGW Upkeep

    The Red Wings being trash is a big reason for low activity without question maybe the biggest reason by a bit. But... I can tell you this. When the forums were down for game one and many days after I thought that was the end of LGW. It happen during the summer a few times as well, but I tossed it up to just it being summer. But it has happen quite a bit since game one. I find it odd... in this day and age, we have no contact from the person/people that run this forum. With tools like discord, facebook and twitter really no reason for it. We rarely get a reason for anything anymore, if ever. I honestly expect for one day this forum too just disappear without notice. Which kind of sucks to think about.
  3. xault

    LGW Upkeep

    HF, Reddit and twitter all pull views away from this site. Doesn't help that the site has been down randomly so much this year. If I remember right, it wasn't working game one. That's an issue. No doubt this forum needs some helping hands. New background without Tatar would be nice as well...
  4. I am not drunk enough for this..
  5. xault

    Larkin's Stick Slamming

    NHL is full of robots, do we really need more?
  6. xault

    What is up with the forums

  7. xault

    Would you bring back Babcock?

    I would rather not.
  8. xault

    What is up with the forums

    Title. Almost weekly they are down it feels like. Whats up?