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  1. xault

    2020 Draft Thread

    I didn't think I would be this pissed about being 4th. But the way they are doing the placeholder thing on top of being 4th is really hitting me hard. I am legit pissed and I hate myself for it. bahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
  2. xault

    2020 Draft Thread

    ............................................................................................ really...
  3. xault

    2020 Draft Thread

    Check your messages, I tossed you some links.
  4. xault

    2020 Draft Thread

    I got us picking 2nd. That's my feels on it. My first sim has FLA jumping 13 spots :*(... And CLB + 12. Maybe I shouldn't watch the lottery tonight https://imgur.com/a/2RI84EY
  5. xault

    Recent Spam Attacks

    Well, if you dig enough you can find discords that help stroke your junk.
  6. xault

    Recent Spam Attacks

    I am more or less a long time lurker, but forums like theses are becoming a thing of the past. I lurk on the discord as well. With Reddit, Discord and social media in general, it's hard for old forums like this site to grab new fans. Discord is my go-to personally for a bunch of stuff, hockey or whatever.
  7. Playing Rust a lot I take it?
  8. xault

    2020 Draft Thread

    Would Lafreniere be closer to Pastrnak or Kucherov?
  9. xault

    2020 Playoffs

    No one.
  10. I went to the game tonight... That's all I got. If the wings get scored on 5 or more free 5 for 5. That's a deal.
  11. I kinda miss having Tatar..
  12. Long day, could use a win.
  13. xault

    is there anything "good" about the Wings?

    This is how I feel about our current roster...
  14. Yea he did, he was acting as if Larkin was still playing on Z wing as well and just started playing center this week more or less. Sad is that is, I don't even blame him. They've not been worth watching for 2+ seasons now.