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  1. xault

    If youre a Russian Hacker...

    They can just use a VPN and bypass it. Good chance they already do.
  2. xault

    2020 Offseason

    I think we may just consider elite talent differently. Which is fine, I won't lie I am a big fan of Tarasenko one of my favorite players to watch... will was one of my favorite players to watch.
  3. xault

    2020 Offseason

    Yea, I would consider Tara, O'Reilly and Petro elite talent. Saying STL won with no elite talent is being bit dishonest in my opinion. Binnington was/is/became borderline elite talent. You can be elite and not be a HOF talent like the next group of guys you mentioned. I'd consider Hedman and Josi to be borderline at this point. Let's be honest, STL was stacked. Parayko, Steen and Schwartz ( one of the twoway wingers in the game in my opinion ) filled out that team pretty nicely. If one was to say, you don't need HOF talent to win the cup, I can agree. But can you win without Elite talent? I disagree, during this day and age. Vegas got close as you can get, but still had elite talent in MAF in net. Who will be HOF. You need elite talent all I am saying.
  4. xault

    2020 Offseason

    St Louis had elite talent...
  5. xault

    2021 Season

    Going to be another rough season to watch... At least its short.
  6. xault

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    Yep, still the same around here. Don't change for nothing LGRW.
  7. xault

    Retro Jersey...Why the gray?

    I like the Kings the most. AV's is ugly in my opinion. Bottom 5 with the Wings.
  8. xault

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    Any word on Givani Smith? Chances of him making the roster? How he been doing? so on..
  9. xault

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    If we are talking about the Pronman list.. I saw this list as well, I felt like Pronman just wanted to make Matthews #1 at something. It appears Pronman doesn't think highly of Hieskanen. Hieskanen being ranked #14 on that list is laughable at best. Never really been a fan of Pronman to be honest.
  10. xault

    2020 Free Agency

    For a Draft pick.
  11. xault

    NHL 21

    Just wondering who getting it around here. I plan on it, I skipped on on the last 2. Little more free time theses days.... Once I find my SP4 Login in name I'll drop it in here, down to play it with whoever.
  12. xault

    2020 Free Agency

    I thought Jurco was going to so much better than what he turned out to be. He's the first real player the Wings drafted that I way over hyped in my mind.
  13. xault

    2020 Free Agency

    Man, I am pretty happy we got Griess. Heard nothing but good things about him, he was easily on my top list a few Months back. Also, I have a BUNCH of VAN fans as friends and they are realllly pissed they didn't resign Stecher. They loved to s*** on our drafting/hughes stuff. Nice to have a small one up on them for once.
  14. xault

    2020 Free Agency

    Thanks, I'll be able to google this stuff once I am home.
  15. xault

    2020 Free Agency

    Yea I am hoping for Greiss, maybe Kinkaid or Domingue. Anything happen with T.J Bordie?