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  1. of course..
  2. Sad face..
  3. I want to like this pick... But I think we should of drafted Liljegren or traded back.
  4. It's pretty good. They've got some solid redwing peaces up.
  5. It's Lidstrom.. not even a debate honestly.
  6. Last 7 finals have been really hard to watch for me. Pretty sure every team I'd rather see win the cup has lost.
  7. Right on, understandable.
  8. I disagree, if you want to just looking at scoring, I guess. But Lebron even compared to Crosby scoring, Lebron is still on another level. In the playoffs alone, LeBron is rank#1 right now. At the age of 32 and not slowing down. I honestly think Crosby matches up much closer to somewhere between Kobe and Bird. Bird 3 NBA titles with 3 MVP finals, during the golden age of baseball with Magic on the other side. Now add Kobe scoring and scoring titles. Both Kobe and Bird are also know for not being all that great of athletes (at least in basketball standards), just like Crosby. Just like Crosby, are gritty and super clutch and great leaders. Bird, aka Mr.Clutch. Kobe is a Jordan lite, as Crosby is a Gretyzk lite in my opinion. Unlike Crosby, Lebron has a real chance of passing Jordan *Gretzyk* as the all time greatest and will be at the very least the 2nd greatest of all time. Lebron has already passed Jordan in all time NBA playoff scoring and will regular season scoring. I only bring up scoring because you did, comparing scoring and scoring titles between the two sports is not something I like to really do because they are very different sports. In my opinion, the NHL has never seen the likes of a Lebron in terms of a athlete to boot. It would also be very easy to argue that Kessel should of won the smythe last year, Malkin this year or a joint between Furry and Murray. Lebron always been the clear MVP of his championship teams and at times even should of been the MVP when losing in the finals. Yes Crosby is a generational player. So was Kobe and Bird wasn't far off. Kobe dominated the NBA for a very long time, from 1999-00 to 2010. Winning NBA champion in 2010 and MVP of the finals, without Shaq. Let's see Crosby win a cup without Malkin. Agree to disagree I guess.
  9. He's had a good season, but I still rather just stay away.
  10. Sorry, Mario would of ran circles around Crosby. Saying Crosby is NHL LeBron is silly also. LeBron on a another level if not a few levels higher just comparing careers and as pure athlete. If anything compared to the NBA, Crosby matches up somewhere between Bird and Kobe at the moment. Which is still pretty good.
  11. I agree, but I do think NSH is the only team right now that can beat PIT.
  12. Only team I think that can beat PIT now is NSH. They have a great goalie with pretty much the best group of Dman you could ask for. Along with being fairly deep at forward and pretty good coaching. I just can't see EDM, ANA or OTT beating the pens. Sad face.
  13. I'd rather stay away.
  14. The BlackHawks getting swept in the 1st round almost makes this season worth it now. All I hoped for during the playoffs this season was for CHI not to win the Cup. Talk about having your cake and eating it too lol... We should give PETA a call...
  15. I was mainly just wondering if I missed something. A friend of mind has even said Eichel has said it before. I ask when, but didn't get much of an answer.