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  1. lol, I guess not. Lots of hype about Forwards and D in this up-coming draft. What about Goalies with Mrazek out?
  2. I feel pretty meh about this. Clears some cap and now I hope he does well. I gotta wonder, if not Mrazek than who after Howard.
  3. I don't see a team that would be willing to take his salary. Maybe to ARI to help them sell more seats and keep them at the cap floor. Maybe.. Seattle if he continues to fall. I don't doubt he has a NTC.
  4. I am not sure if people around here put much stock in TSN Craig's List. But Craig Button has Svechnikov 4th now. https://www.tsn.ca/craig-s-list-dahlin-cemented-top-status-at-world-juniors-1.962249 Svecnikov was sitting 2nd I think for most of this year and the 2nd half of last year. I wonder if he could really fall out of the top 3. I wonder if we could get lucky and get him 4 if we get a bit of lottery luck. I doubt it tho. I mainly use TSN when I look up ranking for draft prospects myself. Craig been fairly decent in the pass I'd say. I think we will have anywhere from 6th - 10th pick in the draft. I like what I hear and seen from Hughes. I am also a MI fan, so I could be a bit bias. I've seen him ranked around 5th -13th whenever I've googled up on him, mainly 6-8th. I think we have a good chance at Hughes.

    Gotten snubbed from a Con Smythe or two also...
  6. I don't see it changing anytime soon, so you are in luck.
  7. Terry Sawchuk played for 5 different teams also. But yeah I do think he kind of gets the Chelios treatment. Sadly I agree. The insane high standards to get your number up in the rafters is crazy for the Red Wings. It's easier to get in the Hall of Fame than be in the rafters, something wrong about that in my opinion. Shanahan may of also played 10 seasons with the Wings, if not for the lockout. Racking up even more numbers, maybe another cup
  8. I think if Ozzy and Fedorov numbers go up, than there no reason to not have Shanahan go with them. The poll question should add 14 in the mix.
  9. Who would you Rather Have?

    I just feel more comfortable with something I can already see and know. Rather than maybes. Chychrun right now at the age of 19, already looks like he could fit the role of a low-mid tier #2. In the 9 games he has played this year, he has been. Which granted is a very small sample size, consider last season and what he's done this. Chychrun will have anywhere from 2-4 seasons under his belt before Cholowski or Hronek play any real meaning full amount of games in the NHL. Experience even more so for D in the NHL can go a long way. Also, in my opinion. The Wings have not proven that they can develop any D into anything better than Brandon Smith in over 15 somewhat years. So yes, I have little faith Cholowski or Hronek will turn out to be top pair guys. I only see Chychrun getting better, playing decent and more real NHL experience, meanwhile I am still waiting for Cholowski and Hronek to even make the line-up. Regardless it matters not what I think in the end. Cholowski and Hronek are next up and I am willing to be proven wrong. Until than Chychrun is ahead of the race for me, Cholowski and Hronek will have some ground to make up before I put one of them let alone both over Chychrun. I've read your posts that circle Chychrun or issues than invalid him in the past. We simply don't agree on Chychrun when it comes to this, I think we've even butted heads once about it already. I do agree we aren't winning the cup this season.
  10. Who would you Rather Have?

    It's cool. I type slow and didn't see the edit before replying. I was more confusion than anything really.
  11. Who would you Rather Have?

    Never mind this post from me.
  12. Who would you Rather Have?

    Chychrun I still rather have someone that can play in the NHL right now at the age of 18-19. Than 2 maybes let alone 1, this smells like Sproul and Ouellet again to me. The kid is 19 playing 22min a night in his 2nd season. All things considering had a decent season for a 18 year old Dman last season that played 68 games with less than 17mins (ATOI 16:40 with APP of 30sec) a night on a super bad team. His injury doesn't not look like it's a problem now also. I guess only time can tell at this point.
  13. Evgeny Svechnikov

    Anything new on this kid?
  14. Seattle

    I honestly hate the top one. The black that fills the void areas makes the logo look terrible to me.