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  1. Meh, should of gotten at least a 2nd.
  2. Other ways to watch for free... Not sure I am aloud to say or post here. Same way I watch the World JRs on a free stream, the dark side of the internet....
  3. See you later Ott.
  4. It was Detroit Fans without question in my opinion. But who knows I am bias.
  5. Anyone noticing all the Red Wing fans in VAN? There a ton of us in that arena.
  6. Both teams are so bad, it's hard to watch this game. Doesn't help it's so late.
  7. If anything that made me happy. Heard nothing about how this draft is weak.
  8. Being that it has taken until last night for most people/organization to believe it time for a rebuild, is the scary part.
  9. With the way our players take a step or two back each season. We may as well sell now while they have any value. A year ago Jurco was worth something, today good chance he clears the wire if he already hasn't. : /
  10. Fools gold. That's all last weekend was. Wings have a better chance of making the playoffs than Sheahan scoring at this point.
  11. I don't think we need yet another 29, aka going on 30+ "2nd" line center. Holland would give a 5-6 year deal 5.25+ a year deal, Easy. I wouldn't doubt it for one sec.
  12. Kind of a s***ty joke honestly. People die, even if it's to make light of us being bad or anyone.
  13. 1.Sheahan 2.. Sheahan 3... Sheahan 52 reasons why. For real, how has he not at least been scratched one single game? Isn't that a tactic for coaching to help get a player back on track? Never mind, can I add Blashill to the list also? I think I answered my own question.