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  1. xault

    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    Any word on Givani Smith? Chances of him making the roster? How he been doing? so on..
  2. xault

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    If we are talking about the Pronman list.. I saw this list as well, I felt like Pronman just wanted to make Matthews #1 at something. It appears Pronman doesn't think highly of Hieskanen. Hieskanen being ranked #14 on that list is laughable at best. Never really been a fan of Pronman to be honest.
  3. xault

    2020 Free Agency

    For a Draft pick.
  4. xault

    NHL 21

    Just wondering who getting it around here. I plan on it, I skipped on on the last 2. Little more free time theses days.... Once I find my SP4 Login in name I'll drop it in here, down to play it with whoever.
  5. xault

    2020 Free Agency

    I thought Jurco was going to so much better than what he turned out to be. He's the first real player the Wings drafted that I way over hyped in my mind.
  6. xault

    2020 Free Agency

    Man, I am pretty happy we got Griess. Heard nothing but good things about him, he was easily on my top list a few Months back. Also, I have a BUNCH of VAN fans as friends and they are realllly pissed they didn't resign Stecher. They loved to s*** on our drafting/hughes stuff. Nice to have a small one up on them for once.
  7. xault

    2020 Free Agency

    Thanks, I'll be able to google this stuff once I am home.
  8. xault

    2020 Free Agency

    Yea I am hoping for Greiss, maybe Kinkaid or Domingue. Anything happen with T.J Bordie?
  9. xault

    2020 Offseason

    Please get a goalie... We are gonna suck, but let's not suck 5+ goals a night again..
  10. xault

    2020 Free Agency

  11. xault

    2020 Free Agency

    Do we have a full list of the signings we made today? I'd google it but work is crazy at the moment.
  12. xault

    2020 Free Agency

    Ah damn, ok thanks.
  13. xault

    2020 Free Agency

    I am good with theses two at the moment. I am hoping for Greiss, I said a bit ago I think he be the perfect stop gap goalie for us. Any noise on Wennberg?
  14. xault

    2020 Free Agency

    Hmm.. I am gonna go with: Jesper Fast, could be useful right handed shot winger. Just happens to be a Swedish boy... Erik Gustafsson, Lefty D? Swedish Mafia makes a phone call? Alexander Wennberg, Center depth and again more Swedish meatballs. Malcolm Subban, 26 goalies still young enough to turn it around. Shown flashes of being a starter, maybe gets solid chance here without anyone in his way? Tried to stay young.. Young for UFA that is and keeping the Swedish Mafia alive with some potential.
  15. xault

    2020 Draft Thoughts - Forwards.

    We are at impasse then, you and I. Much of what may be consider me being bent out of shape was more to due to the idea that a 7th rounder is "whatever". In the end, you may not like my take and that's fine. I said I would of given the draft a A- before that pick, B+ is pretty good still in my opinion, I don't think I am far off on the grade compared to others grade. I still think Draper could be a solid GM, no GM perfect. I hope Kienan is gem, if he half as good as some of the players I listed I'll be pleased. I am not going to root against him and if he just ends up being career AHLer, I won't beat my chest about it in 4-5 years as well. I simply didn't like the pick, felt we could of signed him after the draft and drafted someone else. More shots at the lottery so to speak. I don't what to take over this thread anymore to be honest with this, infact this is the most I've posted in my on and off of 8ish years of lurking here. My cave is calling me.