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  1. 2013 Season in Review (46 Games in)

    Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone agrees with me
  2. The Race for Eight: Blue Jackets, Stars, Wings

    I agree totally. I also think that the wings now are built for playing in the eastern conference. While we are competative in the west we are not a Big physical crash and bang team like most teams in the west. We fit in the east because of our style of play. Skilled puck possesion. There are not too many teams in the east that would scare me(NYR maybe. Nobody better say the penguins .....) but I generally feel with our current roster, if we were in the east would be a 4th or 5th seed at worst IF we had bert and helm back healthy, this team wouldnt be struggling to get the 8th seed in the west
  3. FTW Thats what I say :)

  4. Wow......All I can say is wow. No wonder I D.T.A.!!!!!!!!!! Thought you were my friend bro. Guess I was wrong...........................

  5. Who wants to go discin today at cleary ?

  6. Well ive held this in for a long time,(Please dont hate) Most of my familly wonders why I dont believe in god or religion for that matter. Well the truth is I am all about facts. Do I have anything against those who are believers? NO. But What I am against is tyranny and hate. WHich is what the bible preaches. King James was a serial rapist and a mass murderer(look it up its a fact) but yet there is a bible in his honor? The bible basically states that jesus is a forgiving god but if you ques...

  7. Holland retirement watch?

    Either your comepletly blind or have never watched a game in your life. Kindl, garbage? Oh and next your going to tell me that Lashoff and Brunner are trash right. You must have been one of the brett hull haters on this forum
  8. PPL dont freak out, the actual wedding has not been canceled, the location and date has been changed is all. Location still to be determined

  9. ryan clowe haters

    I agree about ammi. Bert not so much as when he is healthy he can be very effective. I truely believe hes one of those players that needed a change of scenery
  10. Holland retirement watch?

    Yeah who was that guy? Ya know the guy that built a cup winning team in Long Island and then in detroit Its sad that some ppl dont remember past 1998.....Bandwogoners........gotta love em Also ppl need to quit bitching about what holland did or didnt do. The mans one of the best gms of all time : 6 Presidents trophies(no other team has more than 2 ) 21 straight playoff app. 7 WCF appearences, 6 SCF 4 Cup wins, ... Seriously what more can you ask for out of a gm. COuld be worse, remember when we were the dead wings?(poor mickey ) Be thankfull that you have a team that has been competative. PPl need to quit being so damned spoiled. Obviously he doesnt want to trade the farm away for 1 player. Not in the cap era. PPl have to remember that most of these guys are still young. I feel we have a very good core of young players. Lashoff to me has been the biggest surprise, Kinda reminds me of Nick abit with the way he plays. Nothing flashy just smart descisions. We most teams go through a "rebuilding" stage they are garbage.(Look at calgary and buffalo) But sometimes our fanbase reminds me of lakers nation a little bit. You cant dominate for years and years with out having to rebuild at some point. (not to get off topic) Look at Kobe, The closest thing to MJ, Hes getting older. PLAYERS GET OLDER. Cant stop the inevitable
  11. Cant wait till my boy Lebron gets his ring so all the haters can eat their crow

  12. favorite wing never to win the cup in Detroit

    Here is a name NO-ONE has mentioned: Mike Knuble. They guy has turned into a solid 2 way player and scores 20-30 goals anually. I was still kinda young when he played for us but he was one of my faves as a kid.