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  1. The Next Move

    Fire Holland? Wow! Didnt realize there was such a large contingent from the crack smoking psych ward on LGW. Bunch of spoiled folks after 20+ yrs of success. What other teams can point to that success? The landscape is constantly changing and the organization including Holland have done a fantastic job over the yrs. Have faith. Time for youngsters to step up.
  2. St. James: Wings have inquired about Rick Nash

    If I were Howson, I'd be making sure I get a deal done for Nash before he leaves as a UFA. I don't think he has any leverage now because everyone knows Nash will leave if given the chance and GMs are now taking time to breathe after the Suter/Parise drama. I don't want the Wings to give what he's asking. If he were willing to take Franzen and a prospect, I'd jump at it but not the crazy haul he's supposedly asking for which I think is hurting his ability to move him. I saw an idea posted on TSN....What about trading straight up for Bobby Ryan right now? Ducks aren't probably on his list but he would be reunited with Perry & Getzlaf Team Canada line. That would b one of the top lines in hockey and Howson would have a young stud.....but he probably wouldn't want to be there like many players. It would also piss a bunch of GMs off who are trying to get either player.
  3. The Next Move

    I would never want to trade places with NJ or Preds.....Wings are in far better shape because of the financial health of ownership and organizational stability. People need to take a chill pill and breathe. Don't forget the yrs immediately following the lockout. Wings have cap room and an owner willing to spend. They have time to look at remaining UFAs, monitor RFA status, consider trades, etc. Oh yea, the void created by the loss of Nick and Stuie creates an opportunity for others to step up. That's what I'm looking forward to this season.
  4. The Next Move

  5. RFA Rules

    It seems to me that going fishing for MDZ or Carlson wouldn't be as much a risk as waiting on prospects in the system that have yet prove themselves. Do you know if MDZ, Carlson, Green or Subban have been given a qualifying offer yet? When can GMs start drawing up offer sheets? Agree....I think It would be a gift for Nashville if Holland offered $8.4M for whatever term. If he hits the market as a UFA next year, I can't imagine the $s not being higher that $8.4m per yr........unless there are considerable changes to CBA this fall.
  6. RFA Rules

    I know Holland (and many other GMs) don't like to go after RFAs because of having to give up compensation to the team the RFA leaves. What are the compensation rules? Just wondering with RFA Dmen like Weber, Subban, Green, Del Zotto, Carlson, etc. Some attractive names.....