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  2. BleedRed&White25


    Don't forget, as of now we did lose Flip and The Omen. I'd say that we are going to be about the same skill-wise in the shootout, but I hope that I am proven wrong.
  3. BleedRed&White25

    It's time - to predict 2014 Team Canada

    My Picks: Forwards Nash - Crosby - Stamkos Giroux - Toews- Tavares Staal - Bergeron - Perry St. Louis - Richards - Carter Eberle Getlzaf Defense Doughty - Weber Keith - Letang Pietrangelo - Subban Boyle Seabrook Goalies Price Crawford Luongo Babcock said that because of all the depth down the middle, Giroux and Stall will likely be moved to the wing. I bolded the changes I made. I switched up the offense, basically kept the defense the same, and put Crawford as the backup.
  4. BleedRed&White25

    Captain vacancies

    Just by seeing the title, I thought this was a thread about Captain Intangibles...
  5. BleedRed&White25

    Tyler Seguin heading to Dallas, with Loui Eriksson going to Boston

    This was my same exact reaction. Lol what!?
  6. BleedRed&White25

    Red Wings No Longer "Presented by Amway!"

    Because the melen reminds me of Mellon arena, I suggest we get creative with it and name the new place Hampus's Hamper
  7. BleedRed&White25

    Letang Turns Down 8x$7m

    Fixed that for you
  8. You also managed to forget everyone's favorite spark plug - Helm
  9. BleedRed&White25

    Avs passing on Jones?

    Lol that was my first reaction! and then I was like "what is the point of making this up?"
  10. BleedRed&White25

    Avs passing on Jones?

    Just saw this on TSN. Apparently Sakic said that they were going to pass on Jones. "If we do pick first, we're leaning more toward one of those three forwards,"Sakic told the Denver Post. From the way the media kept bringing up Popeye and talking up Seth, I thought that Jones going to Colorado was as much as a sure thing as Crosby going to Pit. Discuss Sauce:
  11. BleedRed&White25

    INSANE grand rapids roster next season full of prospects

    I didn't know that Marty Turco came out of retirement to be a first line center on the griffs. (:
  12. BleedRed&White25

    The ugly elephant in the room

    I think that the bruins have a pretty good chance. It depends on Rask playing a good series though. I just don't know if the pens can handle the physicality of a series vs boston... or maybe I'm just being too optimistic
  13. BleedRed&White25

    Interesting stat

    With the Ducks being the 07 cup winners, you could say that the last teams to win it all are being knocked out in order of their last cup win... I'm ok with this because it means that uncle gary and mario's illegitimate lovechild will be playing golf next, followed by the hawks until the kings repeat.
  14. BleedRed&White25

    DeKeyser status?

    I was going to post the same thing, but saw that you beat me to it
  15. BleedRed&White25

    Octopus Toss Suggestions/Advice GAME 4

    What if we take this even further, and throw it after a Chicago goal? It may break up any momentum the hawks may have gained, and would give our guys an extra little spark before play resumed?