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  1. The second move has been done by Brunner and Zetterberg, hasn't it?
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    Also, yeah he had a few bad games, when the team was playing terribly, but for one month or so, he was playing as well as any net minder in the league and he made a couple of the best saves I've seen in a long time. He also did well against Boston in my opinion. He's bound to be inconsistant at times, if he wasn't, he wouldn't be signing as a back up and he wouldn't be $1.5 mill per year.
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    Didn't I already disprove your shootout comment? Gustavsson mostly played well in the shootouts last year.
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    So he's achieved as much as you'd hope he could, in the opportunities he's been given. What more do you want from him?
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    Oh and here's a game against the Hawks where Gustavsson won in the shootout: I think he was actually very good in shootouts most of the time.
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    Were there not at least one or two games where Gustavsson gave us more than a chance to win in the shootout. I'm thinking specifically of a game against Tampa when he stopped 6 out of 7 or 7 out of 8, but our forwards couldn't score a single goal ( I think certain people are also forgetting how he played in the playoffs when he was called on at the last minute - he played well enough that you weren't worried when he was put back in the next game. Other back-ups buckled in the same scenario (Tampa, Montreal, before they called up Tokarski).