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    Making an NHL team out of Ken Holland's 1st Round Picks

    Hasek gets credit for the Hasek trade. Holland expected to go into 2001/02 with Osgood until Hasek told his agent he wanted to go to Detroit and to make it happen.
  2. chaps80

    2021 Draft

    What about Nabokov's development at 18 compared to Tretiak's?
  3. chaps80

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    I root for Philly.
  4. chaps80

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    lol i dont mean you. And ya, the compensation for Bert would have to be something Stevie couldnt refuse. Bert is a very important part of the team. Like you said, he brings elements no one else does consistantly, and is always in the chase for team leader in goals, assists, points. Yep. May as well...
  5. chaps80

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    So the Canes traded Detroit Nedjedelvic for a 3rd. Rights to Bernier amounted to nothing. I saw they signed Andersen (2 years, $4.5 mill per) who lost the starter job in Toronto to Campbell and Raanta(2 years, $2 million per) who played a whole 12 games last year and looked horrible. Mrazek to Toronto for 3 years, $3.8 mill per. Reimer to SJ for 2 years, $2.25 mill per. Way to torpedo a great thing ya had going, Canes.
  6. chaps80

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    It WAS. Been awhile now. Trading Bert would be stupid, but that's my opinion. lol they need him for Grand Rapids/ Toledo.
  7. chaps80

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    I dunno why he has such an obsession about trading Bertuzzi, either. Pretty much every trade pkg he dreams up starts with Bertuzzi. This board has gone woke.
  8. chaps80

    SIGNED: Pius Suter 2 years $3.25M AAV

    I dig it.
  9. chaps80

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

  10. chaps80

    7/23 GDT - 2021 Entry Draft

    All true, guess they just do things differently in Carolina. Horrible asset management. Bernier still hasn't signed with them, and may not. lol
  11. chaps80

    Cholowski Sucks

    I laughed when Seattle took him. Not like our unprotected list was chock full of gems, though. Bye Dennis.
  12. chaps80

    7/23 GDT - 2021 Entry Draft

    The Ned trade was even more of a steal than Bishop. Bishop was given up on by St. Louis and didn't seem to be in Ottawa's long term plans. After the playoffs Nedeljkovic had, I thought for sure the starting spot was his to lose. Carolina had brought him along slowly since he was drafted, never pushed him too hard until they felt he was ready. They even protected him from Seattle. Everything pointed to Mrazek or Reimer leaving. The trade is such a shocking steal that I still can't see why Carolina would do it. They don't have anyone better in waiting.
  13. chaps80

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    Yeah, I can just imagine how badly Canes fans are losing their s*** over the trade. I felt we still needed a goalie pick or two in this draft though, and Yzerman pulled another great move outta nowhere in getting the Dman he wanted 6th and then trading up to 15th to snag Cossa and address the pipeline issue. Looking much better in goal than we were a few days ago, that's for sure. Vaz was a hell of a pick by Yzerman in Tampa. That was the pick Holland traded him for Kyle Quincey, so it was only right that Vaz turned out to be one of the best in the world.
  14. chaps80

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    I wouldn't have been against it if we needed him. But Yzerman pulled an Yzerman and traded Bernier for Nedeljkovic before he could leave on the 28th.
  15. chaps80

    7/23 GDT - 2021 Entry Draft

    Thought Yzerman wasn't taking a goalie in the first after he want for a Dman 6th. Then he trades up and takes Cossa 15th. Another great move outta nowhere to address the goaltending. Thank you Steve.
  16. chaps80

    Howard = Average

    Yeah, I have no idea on that one either. But it's a nice problem to have if your the Rags.
  17. chaps80

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    Another big steal by Yzerman on this one. 3rd rounder and rights to Bernier (a UFA in 6 days who may not even agree to sign with Carolina. He did state not long ago he wanted to test the market) for the rights to Nedeljkovic, (an RFA who he promptly signed a two year deal for the exact salary Bernier was earning). Possibly solved our need for a true long term #1 if Nedeljkovic keeps playing like he did in the playoffs. I dunno how he does it, but i ******* love it!
  18. chaps80

    2021 NHL Trade Deadline Thread - April 12, 2021

    I want to keep Ryan. He's been a great pickup.
  19. chaps80

    Mantha or AA - Which Player is Lazier?

    AA can skate circles around Mantha and has better hands. I'm def one Wings fan who couldn't care less if Mantha remains on the team or not. He's just...there. And AA is long gone.
  20. chaps80

    2/28 GDT - Red Wings at Blackhawks - 7:00 PM EST

    But does he suck? Gagner is a pleasant surprise so far.
  21. chaps80

    Todd Bertuzzi will not be re-signed

    Never taken cash out of a bank machine at that time for anything positive, that's for sure!!
  22. Ruh-Roh. This probably about as real as the Kavanaugh allegations.
  23. chaps80

    Todd Bertuzzi will not be re-signed

    It's that damn Sudbury water....
  24. chaps80

    2/28 GDT - Red Wings at Blackhawks - 7:00 PM EST

    Greiss needs to step up tonight. I'm surprised at his record and numbers so far. It's not all his fault, but Bernier is doing just fine with the same roster. Get er done!! FFS. 1-0 Hawks.
  25. chaps80

    2/27 GDT - Red Wings at Blackhawks - 8:00 PM EST

    Bernier denied Kane his 400th career goal in spectacular fashion. He's been phenomenal this season and taken a firm hold on the starting job. Already talks about how he should be re-signed. For now I agree, assuming he keeps up the great play. I know he wants to stay in Detroit, so hopefully a good deal for both sides could be reached. Oh, and that Malcolm Subban kid is pretty bad. Some of those goals he let in were routine stops. No wonder he moves from team to team so much.