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  1. I dunno, this series they are on pretty equal ground. Each team was blown out once, but other than that, all games have been close, both teams are getting great goaltending from their starters. Pens are better on paper, and if they had everyone healthy, this would already be over. But injuries happen and the Sens are taking advantage. Good.
  2. A missed call that resulted in one goal in a Game 7 that would have never occurred if the Wings kept the foot on the gas after being up 2-0 in the series against a lesser opponent. They came out flat in that Game 7, like it or not. I recall many fans watching asking wtf was wrong with them. When they decided to play it was too late. One goal shouldn't have mattered when scored that early.
  3. Craig. Anderson. Remember when he was a run of the mill backup? So underrated! He was a beast in his early days in Calgary. Toronto killed his career.
  4. YESSSS!! What a game! That's how you rebound at home! Game 7!!
  5. $6 million in open cap currently. Tatar and AA need extensions, but Tatar can be traded for picks. Sheahan drew interest at the deadline, he can be moved for picks too. Stock up on them. Sign Shattenkirk for $7 million per.
  6. Yeah Holland is probably thinking of an extension for him. I hope he ditches him for a first though. No more Green, he hasn't worked out and will be overpaid as well. Caps underachieved as a whole though. Especially their Vezina winning goalie who is a finalist for it again this year. Just horrible play.
  7. Hahaha. They still prescribe s*** like that easy down there? Up here it's pretty rare, you need to be in excruciating pain and have a cool doctor. Some docs won't give anything more than ibuprofen after the oxy epidemic that got s***loads addicted.
  8. The 2009 loss was on the Wings. 2 wins from another repeat and they blew it, plain and simple. Coming out flat in Game 7 was the icing on it.
  9. Oh yeah, I forgot Tayes. What about Gordie and Gretzky though? Already left them behind after his first Cup?
  10. Ahh ok. Yeah I avoid em too. And emergency. Unless it's something really serious. Anything less I suffer or medicate myself.
  11. I dunno, Perry is a ******, but I've got less hate for the Ducks than I did ten years ago. I think they would have given the Pens a tougher time physically, which is great. Gibson, no Cup. So perhaps it is better off.
  12. Agreed. Maybe if he didn't sign Nielson it could work. Least Green is done after this coming season. Yeah he's def not worth $7 million and above for 5-6 years. Kenny will probably do it though. It's his perfect move. Easy.
  13. Tell that to all the overprotective parents who bring their kids there every time they have a fever.
  14. Anyone think Holland will sign or try hard to sign him July 1 ( if he doesn't sign with Vegas before that)? Seems like a very Kenny move to me. He needs a top pairing Dman, and all he needs to do is throw money at him. He'll want $7-8 million per, and long term I'm sure. Would take up all the free cap and then some, but he could move Nyquist or Tatar for high 2018 picks and bonus if Vegas takes a nice contract off his hands. Can be done.
  15. Haha mannn. I'd lose it. Or bring them a whole bottle back instead.