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  1. chaps80

    Larkin vs Zetterberg

    AA? One dimensional to be sure, but f*** that kid can skate, and he did score 30 goals one year. Trading him wasn't a huge deal with the picks that came back, just hated seeing Kenny and the Oilers get him. Like f*** off Kenny. lol
  2. chaps80

    2020 Draft Thread

    Both deserve to be in the HOF, although Osgood did'nt always deserve it in my mind until his playoff performances in 2008-2009. That was some elite level s*** there.
  3. chaps80

    2020 Draft Thread

    Someone had to bring up the man of glass. What a s***ty saga that was. From 2000 to 2019, these were the goalies who went in the first round: Knight (13th), Oettinger (26th), Samsonov (22nd), Vasilevskiy (19th), Campbell (11th), Chet Pickard (18th), McCollum (30th), Bernier (11th), Price (5th), Montoya (6th), Flower (1st), Lehtonen (2nd), Leclaire (8th), and DiPietro (1st). The first three are still too early to call, Vaz is elite, Campbell-bust, Pickard is the biggest bust on the list, McCollum-bust, Bernier is solid but best used in a tandem, Price-elite, Montoya-bust, Flower-elite, Lehtonen-rock solid, Leclaire-bust, DiPietro-bust. Of the 6 that went in the top ten, it's pretty much an even split between elite/great and bust. Of the ones that went 11th to 30th (besides first three on the list) you got one elite guy, one solid guy, and three busts. Take it all for what you will. Those teams all took chances (some huge chances). if a goalie is projected to go high and you really want to draft him, you gotta be willing to pull the trigger and let things play out. All players can be crapshoots imo, regardless of the position. You can get a Yakupov first or a McDavid first as well...
  4. chaps80

    2020 Draft Thread

    From what i've heard from guys like McKenzie and Button, there is lots of hype. And it is well deserved by all the highlights i've seen. I dunno who was calling the ply by play but they couldn't shut up about the kid. He's only 17, 6'3, still between 150-160 lbs but he's still growing at that age and has plenty of time to put on weight. He constantly dictates the play to his skaters from the crease, great hockey sense, very calm (Russian ice water veins lol), ALWAYS seems to be in the right position to make the stop (he was unreal in the shootouts in the U18 tourney,shooters had no room to do much of anything) catches right which is not common and can definitely be used to his advantage.
  5. chaps80

    2020 Offseason

    If the team is gonna spend money on a goalie, may as well get one who can stop pucks. Howard is the equivalent of an empty net at this point.
  6. chaps80

    2020 Draft Thread

    Yes, I recall that there were a few of us who said the Mrazek move was stupid. Cause it was. Now Carolina has a solid 28 y/o starting goalie and Detroit has Howard coming off a 2 win season at 36 y/o and will either hang em up or try to ride the pine back to the playoffs elsewhere. But we still have Bernier!! I see your point regarding Askarov. It would be a risk, but I think it's one worth taking. He's not going to fall that far. I think McKenzie had him going 11th the latest. If Yzerman wants him, he has to use the 4th pick. In the end, whatever Yzerman does with the 4th will piss somebody off somewhere. I think Seider was the first high pick since the decline that pretty much everyone is happy with. People are coming around on Zadina now though. Rasmussen is still a toss up. Some think he won't amount to much.
  7. chaps80

    2020 Draft Thread

    Pre-Vernon/Osgood they had the great Bobblin' Bob Essensa and Tim Cheveldae. lol
  8. chaps80

    2020 Draft Thread

    Of all the goalies that have been drafted by the Wings in two decades, two worked out as NHL starters (not the best drafting record. current young prospects we obv don't know their end potential yet). Howard and Mrazek. Howard is 36 and coming off a huge 2 win season and is not returning. Mrazek could have still been around and been the number 1 had he been allowed to work through his issues instead of being traded for a s***ty 4th pick because the older Howard was playing better at the time and Kenny didn't wanna up the 4 mill (then brought in Bernier for 3 mill). He's doing perfectly fine in Carolina and is still young. Anyways, that ship has sailed, and we have no prospects in the pipeline even remotely ready. Askarov is no fifth round crapshoot. He's got legit star franchise goalie potential. I doubt the team makes the playoffs next season either, they will have another shot at a great forward in the early first round. UFA goalie stop gaps are fine for a couple seasons, but having someone like Askarov drafted and developing in the Wings system in the meantime would ease the long term worries.
  9. chaps80

    2020 Draft Thread

    The more highlights I watch of Askarov, the more I want the Wings to take him fourth no matter who is available. Kid is just unreal and still quite young. Absolute franchise goalie potential. There are rumblings that Yzerman is very open to taking him fourth if you are to believe the "insiders". Perfetti or Rossi are the "safe bets", but don't be surprised if he does take Askarov. Nothing is off the table. As for attracting one of the top UFA goalies, the fact that playoffs aren't in the picture for awhile probably will be a consideration for guys like Lehner and Holtby. Both are in their prime, and Lehner would like to win a Cup obv. Griess or another similar caliber goalie that will split time with Bernier might be more realistic.
  10. chaps80

    If Lafreniere pulls an Eric Lindros on the Wings

    The Nords absolutely won that trade when you look at it long term. Made them instantly competitive, and had they stayed in Quebec and not gotten Roy, I think they could have still won a cup with Hextall, had they kept him around longer than one season. Tough team with a ton of goal scorers and a solid d. Many of the players Lindros was traded for hoisted the cup in Colorado, he never did.
  11. chaps80

    Larkin vs Zetterberg

    We had a faster player with some sweet hands but traded him. To the ******* Oilers.
  12. chaps80

    Seider for Captain

    The '80's Oilers are legend when it comes to cocaine. As for next captain..Bertuzzi. I could see Kocur doin rails with Probie before goin out to bash skulls.
  13. chaps80

    2020 Draft Thread

    I wouldn't complain about Askarov at 4th overall if they pulled the trigger. Don't see them doing it, but sometimes ya just gotta take a chance. I'd say def skip him if they had G prospects that were close to ready, but none of them are. Good article i came across..they have Holtby in the mix along with Lehner. I'd prefer Lehner. Holtby was always overrated to me and he's gonna want big money and term.
  14. chaps80

    2020 Draft Thread

    Yeah, I thought about that after i posted. The draft lottery format was very favorable to them during their rebuild in the early 2000's. Orpik 18th overall in 2000, Whitney 5th in 2002 (traded at the 2009 deadline for Kunitz and Tangradi), Fleury 1st in 2003, Malkin 2nd in 2004, Crosby 1st in 2005, J. Staal 2nd in 2006. Signed Gonchar as a UFA in 2005. They were set. Since Montreal drafted Price, they've picked no higher than 3rd (twice). The rest they were lower in the order or traded away their first for something or other. Lots of stupid moves by that franchise.
  15. chaps80

    Using our cap space to get assets

    Larsson was looking good until last year. Started in GR with horrible numbers, finished in Toledo pretty solid. Petruzzelli really picked it up last year in the NCAA. Brattstrom was just signed not long ago, his numbers in Sweden are top notch. Either way, we need a solid UFA goalie and need to take more chances with higher picks imo.