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  1. chaps80

    News From Around the NHL

    $9.5 million???? OK, he won the Vezina last season, but completely collapsed in the playoffs, where it counts. Regular season hardware increases contracts, but $9.5 million for 8 years? Considering what Bob got from Florida though, he probably used that to his advantage.
  2. chaps80

    Nicknames for the Noobs

    Calvin "6th NHL team" Pickard.
  3. I would have liked to get McElhinney, but there was no reason for Yzerman to look at him unless he could move Howard or Bernier. Tampa got him for $1.3 million per for two seasons to back up Vaz. I dunno how that guy isn't making more money, especially after last season. He only got around a 400k raise...
  4. Yeah man, 7 years at 10 million per is pretty insane. Signed till age 36. I don't think he'll ever win a Cup down there either. But he obv went for the huge payday over winning..i'm sure he could have joined a contender for less money. Knight is a great prospect, but all goalies are a toss up when drafted..there's rarely sure bets. But if he does play stellar behind Bob, they'll be forced to trade him when he starts demanding his worth. No way they can afford to have a $4 million or so backup in Florida with Bob making $10 million. I remember 1996 when Vanbiesbrouck took Florida to the Finals. They got swept by the Avs, but they had only been in the league for like three years, Beezer was an expansion grab. He played out of his mind there, always liked that dude.
  5. chaps80

    2020 Tank

    Looking at the roster so far, it's absolutely a tankable year. And no one could blame them for it. I hope the top 4 young forwards continue to develop, Cholowski as well. Other than that, tank from puck drop opening night and never reconsider. We need to get that guaranteed top 4. Burke was bang on. Great ideas.
  6. I'm pleased with the Seider pick. Came kinda out of left field, but Yzerman took him in the top 10 for a reason. He's already 6'2-3, over 200lbs, skilled, trains like mad. We needed D, we got some. Biggest surprised was a goalie, Knight going 13th. They're usually avoided that high up unless it's a Price/Fleury, but Florida needed goaltending. Then they signed Bobrovsky to a massive long term deal, so i guess this kid will get all the time he needs to develop.
  7. chaps80

    Kronwall to Hang Them Up

    Hahaha nice one. Hockeyfeed got me once with the line "Wings vet told he's no longer needed", with a picture of Kronwall up front. I click it, it's Vanek they're talking about, who's up in the corner of the pic behind a couple other guys. Sneaky bastards.
  8. As for Filpulla, i'm ok with it. Our roster is looking pretty damn thin. I can't believe the Leafs ditched Marleau's contract to Carolina (who promptly bought it out lol), traded Kadri for a half-priced Barrie and dumped the Zaitsev contract on Ottawa. It's like everything they needed to happen just went their way. Besides Marner..yet. But they have the money now. No hype, just facts. Pickard was brought in to challenge Bernier. If he can do that, it's a win. But he doesn't come with the best track record and the two year deal is one year too much imo.
  9. Calvin Pickard, baby!!! 27 years old, heading to his 6th NHL team (Colorado, Vegas, Toronto, Philadelphia, Arizona, Detroit), waived twice last year. League minimum for depth, and he'll most likely play in GR unless Howard or Bernier are hurt, although he's expected to be given a shot to compete with Bernier for the backup role. But why the two year deal? And as far as i can see, it's not two way. Wouldn't that mean he'd need to clear waivers each time if he needs to come up, or is he good to move up/down freely in emergency callups? Can't say a team wouldn't grab him either, he's always found a team each time he's hit waivers. Maybe Yzerman is hoping he can push Bernier out and then trade him for late picks and some retained salary? If he can pull it off, i'm all for it, but big if. HAHAHAHAHA
  10. chaps80

    Why Whip Z-Pinch?

    Only the top 4 2018 picks played a full season in the NHL. Hayton played 0 games, Zadina played 9 (1G/2A), Hughes played 5 (0G/3A), Boqvist played 0, Kravtsov played 0, Bouchard played 7 (1G/0A). I'm not concerned.
  11. chaps80

    Holland set to become GM of Oilers

    LOL All good.
  12. chaps80

    WCF: San Jose Sharks vs. St Louis Blues

    I'm thinking this one is over. Blues are one win away from their first Conference title in team history. Back when they made the Finals three straight years from '67-'68 to '69-'70 and were swept in all three, the format was screwed up with the Original 6 in one division and all the '67 expansion franchises in another. Can't even really count those, as the Blues had no chance of winning against Montreal and Boston.
  13. chaps80

    ECF- CAR vs. BOS

    4-0 Dump Bears win and sweep the series. I didn't see a sweep coming, that's for sure, but Carolina just couldn't get it done. Too many bad penalties, missed chances, bad defensive plays, and switching goalies didn't work either.
  14. chaps80

    ECF- CAR vs. BOS

    Oh man, if they could pull it out in 7 that would be a heavy burn, but that's pretty unlikely. Never say never, I guess. If Boston plays SJ or STL, doesn't matter as long as they win their franchise first cup by beating Boston. The Thornton storyline would be cool. He doesn't look like he's got much left in him. Let the man finally raise one and retire.
  15. chaps80

    ECF- CAR vs. BOS

    So Mac did get the start, will probably get next one too. It was kind of hinted about before. Lost the game anyways, pretty much last chance, cause they are not climbing out of a 3-0 hole. Dump Bears are pretty much Finals bound...disgusting.