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  1. chaps80

    2020 Free Agency

    Yeah, nothing wrong with it. I guess if one guy establishes himself as your clear no 1, you'll end up paying him more anyways.
  2. chaps80

    2020 Free Agency

    I'm happy with Greiss as well. Hopefully he takes firm grip on the starting job so they can drop Bernier after this season and get the goalie cap hit down some. Gives Seider another German dude to chill with, too.
  3. chaps80

    2020 Offseason

    If we can get some good picks i'd take the Quick trade. Bernier's contract is over next summer so we'd have him as a starter for a couple years. And hopefully, we will have Askarov, and he's ready to go when Quick goes.
  4. chaps80

    2020 Offseason

    Joe Kocur? Ehn fights?
  5. chaps80

    Howard = Average

    Later Jimmy, thanks for the effort. I figure with all the younger, better free agent goalies available right now, his NHL career is probably over. Unless he wants to play for dirt cheap. His record last season was horrific.
  6. chaps80

    Derek Boogard Fight School

    Nah, it's pretty horrible. And always fails anyways.
  7. chaps80

    2020 Offseason

    Been seeing rumors about serious interest in Markstrom with Howard officially moving on? I think we can do better. DO BETTER!! What happened to this? Thought he was being re-signed anyways?
  8. chaps80

    NHL Diversity

    s***, I just read through the last few pages and i don't think i've ever laughed so much at anything on these boards. I know some get offended easily these days, but i'm old school and CRL is one funny dude.
  9. chaps80

    NHL Diversity

    When i hear or see ace of spades, i just think of Motorhead.
  10. chaps80

    Derek Boogard Fight School

    I miss the Boogeyman. And enforcers in general. Your complaining about fighting in hockey when you have a Hammer and Sickle in your avatar. Communism has killed like 100 million more people than fighting in hockey. But this board isn't political based, so i'll leave it at that.
  11. chaps80

    2020 Offseason

    Wings picked up M. Staal? $5,2 mill hit and full NMC??? Guess the pick that came with him was the main part of the deal? Use cap to take on salary in exchange for picks? Can never have too many picks I guess. I remember Marc from the OHL long ago and the run to the to the finals, but haven't followed him since. Looking at his stats he's def not worth what he makes. Part of the mostly overhyped Staal clan.
  12. chaps80

    2020 Draft Thread

    He IS taking the damn goalie!! Hopefully...
  13. chaps80

    2020 Draft Thread

    Byfield dropping to fourth? I wish. I know he has two more seasons of eligibility in Sudbury including an overage season, but no way he's coming back. If he isn't in the NHL this season i'll be surprised. Kid is a force offensively, quick skater, and doesn't shy away from the rough stuff. If he can't get around you, he'll move you. 6'5 215 right now and he'll put on more weight. And yes, that entire show was pure boredom.
  14. chaps80

    2020 Offseason

    Carter Hart.
  15. chaps80

    2020 Playoffs LOL

    Can't really get into it. The COVID-19(84) bulls*** ruins it. And Philly was my one hope.