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  1. I dunno, it was awhile back. I thought I remembered this board was flipping out at how good he was. That may have just been the one series that went to 6 in 2010. 2011 was a sweep I think. And yeah, the "Bulin Wall" did win a Cup, but just barely. Calgary lost Game 7 by one goal. Funny how Nabokov wore #20 as a tribute to Tretiak. He should have asked him how to win stuff.
  2. I seem to remember him being great in Phoenix, and the guy that kept them in the series. Once he signed in Philly (where goalies careers go to die) though, he fell apart. Bought out after ONE season. Never regained his form after that. Philly traded Bobrovsky after that for Mason to try to improve their goaltending. Bob became a Vezina winning star, and Mason has been ok at best. Philly is cursed with their goaltending. Haven't had a franchise goalie since Hextall's first stint, lol
  3. Understandable that both are paid the same, but 10.5 mill is just a crazy sum to pay someone to play hockey, especially in the cap era. Two players take up 21 mill of your entire available space. Whatever though, that's the Hawks problem, especially when they decline to the calibre of other $6 mill players. They have won three Cups with them though, so I guess it evens out?
  4. Yeah I dunno how they ever reached the 10+ million mark with him. Honestly, no player is worth that, and Chicago has two. Gotta draw the line somewhere.
  5. Case in point, Nabokov. Had he been better, the Sharks would already have a Cup or two. Thanks for nothing BJ's. Hope whoever plays the Pens next round can get the job done.
  6. You think another team would take that massive cap hit for another 6 years? 10.5 mill a season is insane. Quite a few teams would need restructuring to fit him in. They're best plan if they wanted to move him would be to contact McPhee in LV. They need to reach cap floor, and snagging Toews for their inaugural season would really help establish a fan base, get them an experienced team captain with three Cups on board to lead and help a brand new team with an assortment of players from every team in the league work together and gel. But it would never happen. Toews means too much to the Hawks team and fans. He's their Yzerman or Sakic, and most likely a lifer in Chicago. Fans would probably riot. Lol
  7. Yeah, who knows. He seemed pretty down and pissed off in that one interview where he called out his teammates for not caring enough about winning or working hard enough to win.
  8. Same here, but I hope Pittsburgh goes down next round. They will have a huge advantage with a long rest though. Def don't want them repeating as champs.
  9. The Wings were the 2nd seed in 2003 behind Dallas by ONE point. They were swept. Pretty damn close to a first seed, but numerically not. That series was such an embarrasment, especially being the defending champs.
  10. So there's two former Cup winning coaches without jobs now. Holland should at least think about signing one. But he won't. People are saying the firings likely have something to do with Eichel, but Eichel is saying his year end meetings with both went fine, and the media is twisting things around and he never asked for either to move on.
  11. Bye Bye Hawks!! Three goals in four games with their offence? Hahaha what a s***kicking. Rinne will be giving them nightmares all summer. Thank you Preds!! How many Hawks "fans" are off the bandwagon now? Lolll
  12. Haha notice the capitalized MAYBE? Pretty much means no. I added him to the list as a huge maybe just to show how many HOF calibre guys are left on this team. I know I was being generous by saying anyone other than Z.
  13. Meh, you never know. He's not a shoe in like Z. Osgood isnt in there yet, and he's got 401 wins and 3 Cups, 2 as starter. 14-4 and 1.55 gaa in the '08 playoffs after bailing out HOFer Hasek, and 16-6 and 2.12 gaa in the '98 playoffs. I think he'll eventually get in, and Kronwall may too, but he's not a first ballot player.
  14. It's cuz they "need to learn". Blash is an idiot. I know either aren't on the same level as other organizations young stars, but they're the best the Wings have right now. Not the same as say, sitting McDavid for mistakes, but it is at the same time. Mantha and AA should be getting nothing but respect and lots of ice time from Blash. Mantha has already been held back too long in GR when he could have taken a number of guys spots in Detroit. It's not the early 2000's anymore where they could wait a few seasons to bring in players who had clearly outgrown the AHL because the team was loaded with 9 or 10 future HOFers. Right now there's Z, and MAYBE Kronwall on the roster that are at that level.
  15. He wants a long term contract, but he's bailed on a contract before. Datsyuk bailing on his contract ruined his legacy with the Wings for me. You sign a contract, you fulfill it. Hate to sign Radulov for a few seasons then he takes off halfway through. If the Wings were to sign him, should be short term at first. If he does well and is a dedicated team player, resign for a bit more. But Kenny...make sure there's enough cap for an extension when it comes up so you don't end up with another Hossa situation. K thanks.