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  1. Well, that's how bad this team is. lol Players and Blash thought he did well, but any goalie stuck behind that D is gonna get lit up. Could have been worse. He may not improve the net sitch much, but I'd rather see him play instead of Bernier. We know what we have with Bernier. Who knows, The more Comrie plays, the better he may get. It is very hard to judge any goalie on this team with the mess were in, but it is what it is. Just start the kid, get Bernier some croissants and tell him to sit back and relax. Yeah i had read about that. The first goal that went in never should have either. An opposing player shouldn't get three whacks at a puck in the crease ffs.
  2. chaps80

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    I don't want Seider anywhere near this team this season. It's pointless.
  3. So Comrie was apparently the lone bright spot in this loss, despite the score. Game could have been a lot worse without some of the stops he made and he was hung out to dry quite a bit. I'd like to see him keep starting games, f*** Bernier. He can ride the pine for awhile.
  4. chaps80

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    Seider was a steal by Yzerman. Read something on him yesterday, he's looking like the real deal. Constant progression. We should not bring him up this season, unless it's towards the end.
  5. chaps80

    Howard = Average

    The thing with Mraz is his overall numbers in Detroit are solid, but he was inconsistent. He flew through the minors and stole the starting job with the big club, at one point in the 2015-16 season he was the best in the league stats wise and in the early Vezina convo. Then something happened. I think opposing teams figured him out, his habit of trying to be a show off and caught out of position, and they capitalized on that. Then he'd just get pissed, and when coaches tried to work with him to correct his erratic style, he'd get even more pissed and blow them off. He'd never really faced adversity in his career till that point. I think Holland not being able to move Howard contributed to his s***ty attitude too. It was all entitlement. He earned that money he got in arbitration, but your right, he never really lived up to it after making a fuss. Then Holland said screw it, your gone. But worse contracts have been handed out. Look at Scott Darling, Carolina signed him to be their number 1 guy after his great play in Chicago, but he never lived up to it. At all. Horrid first season, then banished to the minors for the second and traded in the summer for Reimer. Florida bought him out and made him a UFA no one wanted. He had to go to Austria to take a backup job. Mrazek/Detroit just wasn't in the cards. Yep, outside the org is really the only way to get someone capable. But with Howard gone that opens up 4 million. If they decide to buy out Bernier, that frees up more to shop with. We'll see how it works out in the offseason, but for now Howard/Bernier/Comrie should finish out the season. I'd rather have it that way. Team isn't doing anything, may as well bottom right out and get the guaranteed top 4 pick. This season is a write off, Yzerman seems to just be using it for evaluation to see what he has to work with.
  6. chaps80

    Howard = Average

    Yeah, I think Mrazek wanted off the team as well, move was mutual. The trade to Philly and Holland signing Bernier aren't related, but Holland not wanting to qualify one for a million more than he signed the other for was a weird move. That was Holland's excuse for the trade on his end at the time, the money. I dunno what other options were available other than Bernier at the time either. The net issue is a huge one. When you have 4 goalies that have seen ice already this season, there's a problem. Don't want to become another Philly with mistake after mistake passing through the system for years and years. None of the guys in the system are close to ready, if they ever will be. Larsson was looking great until this season. Other than him, there's not much promise down there. The team will move on from Howard and Bernier soon enough, and the only option is a reliable UFA starter. Hopefully the backup role can be filled in house, but the team will have to look outside for immediate help going forward. Hopefully no long term big money deals, but if it has to happen then it does. Having a goalie that can steal games for a rebuilding team is pretty key for development of the other players. When 6 pucks cross the line (absolutely unacceptable however you look at it) every night, it just leads to frustration and regression. Seeing Larkin act like he has been is disappointing and he needs to man up and deal with it, but winning games and not losing by 4 or 5 many nights wouldn't hurt. He can't be the only young player that's frustrated, the others just do a better job of hiding it.
  7. Cujo was excellent in his two seasons in DET, the third was the lockout season. Playoff eliminations in the first and second rounds, but we ran into two hot underdog teams with goalies playing out of their minds that carried them (Giggy and Kipper) to the Finals and lost by one goal in Game 7's. Those exits weren't Cujo's fault, and '04 was a s***show with Hasek deciding to come out of retirement after one year and the Wings owning his rights, and Legace being one of the best backups in the league. Cujo was treated like s***. Put on the trade block, sent down to GR. Then Hasek had a season ender and it was damn good we had him.
  8. chaps80

    Howard = Average

    Yeah, i'd be happy with letting Howard walk and keeping Bernier as well or letting Howard walk and buying out Bernier and picking up a UFA. It really is time for this team to move on from Howard. He's injured every season, came into this one out of shape..i think he might just be going through the motions now with the state of the team in front of him. Finish out the year then part ways. I just don't want to see Comrie as the odd guy out in order to keep either Howard or Bernier. Comrie needs some starts soon, I don't see him being any worse. Pickard doesn't seem to be in Yzerman's plans beyond the AHL and use as an emergency call up, as he traded for Comrie after Pick had one start and shipped him back down. Probably no real confidence in him, not that i blame Stevie on that. Pick is on his 6th NHL team and has barely played since Vegas took him in Expansion draft. 19 NHL games split between 4 teams. He was solid in Colorado, but never got it together after, shame. Well, Holland could have qualified him at $4 million for a season or two instead of turning around and giving Bernier $3 million for three seasons. Wouldn't be worse off, but past is the past. Holland didn't like him anyways.
  9. chaps80

    Larkin's Stick Slamming

    He deserves them.
  10. chaps80

    Howard = Average

    Can't gamble a 1st on a goalie. There will be UFA options if Yzerman wants to move on from Howard. Gotta see how Comrie fairs and go from there, but playing on this team really isn't a fair evaluation for anyone. Bernier only has one year left, try waivers and if he clears, buy him out. Howard/Comrie or UFA/Comrie.
  11. chaps80

    Howard = Average

    GP GS W L T OT SA GA GAA Sv% SO MIN Mrazek: 20 20 13 6 0 1 528 51 2.60 .903 2 1,177 Reimer: 11 10 5 5 0 0 328 27 2.58 .918 1 629 Mrazek hasn't lost his job. I wouldn't even say it's his job, it's almost a tandem system like it was with McIllenney last season. He's been thriving since he signed in Carolina and he's a fan favorite...good for him. I know some around here had him pegged to be out of the NHL by now. As for Detroit missing the boat with him, who knows..doesn't really matter. He's long gone, and probably glad he's not part of the current s***show where no goalie has played well, and there's already been four that have seen ice time this season. When Howard comes back Stevie has a choice to make. Comrie has to clear waivers to get sent to GR, and he probably won't clear. I'd like to see Bernier put on waivers instead. I don't see him getting claimed, but i sure wouldn't mind if he was. He is what he is at this point, and what he is is s***ty.
  12. I dunno about re-signing him. If he finishes decent, maybe. But not for $4 million.
  13. Keep your eyes on the goal boys. 31st overall. I have faith in you.
  14. Comrie didn't play in ARI because they have Kuemper and Raanta. He did well for their AHL club, I think 4-0. He's only got 5 prior games in the NHL with WPG on emergency call ups. Former second rounder..why not? Bernier and Howard have been abysmal..Howard is gone after this season 100%. May as well take a zero risk chance on Comrie, he could surprise people.
  15. Coffee with Coach Carly