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  1. Sedin Twins Calling it a Career After Season

    Haha pretty much. I hate the fact Chicago finished in the bottom 7 or 8. Liked seeing them miss the playoffs, but finishing just outside would have been much better. A team with their roster shouldn't be in the draft lottery mix with only a bit lower odds than Detroit. Losing Crawford really shouldn't have killed them when they had plenty of time to find a goalie that didn't suck, but I guess it's an excuse to have a bad season and get a solid first rounder. Or an elite one, depending. And if Hossa and Crawford don't return, which they most likely won't, they have a good shopping budget to pick up a capable goalie and other stuff.
  2. Sedin Twins Calling it a Career After Season

    Because Franzen wants his money. I wouldn't retire with all that money owed to me either. He would be playing if he could. Last time he tried he clearly should not have been on the ice. That's that. There's LTIRetirement contracts all over the league. Pronger is still on the books somewhere i believe. Hossa's skin condition deal was indeed suspicious though when they needed to cut cap. He had something i'm sure, but i find it hard to believe doctors and equipment manufacturers couldn't figure out SOME way for him to keep playing and minimize the issue. Hossa isn't a guy you just say "OK guess your out for the season" to without trying everything possible. But Crawford's injury is legitimate. Losing him killed their season. They came in as contenders, finished in the bottom ten.
  3. Whipping Boy

    Yeah, the contract length is the main issue for a guy the team could honestly have done without at the time, and now. Nielson is a playmaker type, theres not many that can compliment him on the middle lines. He is great in shootouts though. As for moving him, i still think there's too much cap hit and length on the contract for that to be possible. might be easier going into his final season or two, or a deadline deal in either. Unless the Wings have rebounded enough by then where keeping him makes sense.
  4. Awards include Stanley Cups. Osgood: 2.49 GAA, 9.06 sv%, 401 wins, 50 shutouts. Legace: 2.42 GAA, 9.11 sv%, 123 wins, 24 shutouts. Regular season GAA and sv% May as well be the same. Minuscule difference. Legace played around half the total NHL seasons Osgood did as well. I won’t even get started on comparing their playoff stats. Its not easy shoe in status, he will be waiting for the Hall. But as far as Detroit goes, he deserves the jersey retirement. Look at all time stats. Which two names pop up most? Sawchuk and Osgood. On an Original 6 team. Come on man. Lol
  5. Update: At Least 14 dead in Humboldt Broncos In Accident (SJHL)

    Heard about this earlier tonight. Sad tragedy. It really puts forth a great argument for the use of seatbelts in buses. There are reasons why the MTO believes they aren’t needed or even somewhat dangerous to have in them, but I don’t buy it. Seems ridiculous in this day and age of strict transportation laws. If a bus gets hit hard enough by a semi that it flips, who knows where those people will end up or what will happen to them, like last nights injuries and deaths. At least strapped in their seats, there’s a greater chance of staying conscious and uninjured or at the very least, surviving.
  6. Only 8. 4 played before the NHL or the award existed, 3 played in the NHL after it existed (Benedict, Rayner, Cheevers), and 1 didn’t play in North America at all (Tretiak). So ya, the Vezina is usually on the resume of an inducted goalie. But, goalies that have numerous other awards, plus consistent career numbers and longetivity in the game are few enough that exceptions should be made. Exceptions are made at other positions. Guys like Federko and Goulet for example. They put up a lot of points, Goulet is in the 500+ goal club, and Federko owns a lot of STL records, but neither hold any league records, any individual awards, or Cups. They got in based purely on stats.
  7. Sedin Twins Calling it a Career After Season

    Exactly. It wasn't a scheme to trim cap. Just like the Hawks weren't keeping Crawford out on purpose when they had a playoff team at the time he went down. Stuff happens.
  8. No, there sure aren't many. Only Gerry Cheevers and Chuck Rayner among HHOFs who played in the NHL. I don't think that one award should be the be all end all of requirements though, there are plenty of other things to consider. To base things strictly on NHL Awards and Cups though, this should be the current order of eligible goalies, strictly imo: Brodeur: Calder Trophy: 1994 Jennings Trophy: 1997, 1998, 2003, 2004, 2010Vezina Trophy: 2003, 2004, 2007, 2008 Stanley Cup: 1995, 2000, 2003 Barrasso: Calder Trophy: 1984 Vezina Trophy: 1984 Jennings Trophy:1985 Stanley Cup: 1991, 1992 Thomas: Jennings Trophy: 2009 Vezina Trophy: 2009, 2011 Smythe Trophy: 2011 Stanley Cup: 2011 Vernon: Jennings Trophy: 1996 Smythe Trophy: 1997 Stanley Cup: 1989, 1997 Osgood: Jennings Trophy: 1996, 2008 Stanley Cup: 1997, 1998, 2008 Joseph: Clancy Trophy: 2000 Brodeur is obviously first ballot shoe in. Thomas and Barrasso could be flip flopped. Thomas didn't play in the NHL very long (only real arguement against him), but he's the only goalie since Parent to win the Vezina, Smythe, and Cup all in one season. Barrasso has been kept out purely due to his attitude apparently. Vernon ahead of Osgood because of the Smythe, and Vernon was the starter for the same 1997 Cup. Both will probably be waiting awhile. Joseph may not ever get in at all, despite his numbers and talent. Which is a shame as he was top 5 of his era, and the only one not currently in the hall or a pending shoe in.
  9. GDT: Loser point and oh ya, Howard is garbage

    Has to start one game I believe... I haven’t been paying much attention to the Wings games lately, but was he really called up? Haha I didn’t think losing that 7th would even come close to happening. Bad times in Detroit for sure. Why not callup Machovsky and save the 7th if he needs to play? Leave McCollum in GR.
  10. I would have taken Hossa over Franzen as well, especially at that point in time. Would have gotten more out of Hossa. Not just in points, but in longetivity (I know, hindsight). Hossa was a scoring machine. Until Vanek came around, I hadn’t seen a player come to Detroit with close to as much natural scoring talent. Hossa and Vanek handle shootouts by taking a couple strides and ripping a quick shot top corner. Too quick and accurate for a goalie to have a chance.
  11. That because Fuhr won a Vezina and Osgood didn’t, it somehow makes him more hall worthy. It’s one award, won in a single season. Some long forgotten goalies have won one. Fuhr finished his career with 403 wins and a 3.38 GAA. Had 92 playoff wins with a 2.92 GAA. Osgood numbers are much better, and the win totals are very close. Other than the Vezina and a couple more All Star selections, there isn’t much that separates them. Fuhr had more “down” seasons than Osgood did, especially in his Toronto and Buffalo days. I think Fuhr is regarded so highly because of his connection to the Oilers dynasty and Gretzky, Messier, etc. As I said above, Andy Moog and Bill Ranford won Cups with them too. Fuhr and Osgood are two very similar goalies career wise. Both won multiple Cups on powerhouse teams, Fuhr has more wins, Osgood has better numbers. But Fuhr has his number retired, is in the HHOF and considered one of the greatest 100 NHLers, while Osgood can’t even get his number retired. Rogie Vachon is in the Hall though, so I guess there’s hope for anyone.
  12. No, he wasn't a top goalie in the league, but his stats are still pretty consistent. The worst season he had that he played at least 30 games in was ironically the one where he had his best playoff performance of his career, 2008-2009. He didn't have a losing record once in his career until 2009-2010, and by then he was pretty well done. He did go from starter in STL to backup for two seasons when he returned to Detroit though, behind Legace, then Hasek. Then split time with Hasek the year after. So I guess he had some ups and downs. But I was originally talking about Detroit retiring his number for what he did there, it's absolutely deserved. The HHOF has it's own standards. He should get in, but he may not.
  13. Minor detail. Jim Carey won one too.
  14. Whipping Boy

    Goose is afraid of getting hurt too. Or even hit. I think so too. I would. Nothing worse than a big guy with limited hockey skills who plays small. He's Hatcher sized, remember the punishing checks that guy dealt out? We need that.