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  1. chaps80

    2019 Trade Deadline

    All true. They are a crap shoot. Would be nice to get him, but not really a reason other than to pad the prospect pool, which is always good to do at that position. But they do have some good prospects already. The Wings did draft McCollum 30th overall out of Guelph, and he barely saw NHL ice. Lots of other failed higher round goalies too, and stars from later rounds.
  2. chaps80

    Rumors Thread

    True, but he does make quite a bit for a complimentary piece, especially if not much changes with him. I understand wanting to get him signed with his past performances, but he's got 3 points in 18 games. And 14 PIM, 4 more than he did in 82 games last year. He's snakebitten and frustrated, clearly.
  3. Maybe Applefritter can punch him instead. And why is that jersey on someones dirty patio? Pre-burn pic?
  4. chaps80

    Rumors Thread

    LOL That one still sucks.
  5. chaps80

    Rumors Thread

    Nylander isn't looking too good since returning after holding out. Maybe that big money/term deal he signed is weighing him down. So many Leaf fans around here are pissed, it's great. If he doesn't pick it up soon, no ones making a deal for him in the offseason with that contract. The time to trade him was before this.
  6. chaps80

    2019 Trade Deadline

    Would be nice to get Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen from Buffalo. Currently playing in the OHL for the Wolves, huge reason why they're sitting second in their division. If he hadn't left to play in the WJC (where he helped Finland win gold), they'd still be in first place. He sees and stops quite a bit of rubber. He's obv a little ways away from pro, but he'd be a nice addition to the prospect pool. He's a game changing goalie, doesn't seem to get rattled, big kid at 6,5" 215, quick laterally, covers a lot of the net low. But, Buffalo took him in the second round and have him signed, so i dunno if they'd be willing to part with him, or if the Wings have the pieces to spare for another goaltending prospect. Buffalo doesn't seem to be looking for goaltending help heading into the playoffs either.
  7. chaps80

    2019 Draft

    Yep, 7. Philly goalie roulette wheel of doom is very active, as always. If only Elliott could stay healthy, they'd be fine for now. Let Hart be his backup, or even share time to keep him playing, but Hart is their future for sure. The rest are minor leaguers or useless like Neuvirth. Guy gets hurt everytime a puck hits his pads.
  8. chaps80

    Your Favorite Defenseman 2 Years From Now

    No doubt. What an *******.
  9. chaps80

    Rumors Thread

    What Columbus gave up in the deal to get Bobrovsky from Philly is also VERY funny, especially in hindsight. And it's not as if Bobrovsky was bad in Philly, he was actually damn good. They just have a way of always screwing themselves royally when it comes to goaltenders for the past two decades, and put their money on Bryzgalov instead. Hart could be the long term starter they need though. They've used 7 different goalies so far this season. To Columbus: Sergei Bobrovsky To Philadelphia: CBJ 2nd 2012 (Anthony Stolarz), VAN 4th 2012 (Taylor Leier), ARI 4th 2013 ( Justin Auger)
  10. chaps80

    Your Favorite Defenseman 2 Years From Now

    Brent Burns.
  11. chaps80

    The Elite Dylan Larkin

    Agreed. Always thought it was pretty bad. Larkin made it up on video as a kid, video got out, Dboss it was.
  12. D and goaltending would help. Cholo has taken big steps and Green and Howard have been good, but not much else to be happy about there.
  13. chaps80

    Sergei Bobrovsky

    Being a goalie. lol It happens. Doesn't seem like he has a history of it or anything. Yeah, he's a first class ****** that guy. I just noticed the interviewer asked Bob if he was going to finish the season in Columbus. Haha, no dude, he's gonna bail on his contract and retire at age 30. Unless he was fishing for possible deadline trade rumours...
  14. Not sure, but better than Bernier's i'd guess. He's just been horrific.