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  1. 2017 Draft

    As of this morning I think we would be drafting 7th if everything stayed as is. If the first six picks were Nolan Patrick, Tim Liljegren, Nicholas Hague, Michael Rasmussen, Max Comtois, and Gabe Vilardi, who would you pick? My choices would be Foote or Popugayev.
  2. Boqvist

    I read somewhere and now I can’t find it, that he has had two concussions this year. Is this true and if so how bad have they been. That would worry me for the draft
  3. Boqvist

    Ok so he may be ok or maybe not. Do you take him or not? It was between him and Bouchard for me. We have to get this one right. I think Bouchard will be gone now. I'm starting to look at Dobson now.
  4. Boqvist

    I read somewhere and now I can’t find it, that he has had two concussions this year. Is this true and if so how bad have they been. That would worry me for the draft
  5. Our draft position

    It looks like we are drafting sixth at this point disregarding the lottery. It looks like we have the possibility of passing the Hawks and Oilers. We might tie the Islanders. It makes no sense to pass these teams. I'm not a fan of tanking but drafting ninth instead of sixth is ludicrous. Doesn't it make sense to sit some guys and call up prospects for the last two games
  6. Our draft position

    My dream draft slightly revised #5 Bouchard or Boquist, #27 M Samuelson, # 33 KA Miller or Bahl # 36 O’Brien # 68 C Douglas # 81 Sutter
  7. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    If we draft second or third I almost think we have to draft Andrei, Filip, or Brady. Would you take a defenceman at second or third? If we draft at # 27 next with the Vegas pick and Bode Wilde, Mattias Samuelsson, and K'Andre Millar are gone how do you fix our defense? At this point I cant see any other defensemen who can be difference makers and this is the year of the defencemen. If one of those three are available then fine but there is a real possibility they are all gone. For the record at # 5, I want Evan Bouchard. At # 27 I'm hoping for Sammuelsson or Millar. Then I would like O'Brien and Khovanov. If we could work Kevin Bahl in here somehow in the second round that would be ok. I would like to see us draft Curtis Douglas a little later just to see what a 6'8" centre would look like in red.
  8. GDT: Loser point and oh ya, Howard is garbage

    So when McCollum was brought up last game to be the backup did we lose that 7th round pick or did he have to appear in a game?
  9. Our draft position

    Thanks for clearing it up for me. I wasn't sure what the tie breaker was. Montreal is beating us 1-0 right now so maybe our position will improve even more
  10. GDT: Loser point and oh ya, Howard is garbage

    Careful what you wish for. Who are you putting in net if you give Howard away? There are better goalies for sure but there are worse ones also. As of now that leaves us with Coreau and McCallum. We can scour the free agent market like Philly, Calgary, and the Leafs have been doing for years. I'm sure there are other teams as well. Ask them how well that is going for them.
  11. 12/5 GDT - Jets at Red Wings - 7:30 PM EST

    I agree that this game showed what they are capable of. But it was a given in my opinion. They should have been ready for the Jets after the fiasco. Its this next game with St Louis that scares me. Are they satisfied with themselves? Can they give that effort every game? That Canadien game should be able to motivate them for the rest of the year.
  12. Rumors Thread

    That makes so much sense. Get rid of a once in a generation type player that teams dream of drafting so you can keep a bunch of spare parts.
  13. Mike McKee

    Can someone tell me what is up with him. I assume he must have a significant injury as he hasn't played this year. Thanks
  14. 2017 Draft

  15. 2017 Draft

    I have put Mittlestadt on my avoid list. Anyone comes so ill prepared to a camp that he cant do one pull up I have to question his commitment. Its not like he didn't know what drills he would have to do. For gawd sake come prepared. Wasn't Sam Bennett of Calgary in the same predicurment? For now my list is Glass, Suzuki, then Necas
  16. Wings Pursuing Top College Free Agent Spencer Foo

    Could we bring back and sign Joe Sakic? Then we could have a line of Foo - Frk - Sak
  17. 2017 Draft

    Martin Necas must have pissed off a writer
  18. Mike McKee

    Will he play in Toledo next year or at least get a tryout? Or did we let him go?
  19. 2017 Draft

    I'm picking Suzuki at one and Jesper Boquist at two. After that Mr Reeves you can pick all bigger guys if you want
  20. 2017 Draft

    HoweFanEvery time I read Dr Dangles report on Suzuki I become a bigger fan. He's not that small. He should be 190-195 at some point. We can draft bigger guys later
  21. 2017 Draft

    That works for me. I would just like to see them dish out a few hits instead of being on the receiving end all the time. I think our scouts can spot a player like that better than me so I'll let them decide. With the ninth pick I hope we get a high skill player because we haven't picked that low in years. Maybe Necas would be ok but I'm rooting for Suzuki. I don't want to waste a pick on a guy who scored one point this year ( Kostin ). Maybe if he lasted until round two but that wont happen. Maybe we will sign that 6'5' Swede to keep me happy
  22. 2017 Draft

    Well I am from Saskatoon. Although my personal preference is to pick guys with size, I would take Suzuki with my first pick this year. He isn't much bigger than Necas. Kostin is big but his scoring stats scare me away. After reading Dr Dangles scathing report on the 6'5" Rassmussen I would stay away from him also. I've been studying drafts for decades now and been wrong pretty much every year so whoever our scouts pick I will be happy with.
  23. 2017 Draft

    I'm starting to get worried. Kostin, Necas, and Tolvanen are all in the area of the nine spot. They top my no go list.
  24. Mike McKee

    I haven't seen his name in the box scores for Toledo lately. Did we let him go?
  25. 2017 Draft

    His red hair would look good in our uni. Susuki, Tippett, Glass are my wish list at the moment.