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  1. I haven't seen his name in the box scores for Toledo lately. Did we let him go?
  2. His red hair would look good in our uni. Susuki, Tippett, Glass are my wish list at the moment.
  3. I see Mike got into a fight in his first game at Toledo. Anyone know how he did?
  4. I hope we win every game from here on in. I can't chear for losing. Our younger players need to gain confidence that they are good enough to win. We will pick where we pick in the draft.
  5. Maybe if we can't get a first we should ask for Marchenko back. Then we could say we traded someone for one of our own players
  6. Its disturbing that the young players have regressed. They are not responding to Blashill. That is a head scratcher in that he coached a number of them at Grand Rapids
  7. When they took him I got the feeling of Babcock just trying to give the Wings a little dig. It was just kind of an annoying move on there part if nothing else. Now that they haven't played him a minute I think it isn't showing the player much respect. They could have dressed him a couple of games. If I'm Marchenko I wouldn't have many good feelings for Babcock. Kind of reminds me of what Babcock did to Commodor a few yeago
  8. Penguins just got Hainsey. I would guess Smith to the Pens is out now.
  9. For arguments sake I'm going to say we pick in the 4-7 range this year. I have a suspicion we will take Elias Petterson. While he's not my choice I guess I wouldn't throw a fit if we did. He's having too good a year, and Hakan's influence will swing it. Personally I seem to be wavering every week as to who my choice is. The ones I really hope we don't take with our first pick are Tolvanen, Kostin, and maybe Necas.
  10. I would like to see a coaching change before we trade some of our younger guys. Maybe they would respond to a new coach. Blashill doesn't seem to be able to bring out the best in our younger guys. I just hope he doesn't destroy Andreas or trade him. He seems to adhere to the old boys club thinking and gives too many minutes to the vets
  11. Just curious. Has he played anywhere yet? I cant find him in any stats for the Leafs or Marlies
  12. Good teams font usually fire their coaches. If a coach wants back in he can pick the best of the worst.
  13. I decided it is my Bruin hatred that is clouding my judgement of Julien. We need to get someone that our younger guys will respond to. Blashill is surprisingly not getting anything out of them after having coached most of them at one point. I think he is afraid to step on the old boys toes or something and continues to play them. If we want to go for the playoffs we need a coaching change and Julien is the best option.
  14. Defensively I think we will protect Green, Dekeyser, and Ouellet. They wont take Kronner or Ericsson. That leaves Jensen or Sproul.