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  1. HoweFan

    2020 Draft Thread

    So the draft, combine, etc are postponed. The lottery will be announced at a later date when things have been finalized. I hope this is just to figure out how to video conference it and what date. They better not change the format other than using winning percentage
  2. HoweFan

    2020 Draft Thread

    I sure wish that Draftwired site was up and running again. That was a lot of fun
  3. HoweFan

    2020 Draft Thread

    Yes I think Byfield and Askarov slipped a bit after this tourney
  4. HoweFan

    2020 Draft Thread

    The good news about this draft is that it seems four players are stepping out. LaFreniere, Byfield, Stutzle, and Raymond. If the worse case scenario happens we will still get one of them.
  5. HoweFan

    Next win?

    Tonight? I hope you are right. It’s not like a win is going to take us out of last overall and the number one seed for the draft. We have a pretty solid hold on that right now
  6. HoweFan

    Next win?

    When do you think we will win again? I’m gonna say one of the back to back Winnipeg games December 10-12 otherwise I’m afraid it might be next year. I thought we would be in most games this year just like last year but injuries and poor years from some of the vets could make this a historic season
  7. HoweFan

    2020 Draft Thread

    I didn’t realize there was ten months difference in age. That’s significant. Something else to factor in when I make my choice lol
  8. HoweFan

    2020 Draft Thread

    I really hope Byfield stays close to Lafreniere in the rankings. If we get the first pick I would like a centre instead of a winger. I realize we need help everywhere but an elite pivot is critical. Maybe we’ll get the second pick and I won’t be in a quandary.
  9. HoweFan

    Goaltending prospects ?

    How would you rate them? They all seem to be doing well. For arguments sake I have it this way. Larsson, Petruzzelli, Elliasson, Brattstrom, Van Pottelberghe, Fulcher, and Gylander in that order.
  10. HoweFan

    Mike Commodore's experience with the Wings

    I don’t miss Babcock. The way he called out Brendan Smith in the media for standing up to Chara in the playoffs one year was uncalled for. He ridiculed him for standing up for his teammates. Somebody had to. As for the Commodore situation why sign him? He was a journeyman at best at that point. It was known that they didn’t like each other. I’m guessing there were a half dozen other guys of equal skill level available. I think Babcock brought him in to bury him. I can’t blame Commodore for signing. Who wouldn’t take the mil when you are at the end of your career anyway. I hope Babcock gets run out of town in Toronto
  11. What was the score? Who scored?
  12. HoweFan

    2020 Draft Thread

    Nice list and good write ups. Surprised there is no Dylan Peterson
  13. HoweFan

    2019 Draft

    I wonder if the Hawk fans are complaining about overdrafting Dach. Some people had him in the 7-10 range near the end. I could easily see Seider being in the 10 spot on a number of lists. Not that bad of an overdraft. Personally I love the pick. Of course I love the Rasmussen pick too
  14. HoweFan

    2019 Draft

    Thanks CRL. Yes that’s the video. It doesn’t seem his skating is that bad. I think I read where Pronman didn’t like it
  15. HoweFan

    2019 Draft

    As soon as I watched the video of Tuomisto taking the puck behind his own net and he carried it into the other zone where he lost it. The other team had a rush and took into his zone. He got back in time to strip them from the puck and negate the play. A 6:05 guy with that kind of effort I can learn to like