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  1. Just couldn't let Bernier have those stats
  2. ChristopherReevesLegs

    News From Around the NHL

    I was on suspension for being racist in a GDT. But yeah I'm watching tonight. Super happy to see Big Dylan called up. He's what 27 now? Wouldn't be surprised to see a 27 year old earn a larger role on a rebuilding team. God is he slow though.
  3. Reallyyyyyy thought helmer had that
  4. ChristopherReevesLegs

    2018 Prospects Watch

    First off, if you have to say you're a realist you're already on bad ground. Secondly I agree with you somewhat. I think Zadina is overrated as a player. I think he will make the NHL and be a Mantha or AA level player. Certainly good, but a far cry from the player who was at points touted as the 1st overall pick and seemed to draw Larkin level comparison. Come at me homers
  5. Gotta have some salad in the bowl
  6. Not sure why Pat Verbeek would be motivated to leave Tampa, but I guess I'd be ok with it. I was more thinking we ****** Al Murray or maybe Jamie Pushor.
  7. As if 2uzzi isn't already the next captain
  8. ChristopherReevesLegs

    "The Russian 5" Documentary

    The reviews of this movie have been tremendous. If you live in Michigan go see it.
  9. Definitely a decently skilled cerebral player. Probably realistically a third liner yeah? Maybe middle 6?
  10. Smh thought he'd be back by now
  11. Is Svech injured right now? Or is he just not getting call ups cause he sucks? MSU > Princeton
  12. Matt Pimple + Big Dylan + Some random college dudes, how is that not a winning forumla How did Shawn Horcoff sneak into that job? He's an MSU guy so there's a slight Mich connection, but he never played for us, and like immediately after retiring he gained a high up position with the wings. Am I missing something there?
  13. Lotta Red in the crowd tonight. It's like ur not cool unless you leave Michigan.
  14. Hronek is literally using Larry Murphy's stick cool
  15. This is good for us no? Our cornerstone Dman DK rifles one off the post. Almost Danny boi
  16. Which will be followed by an AA skating out of the box breakaway
  17. Them cakes are large. He's used the booty a few times tonight to edge people out. Got to when you skate thru mud.
  19. ChristopherReevesLegs

    3/7 Zadina Era GDT - Rangers @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    Thought he was working as a scout
  20. ChristopherReevesLegs

    3/7 Zadina Era GDT - Rangers @ Red Wings - 7:30 PM ET

    Whatever happened to Brad Park, guy is kinda a secret legend