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    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    There's your glorious leader, next wearer of the C, lol He looks like harry potter minus the wizard powers and still suckling at his mothers teet This is our C? This is our best athlete? I wouldn't even bother to ask him to spot me on the bench This team needs to take a serious look at their inventory and evaluate what they've got. Alexis Lafreniere looks like more of a man at 18 than Dylan does at 24. Out with the old core, in with the new is what I say
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    Already under quarantine This thing is gonna move through the organization like poop through a goose. We may be doing our own expansion draft this summer...
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    Cholowski Sucks

    I honestly would take a young Brendan Smith over him. His time in the NHL has been awful, and maybe he was rushed, but he's been just as bad for the Griffins. 4 pts in 14 games and -6. He's passing into everyone's feet, and panicking the moment any semblance of pressure is applied. Smith was picked 7 spots lower and was at least putting up 30 sum points in 60 sum games in the AHL at this age. It makes you wonder why Cholowoski was ever called up to the NHL prior to this. I'm not saying his career is completely bust or anything, but both Yzerman and Holland had no business putting him in the NHL so young. This kid looks to be years away from contributing still (hopefully). Thank god we have Hronek. Even undrafted Alex Mcrea makes him look scratchable. I hope Yzerman gets creative and flips this kid for something better. I don't see a top4 future for him at all. Wasted 1st round pick.
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    2020 NCAA Free Agents

    It's that time of year where undrafted college prospects start getting signed by big clubs, like Kuffner and Hirose last year. Couple names that jump out at me: Jordan Kawaguchi: Plays for North Dakota. Similar to Hirose, he's a smallish Asian guy. 5'9" 180lbs, turns 23 in May. Has the 2nd most points in the NCAA and is 3rd in scoring rate with 41 pts in 27 games played. Plays center and shoots left. If GMs are willing to look past his size this is probs a top guy I would think. Julius Mattila: Finnish guy playing for Boston College. 5'11" 180lbs, turns 23 in October. 9th in NCAA scoring with 33 points in 25 games played. Plays center and shoots left. Marc Michaelis: Here's an interesting one. Turns 25 this summer, but he's from MANNHEIM Germany. He's been pretty dominant throughout his NCAA career with Minnesota State, but never got drafted for some reason. 5'11" 190lbs. Plays LW and C and shoots left. Only trouble is he'll be already 25 soon. Patrick Khodorenko: Here's a player in the Wings back yard with Michigan State. 6'0" 200lb center who turns 22 this summer. Shoots left. 31 pts in 28 games. This guy is also the youngest on my list and yet also the most filled out physically. Mike Lee: Dman playing for Sacred Heart. 6 ft 190lbs, turns 24 in April. Impressive 31 pts in 27 games as a Dman. Johnny Walker: (great name) plays for Arizona State and turns 24 in august. Point per game with 32 in 32 but has a lot of goals with 17. 6'1" 185 lbs. Right handed right wing (intriguing) Anyway I don't much about the NCAA. Spent less than an hour researching. Maybe someone else can grow my list here.
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    Seider for Captain

    As much as Larkin is a great player and hometown kid, I've never seen this sort of praise for him. Meanwhile, Seider has basically floods of people constantly taking about what a great person, vet presence, leader, and teammate he his. On top of that, he looks like the best Dman not in the NHL right now. With Yzerman not naming a captain this year I'm starting to suspect "The Captain" nabbed his future captain with his very first ever draft selection as a Red Wings manager... If Yzerguy chooses not to name a C again next year (which I think is highly likely given the state of the team) I think the writing will be on the wall for Larkin. I can see Seider coming in and immediately capturing our crappy diseased locker-room with his big personality, and positioning himself for the C in his first year. What'd you think? Too ambitious for him?
  6. On this day, August 27th, in the year of our lord Harambe 2018 - a day that will live in infamy - we have recieved crushing news from the front. Darkness, and the war on memes has prevailed. Many posts and dank memes were deleted and horrifically scrubbed in the final carnage. (Press F to pay respects) However the fighting is not over. Today, right now, resistance begins. The hockey overlords are numerous and strong. Their grip on meme production and distribution is crushing and with total resolve. But their brutish oppression of our ppl stems from one place: Fear They fear the might of meme magic because they know how powerful it can become. They seek to force us to communicate in this archaic written format, knowing full well the superior efficiency of the meme, simply because they dont understand how to wield memes themselves. They are jealous of our powers. Belittling us with hate speech like "silly pictures". We will drag them kicking and screaming into the modern age. The meme age. We will fight them in the general discussion, we will fight them in the prospects watch, and we will fight them right here in the water cooler. Anywhere their bigotry and hate reaches, we will be there shoving a ret-arded looking spongebob down their throats. We will not seek to stamp out the "normie" posters. Our goal is only our own liberation and to live in peace amongst the hockey fans. Brothers, now is the time for your dankest memes. Not all of us will survive this fight, but those who die will die knowing they gave their all against hockey oppression. Please, use this thread to gather and post powerful memes. History is watching us.
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    Babs got fired

    Welcome back frens
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    Fabbri or Zadina?

    Consider now and for the future
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    Keith Petruzzelli

    Red Wings Got A Special Goalie In Petruzzelli Forget Mrazek and Howard. This kid could be the future of this team in net, and our best pick of the 2017 draft. He was ranked as the #1 NA goalie midway through last season, ending the season at #2. Red Line Report had him ranked as the 33rd best player in the entire draft. He also won the Dave Peterson award for best USA goalie this past season. At development camp he allowed 0 goals during the lone scrimmage and stopped every single shootout attempt as well. He will play on a very good Quinnipiac University team this year. Looking like we got our very own Ben Bishop
  10. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Smith/Hronek Assigned to Grand Rapids Hronek is over a point per game as a D-man in the OHL and Smith is a literal brickhouse. I feel like these 2 are our new top prospects outside of Svech.
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    Wings Sign UFA Malte Stromwall

    25 year old RH forward. Has played well in the KHL and Liiga
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    Hossa's Career Might Be Over Already Long story short, he's developed a bad allergy to the equipment worn while playing (not joking)
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    NHL Diversity

    He's right you know... NHL consistently does nothing. Yet the NHL has the largest lack of diversity than any other league...
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    2020 Draft Thread Yzerman has spoken with Rossi 3 times now. Rossi says the talks have been positive. All via zoom with no camera on (power move, or stevie is in his underwear at home) No word if Stevie asked him about his marijuana habits.
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    Red Wings players / prospects on loan

    The Red Wings have met with Rossi 3 seperate times already. Its clear Yzerman has big interest in him. Get rekt perfetti retards.
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    2020 Offseason

    Howard haters EXPOSED
  18. ChristopherReevesLegs

    2020 Offseason

    Askarov/Bernier 2021 Markstrom/Bernier seems like a huge overpayment just to get back to average.
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    NHL Diversity

    Why are you ignoring the rest of post troll? Diversity training is not anti-racism training. But yes whites in any position, not just leadership, should get anti-racism training. Including you.
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    2020 Offseason

    Jesus christ just explaining the analogy. Of course Marstrom is better than Hutton. But Markstrom is pretty average himself. I look forward to the Markstrom = average thread and for fans to all turn on him like they did with Howard.
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    2020 Offseason

    What don't you understand about the analogy? Carter Hutton is technically a better choice for a goalie than Jimmy Howard based on the numbers. But Carter Hutton is still a terrible choice for a goalie. Does that make better sense?
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    NHL Diversity

    Yes and yes. No one seems to care about Jewish, Hispanic, or Asian players. But with black folks there's numerous incidents of racism... and in my own experience this is the same. I would also add on that hockey is extremely ho-mophobic. As an example. You don't see backlash against Asian players. But we've literally had incidents of fans throwing bananas at black players. That's sickening.
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    NHL Diversity

    Yes Correct No This is a hockey forum, not a NFL or NBA forum. If you wanna talk about diversity in those leagues I suggest going to a forum for those sports. No Do whites have to undergo anti-racist training? No. No It's obvious you're jealous of my post count. It's okay. One day you'll hit 500, then before you know it 1,000. You just have to study the sport more and develop some opinions that you can share with the board. Then you can be the change you want to see. I have to finish my sociology degree first
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    NHL Diversity

    Which questions were those S-C-H-I-Z-O...?