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  1. The Blues just became a top 5 faceoff team. Chirp chirp
  2. I think Niemi is pretty much a lock to be bought out. Bieksa is a likely candidate as well. The one thing that stands out to me is that that list has a lot of slowwww players on it. Particularly slow D-men.
  3. SportsNet Top 12 Some of these guys may get claimed by Vegas obviously, but the ones who aren't could be bought out and end up on the market. Anyone interested in any of these names for cheap?' Not surprised that 0 Red Wings are listed.
  4. Good to know. Great way for the league to influence playoff games according to their agenda.
  5. From what I understand about Bedard, he is a great mentor and has a knack for spotting talent. His understanding of the pressures and mindset of netminders is very good, which is what made him an effective goalie coach. He kept Osgood chill and level headed throughout his career. However his methods and systems, at this point in time, are considered "oldschool". He's not on the cutting edge of modern goaltending techniques anymore. This is most likely why the change was made.
  6. Oh I don't disagree with your point that the rule shouldn't be on the books in the first place, but that is completely beside the point. Name another instance that this rule wasn't enforced. I can't. It's not like they don't enforce this rule all the time like resisting referees, they literally just ignored it in this series. Pens favoritism in its finest.
  7. What makes you think that?
  8. Holland also told St. James: “I think he has a chance to play for the Red Wings.” So maybe not just a depth signing, more a long-shot tryout.
  9. Jim Nill strikes again. Hires Jim Bedard. He was our goalie coach from the mid-90s until last summer. Has been with the Windsor Spitfires since.
  10. Sounds like he played well at Worlds. We probably decided to sign him based on that.
  11. Dont get your hopes up. We will probably shed one contract to Vegas and thats it. Then possibly shed Green at the deadline.
  12. This is not a case of Weber driving Zbergs head into the boards and refs not calling it. What Malkin did was concrete and measurable, the call was made and the rules were not enforced by the league.
  14. Nope. This season was a complete and utter mess. Would have been interesting to see what Mike Sullivan would have gotten out of our roster.
  15. No realistic shot? I disagree with that. I think you owe it to Zetterberg as well too to keep this team as competitive as possible. There are a ton of implications to rebuilding that most people don't consider. The Red Wings are selling a brand. To choose to tear down that brand completely is a last resort in most cases.