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  1. What Are You Currently Listening To?

    Yeah na
  2. What Are You Currently Listening To?

    Sames, and I'd throw Vai in their as well. Didn't know he teaches, that's ******* awesome for your bro
  3. 3 Bold Predictions for 2016-2017

    1. Was actually almost true lol Vanek was indeed a pleasant surprise in my book 2 & 3 are eerily close 2 for 3 #2 Spot on Those two turned out the opposite
  4. Off-season moves

    He should go to Montreal. They lost Markov, Emelin, Beaulieu, Nesterov, and Barberio. Outside of Weber and Petry their D looks wide-open.
  5. What Are You Playing?

    Literally just got it and completed it myself, although on playstation. On the surface it's a great concept. I love the open-endedness that allows you to approach killing captains/warcheifs the way you want, and also branding your own army. But in reality It is a crude, very repetitive, button mashing game. At first it feels like a good game, but after an hour or two it's just repetition. There's only a few types of enemies that you beat over and over again, just like in a Dynasty Warriors game. At first the combat system feels well done, that is when you fight a few enemies at a time. However, most of the time you will be swarmed with 20-30 orcs at the same time and it becomes a simple mathematic button masher, which gets boring very fast. While the story is ok, the game is artificially extended through stupid collecting of artifacts which are not interesting at all. "You found a bag of weed. Hooray" You can now rotate it around and look at it. Not to mention the only "quest" besides the main story you get is "Rescue the Slaves". You have to do the "Rescue the Slaves" quest 24 times during the game. It's the same quest always, and the Slaves are carbon copies of each other. They all wear the same clothes, they all look exactly the same. So you're basically just saving clones. Boring... The game gives you the illusion you can make a difference, such as killing orc captains to weaken Saurons army. But no, you won't make a difference, it's simply a never-ending cycle. You kill a captain, and it will be replaced soon. You can keep killing them, and they come back. But for yeah for $4 it will provide some fun for an afternoon.
  6. Off-season moves

    Now we're talkin.
  7. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    Rumor has it Chris is open to selling the Tigers with the mess their in, but wants the Wings to remain in Illitch possession for sentimental reasons.
  8. Development Camp

    Kruppa Ranks Wings Prospects Defense 1. Cholowski High level of intelligence, needs to develop more physically. 2. Hronek Great quarterback and great character, defensive game needs work and is small. 3. Saarijarvi Might be better than Hronek offensively but also might be worse defensively. Undersized as well. 4. Hicketts Looks a lot like Torey Krug and not afraid to throw the body. Remains to be seen if he can compete against big bodies. 5. Russo Smart, well-sounded, remains to be seen if he can handle NHL physicality. Forwards 1. Svechnikov Great offensive skills, defensive game lacking. Almost ready for a full NHL season. 2. Bertuzzi Could make team out of camp. Excels under pressure. 3. Smith Assertive, physical, and smart. Will make you pay for the puck. 4. Rasmussen long-term project. Goes to the dirty areas and uses brawn and instincts to control play. 5. Zablocki Well rounded player who can score, grind, and play up and down the lineup and on the PP or PK. Goalies 1. Petruzzelli Big, quick, positions well, controls rebounds, and good character. Definite possible NHL starter. 2. Coreau Big Not a lot we haven't heard already. Was a little surprised to see Zablocki there. Wonder where Lindstrom, Elfstrom, and Holmstrom rank.
  9. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    Chris has been in charge for a while now. I don't want to dig for the article but I believe Mike gave him reigns to the team around 2010 -12ish so that he (mike) could focus on the Tigers. I was hoping there would be a shift in the direction of the team with the bad finish and Mike's passing (I suspected Chris might want to hold off a rebuild for his dad) but I don't think that's happening. I wanted to sign no FA's and insert youth. But instead we shed no big or bad contracts and added Daley. Seems like business as usual from management. My suspicion is they think last season was so bad and unlucky it can't possibly happen again, and that we may have a chance to squeak into the playoffs again. They might actually be right about that, but it remains to be seen.
  10. Will The Red Wings make the playoffs in '17-'18? (Poll Question)

    Based on Daley's CF% (adjusted for linemates and opposition corsi) was 48.65%. Smith's CF% (adjusted for linemates and opposition) was 49.35%. A negligible advantage to Smith of 0.7%. Considering deployment... Daley spent 2.22 minutes on the PK per game, and 1.38 on the PP per game Smith spent 1.5 minutes on the PK per game, and 0.81 on the PP per game (The Rangers only gave him one 41 second shift on the PP, whereas the Wings gave him 1.21 per game) Daley spent a lot more time on both special teams. It's also quite telling that the Rangers did not deploy Smith on the PP at all. Daley has been considered an offensive D-man much of his NHL career, whereas Smith only displayed those qualities in lower leagues.
  11. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    Clear as mud. Read back what I wrote. I'm not suggesting Holland is a lackey. I agreed with you that Holland is running the show. Holland is the face and voice of management, but that doesn't mean their is one brain behind that face/voice. Holland I'm sure has final say on most executive decisions, but there's other forces guiding his hand. Perhaps Illitch doesn't want him to rebuild, and wants to continue to try for the playoffs now. If that's the case Holland's strategy shifts from inserting young players to signing guys like Nielsen and Daley in order to contend. I'm pretty sure Devellano isn't retained to do nothing, and surely advises Holland on many decisions. Just because he doesn't speak out publicly much doesn't mean he's an absentee boss. Point being, Holland isn't some lone rogue GM with his bosses watching from afar, he has a team of people below and above him that influence him and guide his decisions. As along as the team remains profitable, I'm sure Chris is fine with Holland spending his money as he sees fit, per their agreed upon direction of the team.
  12. Will The Red Wings make the playoffs in '17-'18? (Poll Question)

    What stat are you using to judge that? Daley has produced better offensively throughout his career, not just with the Penguins.
  13. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    Your original comment was that the Illitch family and Devellano watch from afar. I'm saying I really doubt that that's the case.
  14. Ken Holland contract extension watch

    I agree Holland is running the show. But to think Chris and Jim just give Ken the keys without any strings or their own input is kind of silly. No organization, sports or not, works that way. I'm sure ownership has demands and goals they ask Holland to meet.