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  1. Should any of #91, #13, #40, #30 be retired? Poll/Discussion

    I just think this is getting way too bogged down in semantics at this point. It's quite simple. He left the team under contract and the team didn't like that. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  2. Our draft position

    First bold: Yes I am. If were going to use examples there's going to be plenty of hindsight involved. It was a poor example on your part. Holland was right to block Babcock at the time. And what about Larkin? Does he exist in some weird alternative space/time where Holland's laws of prospects do not apply? Or did Holland simply see a player whose merit warranted he be on the team? So perhaps XO just wasn't good enough at the time (probably, hindsight suggests he still isn't)? The only real trend I've noticed with our prospects is most play about 100 regular AHL games - give or take - and then are promoted. Hicketts just hit two full AHL seasons for a total of 140 regular AHL games (Mantha, a much better prospect, got promoted after 2 full AHL seasons and a total of 132 regular AHL games). So I would say Hicketts is right on track. This year he did his duties as the #1 call-up and now it's time for a promotion. Second bold: Because I plan to segway this into the same point I always try to hammer home: This team is completely clueless when it comes to drafting and developing modern Dmen, so you better believe I think we ought to stock up on guys like Daley. Third bold: "9 you're a moron, Hicketts absolutely should have been on the team this year" Ok, I disagree, but fair enough. But's lets pretend i agree and I think Hicketts should have been on the team all season... my biggest problem would not be Daley, an effective Dman, it would be the fact that Holland did not do away with the useless pieces like Jensen and XO. If Hicketts was truly ready they both could have been waived for all I care.
  3. Our draft position

    The bolded is kinda the point though. Draper/Babcock/Fans can hoot n holler for young players all they want, but the smart one there was Holland. XO doesn't even look ready for full duties now, after multiple seasons with the wings, let alone back then. It would be one thing if we drafted a kid, held him back per usual, and then he lit up the league when we finally let him on to the squad full-time. That would be case in point that kids are being held back too long... but that hasn't happened. Every time we bring a kid on they've been completely underwhelming. Kindl, Smith, Jensen, Sproul, Marchenko, Ouellet, etc. Each one of those players were hyped and fans clamored and moaned that they should be on the team, then when they finally were, they turned out to be poop. At this point, why would Hicketts be the exception? Each one of those players was the exception at one point so forgive me if I'm skeptical...
  4. This or That

    NBCSN. Did anyone else see that Stephen A. Smith said yesterday "I won't talk about hockey because I'm black"? Another reason why ESPN is dying Doughnuts or doughnut holes? Or wild card option doughnuts + doughnut holes + glue?
  5. Should any of #91, #13, #40, #30 be retired? Poll/Discussion

    He left the team, while under contract, to play for a different team His heart wasn't with the Red Wings And that's why he won't go up
  6. Our draft position

    And that's why tanking guarantees nothing
  7. Our draft position

    I see we've devolved into fallacy and sarcasm to avoid an actual discussion, oh well. See you again this time next year!
  8. Question for KRS

    Hasek Doesn't surprise me really. We've had zero luck with Czech players lately. I blame Havluj and Fischer...
  9. Question for KRS

    First Hudler, Then Kindl, then Nosek, then Mrazek, then Tatar I tell ya, the Czechs, they're not sending us their best. There are hard-working Swedes out there that need jobs too.
  10. Hronek

  11. Michael Rasmussen

  12. Question for KRS

  13. Question for KRS

    Somewhat agree on Hicketts. He doesn't seem to be overly fantastic at anything in particular and he's undersized. I think there's some misplaced hope that he'll turn out like a Torey Krug (hope which I share) but that's probably too much to ask. But the kid really does have gumption in spades. He plays likes he's under the impression that he's 6'8", not 5'8". I love that, and it's an attitude/quality I want on the team, even if that's just in a bottom pairing role.
  14. 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread