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  1. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Howard = Average

    The eternal Howard is ready for and wants ANOTHER season The legend isn't over. Howard haters officially BTFO and SEETHING. The future is brighter than I thought LGWers
  2. ChristopherReevesLegs

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    So like: 1. Seider: 1-2 Dman 2. Veleno: 2/3C 3. Rasmussen: Net front 4. Berggren: 2nd liner 5. McIsaac: 2-3 Dman 6. Tuomisto: 2-3 Dman 7. Mastrosimone: 2nd liner 8. Johansson: 3-4 Dman 9. Smith: 3rd liner 10. Sderblom: Bottom 6er Pretty on point IMO, though more than a couple won't get there. Not really that daring of a take but that's okay I guess. Glad they see eye to eye with me on Seider and McIsaac. The player I hope and think might surprise ppl is Soderblom but idk.
  3. ChristopherReevesLegs

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    You got psy-turds!
  4. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    Oh it's not that I think we need lottery picks (we do). It's the timeline and dice rolls. You could of course build a great balanced team and win it all like the Blues this year. But to build a true powerhouse and return to dynastic glory you need multiple truly ELITE players. Yzermans, Lidstroms, Datsyuks, Zetterbergs, Crosbys, McDavids, Ovechkins, Kanes, Mackinnons, etc etc. It's not the 90s anymore. We're not gonna be getting those players in the 3rd or 7th or whatever. We need 1st rounders and we need an abundance of them in a short amount of time. Acquiring multiple of these players in a few short years could happen, but it's highly unlikely, especially only picking once in the 1st round like Yzerguy has us doing this year. Consider this team doesn't currently have any elite players unless you want to count Zadina or Seider (you know which one I do and I don't). I personally can't in good conscious even count Seider yet myself because he's never even played an NHL game yet. Consider that there is only about 1-4 (depending on the year) elite players coming out of every draft. Most coming out of the top5 or top10, but more than a few even coming in the later half. Consider that we have only one dice roll in the 1st this year (albeit a good roll), the chances of that roll being one of the 1-4 ELITE players are good but certainly not guaranteed. Especially worse I think if that roll isn't Lafreniere. Consider that that player might be a Larkin/Mantha and not truly ELITE, and that we are adding only a good player while also Yzerman reshapes and betters the team outside the draft. In that case maybe we're aren't picking top5 the next year. Maybe we bump down to 6,7,8 and those results begin compounding as more impact players are drafted and Yzerman trading and signing. Consider that this multi-year process is not going to result in us selecting an ELITE player each year, and our chances each year will likely decline less and less. We might get a Lafren this year, but we also might need to wait 2 or 3 drafts before that player comes to us. The argument I'm making is that we need to achieve critical mass. That we have to SEIZE these bottom years and maximize the inputs each year. We are getting 1 good dice roll, but it would be much better to have 1 or 2 average dice rolls on top of that. The only way I see us getting those is to begin stripping our core. With these extra picks we not only have a chance of getting our Lafren, but also our Pastranak. Now you could say "But CRL look at Deadmonton. They picked #1 4/5 years!" Not only is it not likely that we will get these same chances, how many ELITE players did they obtain from that?... ONE. That's the game we're playing, a game of chance. Some basement dwellers are gonna get lucky and get Crosby's and Malkin's in quick succession. Other teams will struggle for years to find these players. We are probably somewhere in between. The more rolls we have in the draft the better chance we have at accelerating this s*** hole and achieving max glory. It behooves us to weaponize all our assets in this window to increase our chances at these players and find them as quickly as possible, because the second part of the problem is also temporal. Yzerman has a window here to tank, but that's not forever. Eventually he has to produce results or be fired. That means a better team coming down the road with less percentage chance at adding ELITES. If he can't get a Lafren in the next 3 seasons (a real possibility) we may be stuck with an average bubble team. It could take us 5+ years to add the elite players we need to get the dynasty restored. In that time Larkin/Bertuzzi/Mantha could all be walking out on us anyway. So I don't think it's unwise at all to get picks/prospects you want for them now. TLDR: If you wanna tank, tank hard The point I was trying to drive home was that good likeable draft picks OFTEN fail. For every Larkin or Mantha there is a Sheahan or Svechnikov. For every McDavid or Draisitl there is a Yakupov or Pulijarvi. For every Tatar there is a Jurco. And we will continue to have our fair share of theses. Many players we were hopeful about came nowhere near perceived expectation. So I think it's rather naive to put into a future lineup (X 1st round pick) on the 1st line. That pick might suck, or might only make us good enough to not draft top5 anymore At the end of the day I don't want a good Red Wings team. I want a great one. Maximizing this trough also maximizes our cieling for a future dynasty. If I have to burn Larkin or Mantha for that so be it. The weak must die so the strong can reign in the sun.
  5. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    Yeah yeah all those great future lineups posted for the last 10 years were foolish, BUT THIS time it's different. Definitely. This team needs another 5 years of drafting and building min. Forgive me for not stroking it to the worst team in the league with very few blue chips.
  6. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Goal GOAT Poll

    Can't get the video to play. Might be an American problem IDK.
  7. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    Gun will do a lot worse than disrespect ya fella Classic strawman. I honorably retract my statement and issue a formal apology to Larkin, Pavel Datyuk, and anyone afflicted by my boorish words I mean you can find these type of 'hopeful future' lineups as far back as 2011. Yet here we are almost 10 years later, worse off than ever. Take the black-pill. Come back to reality. This team is f***ed for a severely long amount of time. I wish I could have told you that in 2011. But I didn't realize yet. Ur all laughing at my doom n gloom now, but I'll be the one laughing in looks like 2-3 years according to you.
  8. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    I was replying to Marc not you. You and I were talking guns, why they're so cool, and why everyone should own 10-5 of them.
  9. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    Why are we disrespecting guns now? Dooood Brendan Smith is shaping up to look like the next Pietrangelo Jakub Kindl could be our Parayko Cory Emmerton could be a Tyler Bozak type McCollum could be our Binnington Nic Jensen is a pretty steady defender, a lot like Jay Bouwmeester at the same age Tomas Jurco is filthy with the puck, could be our Tarasenko or at least come close Riley Sheahan is built like Brayden Schenn, just sayin... Sproul and Ouellet? Like two more Vince Dunn's right there Have you seen Frk and Pulkinen's shots? Tarasenko light I'm thinking And with the high draft picks we have coming our way the Red Wings might actually be BETTER than the championship Blues... thank about that one.
  10. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    When Bertuzzi/Fabbri/Mantha are bad wingers, because I need excuses for Larkin
  11. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    Business idea: Better wingers so Larkin looks like a 1C
  12. ChristopherReevesLegs

    NHL Season officially suspended until further notice - March 12, 2020

    My one regret right now is not owning a Katana desu
  13. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    5 pts in 26 games. Heavy lifting Zadina isn't on the team now? Your response to having the worst team in Red Wings history is we're probably the next St Louis Blues (current champions). But yeah I'm delusional and cringe-worthy lol
  14. ChristopherReevesLegs

    NHL Season officially suspended until further notice - March 12, 2020

    @F.Michael is a very funny man. But I bet I kill @Neomaxizoomdweebie in a one on one duel. He doesn't have the will to fight like a man.
  15. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft

    Your grand idea is to invoke Alexander Steen? Lol s*** if we have all these great building blocks already, why aren't we winning? Ya'll are beyond delusional. Larkin is ROR, Zadina is Tarasenko, lol it's laughable, it's cringe-worthy. You're the fan of sucky team, get used to it.These players suck ass. Quit lying to yourself and the fans. 100% big dog I'm with you. Ready to move to the Veleno's and Rasmussens of the world. These retards think Larkin is the next Pavel Datsyuk. Talk about low standards. It's disgusting. The purge is coming despite their moaning and whining