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  1. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Ladies equivalent to playoff beard

    Just remember They clean up my poop for free Lmao. But seriously i take a month off and theres maybe 1 quality post in that whole time frame. Wow 2 min of lurking and im caught up. Sad.
  2. ChristopherReevesLegs

    2020 Draft Thread

    Who sold u the crystal ball?
  3. ChristopherReevesLegs

    LGW Member Zoom Discussions

    U wanna meet me at the cabelas tronna boy?
  4. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Pride and Player Sexuality

  5. ChristopherReevesLegs

    2020 Draft Thread

    Remember when this website used to be decent?
  6. ChristopherReevesLegs

    LGW Member Zoom Discussions

    He didnt show up to the cabelas like a coward if anyones wondering. Got myself a clay thrower thou so it was a good day.
  7. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Pride and Player Sexuality

    Zadina. He's bi thou according to certain gals hes slept with in GR. There was rumors Kronwall batted for the other team for a while cause he was single for so long. But im pretty sure hes married now so that dispelled years of those rumors
  8. ChristopherReevesLegs

    LGW Member Zoom Discussions

    Why zoom when u can meet all 6'1" 200 lbs of me at the cabelas parking lot in Dundee Michigan at 4 pm on Saturday July 4th 2020 in person? I drive an all black Chevy and ill be in my McCarty jersey so u cant miss me. Will park by the pond where they test the boats so u kno where to look. Dont worry i have zero prior commitments as a 29 year old unmarried. We can spend the whole 4th together if u like fren.
  9. ChristopherReevesLegs

    2019-20 Prospects Thread

    My bad. Literally looked at exactly this and must have missed him. We own his rights indefinitely it says. I assume this means if he ever wants to play in the NHL we have first dibs?
  10. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Glendog for Captain

    Next you're gonna tell us the earth is flat. Source: "dude, just trust me"
  11. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Ken Holland is a Hall of Famer

    Cant believe you're this proud of it. Yikes.
  12. ChristopherReevesLegs

    One of the best signings ever

    I'm not assuming ur racist. You are racist. Nemeth good. Daley bad. The blatant racism is palpable. Crazy that people like you still exist in 2020, but here we are.... Is this the hockey equivalent of "I have a friend who's black" lol? Sad. Instead of virtue signaling Jarome Iginla... maybe... idk... Just dont be racist?
  13. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Glendog for Captain

    You can't find the quote cause it doesn't exist. The blatant lying and fantasizing has got to stop my dude. Dont quit dude. We do need you here. Despite what anyone says.
  14. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Ken Holland is a Hall of Famer

    That you're racist. Do I need to spell it out for you?
  15. ChristopherReevesLegs

    2020 Draft Thread

    Thanks for this post. It literally REEKS with conspiracy. It's so blatant and obvious. That's the upsetting part. The league treats us like dumb cattle who can't see what's going on. WE KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING GARY. Bettman learned under Stern in the NBA. If you follow the shady drafting during that time its not hard to see what he's doing here. It's all fixed. It's always been fixed. Crosby saves Pittsburgh. Edmonton wins year after year after year... We are not going to win anything until this fanbase completely bottoms out and Gary sees the need to rebuild it again. But Wings fans are loyal and hardcore and the league knows it will be awhile before they need to award us something. The league has lost millions in revenue due to Covid-19. Effectively what they've done is try to build anticipation and create artificial hype. Where will Lafreniere go now!?!? Stay tuned dumb cattle! Watch him go to Montreal in a few months lmao it's all so tiresome.