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  1. Dan DeKeyser - Nick Jensen Xavier Ouellet - Mike Green Daniel Renouf - Robbie Russo Well, half our defense is officially guys I did't even expect to see once this season Take luck! LGRW
  2. My biggest regret in life is that I never opened the pocket book to see a playoff game at the Joe while I was living in Detroit. It's really a shame we aren't getting in during the Joe's last year. I may have made a trip to just get that playoff game under my belt. Alas
  3. Didn't feel like it justified a whole new thread... But on this day 3/27 (1973) Mickey Redmond became the first Wing ever to score 50 goals in a season. And the man is still a treasure.
  4. I stopped paying attention to Wingingitinmotown when their editor started cussing out fans who disagreed with him on twitter via their official twitter account. Anything but classy people over there.
  5. Yeah, I just want a look at the guy. Would have thought he's above Renouf. Like Ho-Sang wearing Lemeuix's number. Kids these days. No respek
  6. Fair enough. I don't think this needs to be talked about any more. Cheers.
  7. Definitely did not expect to see this kid this season. He's wearing #77. Suddenly I am in the mood for another coffee...
  8. You posted right after me, disagreeing with the exact point I made. Sure seemed directed at me. If it wasnt, then ok, sure.
  9. Meh +/- is a team stat and this team cant score. Im not thrilled, but im not dissapointed. Hes hovered around 40 pts a season for a while now. 33 is acceptable to me. Very true. The UFAs would probably rather play in an arena with some history and character like the Joe
  10. Sure, ok
  11. I wouldnt say Green hasnt worked out. He's no savior, but hes also about the only steady hand on that blue line.
  12. You completely missed the point of my quantity vs quality statement. I came right out and said Canada has and will have the MOST. Im talking about percentages and sample size, not sheer volume. Please read more carefully next time. And I havent called anyone a "euro hater", ive gone out of my way to point out that he excludes Americans from an argument, in which had he included them, would make much more sense.
  13. Stuck at work. Anybody got the mantha fight vid please post. Who did AA rumble with?
  14. It was the "pissin me off" at the end lol