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  1. Howe played in the 50s not the 80s. Remember?
  2. But but... Jarnkrok
  3. Now this is the Bill I know and love
  4. The underlying theme is the Wings = fools
  5. I agree with Big Willie
  6. Demanded/asked idk which he did. Either way it's not good. Extremely talented in youtube videos. Not so much on the ice.
  7. More of a Phil Kessel guy myself
  8. When faced with adversity Jurco demanded a trade. He's the type of special snowflake I don't want around. And class act Holland sent him to his favorite team. Goodbye and goodluck Jurco, I'll take the 3rd.
  9. Guys we got 10 picks for this draft now and more on the way. I have become pleased with this mini-rebuild so far. Perhaps a few draft picks can be swapped for higher choices
  10. Good trade. Was very excited when we drafted Jurco. Never thought we'd land him. Got even more excited when he was called up early in his career. What a disappointment.
  11. I could see them inserting him on to the 2nd line with Toews and Hossa. I expect he'll do better with those line mates. They can also cover his butt defensively.
  12. Prices are high this year gentleman. Besides the weak draft we picked a good year to start selling.
  13. Sad we never made good use of Jurco. Jurco's favorite player and hero growing up was Hossa, hope to see them on a line together.
  14. Wow Nill really made the most of that Cole/Eaves trade
  15. Sounds like Drew Stafford is on the block in Winnipeg