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  1. TLGTrico

    2019 Draft

    Just saw Chabot on the injured list on capfriendly. The hockey gods really don't like us do they?
  2. The Kings are about to beat the Sharks! In fact, they've probably already have by the time I finish typing this.
  3. How long has it been since Mantha's scored? It feels like it's been forever
  4. There is no reason to have helm on the top line over Bertuzzi. I really hate blashill, and the talk of him being extended is infuriating.
  5. At first I was OK with this win, since we're still 3 points behind Jersey. Then I saw that Ottawa won tonight.
  6. So glen's been on the ice for 2 goals...
  7. As a big NHL gamer, I'm hoping that playing his first NHL game makes Kuffner eligible to be added to NHL 19
  8. Sure. It's possible to get high end players without sucking, but it's also a lot less likely. We suck right now because for 2 and a half decades we weren't in position to draft high end talent, and weren't lucky enough to find it in later rounds (outside of Pav and Z).
  9. TLGTrico

    2018 Prospects Watch

    Kasper Kotkansalo and Seth Barton are going head to head in tournament action tomorrow night. Wish it was on TV.
  10. Helm and abby score, AA misses the net. Twilight zone.
  11. How many poor starts does this team need to get trashill fired.
  12. TLGTrico

    2019 Draft

    Just did the tankathon sim several times, and the Wings dropped all but once.
  13. For the love of god trashill put Bert back with Larkin and Mantha
  14. Oops. I thought I'd been posting in the gameday thread
  15. Man we are struggling to complete passes Edit: Man Hronek has a hell of a beard for someone his age
  16. I assume Nyquist replaced Mantha on the top line last game to showcase him for a trade, which presumably payed off, but why ud hekm in his spot tonight?
  17. TLGTrico

    2019 Trade Deadline

    As much I'd like to get something for Howard, his last couple starts have eliminated any hope I had of getting a decent return
  18. Was is it with this team and second periods?
  19. I always get a laugh out of the lazy and sucks posts on this forum Edit: There ya go Gus, get that trade value up!
  20. Sucks that 3 kids all got a minus on that goal
  21. TLGTrico

    2019 Trade Deadline

    I got excited when I read Howard may be going to Carolina, then I saw the source was Eklund. Seriously, why does hockeybuzz even keep posting things that guy reports.
  22. "I just wanna help these guys get some wins."-Madison Bowey I dislike this kid already
  23. TLGTrico

    2019 Trade Deadline

    Holland not likely to sign Nyquist or Howard by the deadline, per Ansar Kahn on twitter
  24. So we essentially get a 2nd for Jensen, and Bowey for a 5th. I like it