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  1. The minimum return I wanted was a 2nd and a prospect. Two seconds is close enough to that
  2. But he's not gonna have a better roster...
  3. Other teams have had 2 chances to get ericsson for free. We're stuck with him for the rest of the year
  4. Yzerman and his scouts better make these picks count.
  5. Trade AA to a bubble team for a 1st, that team misses the playoffs, and we win the lottery with both 1st rounders.
  6. Trade center just said that were close to dealing AA to Columbus
  7. Yeah. I heard after I posted that.
  8. Considering what other defenseman like Andy Greene, Brendon Dillon, and Dylan Demelo got, this is disappointing. Brodziak is a pending ufa too.
  9. TLGTrico

    2/23 Deadline GDT - Flames @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM ET

    I can't believe I'm just noticing now, but when was ericsson recalled?
  10. TLGTrico

    2020 Draft Thread

    For the love of god blashill DO NOT dress Mike Green tomorrow.
  11. TLGTrico

    2020 Draft Thread

    Yeah actually.
  12. Islanders basically had a power play for a bit there
  13. TLGTrico

    2020 Draft Thread

    It's supposed to pretty much be a coin toss for whether we pick top 3 or 4th, and yet I just ran tankathon 5 times and only got top 4 once.
  14. Well, with Hronek out, we are dressing zero top 4 defenseman for this game.
  15. TLGTrico

    Cholowski Sucks

    People did say when Cholowski was drafted that he'd need 5 years at least.