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  1. There ya go refs, the Isles finally tie the game with your help. Now how about a slew of penalties on the other guys?
  2. Hopefully we can reverse what's been happening far too often to us lately
  3. Can' t believe I'm saying this, but I'd rather have Helm back in the top line over Abby
  4. Is it just me, or has the dip in the power play coincided with Vanek returning?
  5. Hearing Mickey say that Carter knows how to score goals makes me wish that we could say that about someone on this team.
  6. Looks like our usual terrible second period.
  7. Glendenning on the opening draw... sigh.
  8. This is following the same script as Tuesday night. I'm worried.
  9. Looks like this team forgot how to defend a lead again
  10. The first overall picks from 08 and 09 have scored on us in back to back games
  11. How often do you have both backup goalies in net?