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    New New Prospects Thread

    I was just about to post this. Please find a way to get this kid into the NHL
  2. TLGTrico

    11/29 GDT - Red Wings @ Rangers (7:30 PM EST)

    Is this Husso's best game of the season?
  3. I'm paying to watch the Griffins game right now
  4. This gives us an even split of positive and negative 5 game segments this season
  5. Completely forgot about this game and just now tuned in
  6. TD garden's getting Rick rolled
  7. Compher passes up on way too many shots.
  8. Funny that the guy who was supposed to be the starter is the only one without a shutout so far
  9. Way to go Ray! Larks too.
  10. This team seems to be in a constant state of having crappy defense and crappy goaltending.
  11. We got the first shot on goal! Progress!
  12. And if the game gets to overtime, don't try to be the OT hero. I feel like too many individual efforts in ot against Ottawa cost us
  13. Honestly, I shouldn't have come back. They allowed five goals while I was watching and scored four while I wasn't
  14. I guess this is why you don't give up on games, especially the way this team has been able to come back this season. Unfortunately, I'm already committed to doing something else.
  15. Offense not sharp, defense not sharp, goaltending not sharp Recipe for disaster, which is exactly what's happening
  16. Another game we're down early, another game we're down multiple goals
  17. I want compher and copp centering their own lines again Also the wings are becoming the flyers when it comes to goalies
  18. So Debrincat only has one assist in his last five games
  19. Walman and Seider both being in the box is not ideal
  20. I didn't notice who made that pass but holy moly. Edit: It was Perron.
  21. Are we actually pushing the pace right now or on the bruins just sitting back?
  22. It's time to call Edvinsson and see if he can help