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  1. Maybe taking the lead in the 2nd is the key as opposed to taking a lead into the 2nd
  2. Turns out they simply shown as someone who could be the last guy voted in for the atl division team
  3. I'm watching the team USA game on NHL network, and they just showed Larkin's name along side the atlantic division all stars.
  4. I can't wait for the world juniors to end so all my hockey attention can be back on the Wings.
  5. I'm torn on Mike Green. On one hand, I want him to stay gone so we can keep sucking and secure a top 5 pick. On the other, watching this team look like they don't belong in the NHL without him on a nightly basis is painful.
  6. I really don't like Rasmussen with glendening.
  7. TLGTrico

    World Juniors

    Zadina just registered his first point Edit: Also, Pierre Mcguire just called him Pavel Zadina
  8. TLGTrico

    World Juniors

    What a freaking comeback!!!!!!!
  9. TLGTrico

    12/29 Onwards GDT - Red Wings @ Stars - 8:00 PM ET

    I'm torn between watching this, or watching 3 of our first four picks from the last draft in the same game.
  10. By my estimation, we only have 3 real top 6 forwards playing tonight. Larkin, Nyquist and Nielson.
  11. It sure is nice to be doubling the other team in shots for once
  12. If you want Bert to contribute offensively, get him away from glendening
  13. Based on how we've looked with and without Mike Green, I'm starting to think he's worth five and a quarter million a year
  14. There ya go refs, the Isles finally tie the game with your help. Now how about a slew of penalties on the other guys?
  15. Hopefully we can reverse what's been happening far too often to us lately
  16. Can' t believe I'm saying this, but I'd rather have Helm back in the top line over Abby
  17. Is it just me, or has the dip in the power play coincided with Vanek returning?
  18. Hearing Mickey say that Carter knows how to score goals makes me wish that we could say that about someone on this team.
  19. Looks like our usual terrible second period.
  20. Glendenning on the opening draw... sigh.
  21. This is following the same script as Tuesday night. I'm worried.