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  1. 3 hours ago, xtrememachine1 said:

    No, he's not and I wouldn't expect him to do that.  However, he could say nothing or if asked he could say something like "Its been a tough year for everyone.  He's doing the the best he can do" etc.  Saying a lot of great things about him and he's a "good coach", will make him look a hipocrite when (fingers crossed) he gets fired.

    Spoiler Alert: He'll be back.

  2. 4 hours ago, The 91 of Ryans said:

    LOL Remember how Jonas used to disappear for days last year only to pop up like some dweeb coworker showing up to troll your office party anytime AA had a good game. 

    Thankfully it wasn't that often. 

    I give the guy credit tho. Posting under his real name. That takes balls.

  3. 4 hours ago, xtrememachine1 said:

    I really can't see Blashill staying.  I might take a year off watching the NHL if he's still our coach.  I can't suffer through another year of him.  "The team has played hard" under him?  Really?  Not sure what he's seeing that would indicate that.  Getting blown out by 3+ goals every night doesn't show that they're "working hard".  They look disorganized as hell and aside from a few players, I really don't see anyone out there working hard and its been that way for years.  This team has the potential to be the worst in the history of the franchise.  Praising Blashill is mind boggling, for sure.

    I mean, he's not going to throw him under the bus.

    3 hours ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

    Yup my first thought was I may not watch next year if Blash is still in the drivers seat.

    Hoping he's just trying to inflate the guy a lil bit before letting him go. I used to think he could possibly get an NHL HC job elsewhere, after this year I'm not so sure.

    Blashill would get an NHL Associate Coach or AHL HC job if he got fired.

  4. 9 hours ago, Unmasked said:

    Well, sorry for off-topic but I'm new to this forum and really can't figure out where's a directory just for everything not related to hockey.

    It's fine. We've become a small community that pretty much talks about anything hockey related.

    Some of the guys like to branch off into Dragonball Z, WWE/WWF, hot hockey moms, alcohol and firearm discussions as well. Couple of losers in here keep delving into politics as well.

  5. 1 hour ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

    Military appreciation night. Coach wears duck hunting camo. Is Bednar wacky in the head or something? Canadians do you know what military is?


    Yes they do. The military is the guys who protect Canada from the Geese, they're biggest threat.

  6. 42 minutes ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

    31 thoughts

    Also that other teams wanted Glendog, but Yzerman was demanding a lot for him and nothing materialized.

    They never said what the ask was, but I'm guessing a 2nd or 3rd. SY might think he can get more next TDL when Glenny is a pending UFA.

    1 hour ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

    I think the answer is even more simple than you're suggesting.

    Yzerman traded his worst RFA that still had value. Simple as that.

    No one was gonna take our UFAs besides Green, and no one was gonna take Erne or Perlini, so AA was that guy.

    Smart to sell your weakest sellables first and work your way up.

    And of course I think that scenario could have been radically altered had Blashill played AA with Larkin and Mantha, and say Fabbri was stuck playing with crap players. But that's too late now.

    But why trade him at all? If he's the stud some people seem to think he is, SY would be stupid to trade him then.

    5 minutes ago, arag said:

    He did. My bad

    Its ok. His good games are so rare these days its easy to forget.

  7. 41 minutes ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

    He played much more with Larkin and Mantha last year and was only -9.

    This year he got saddled with 21 pt and -41 Filppula. Whose to blame there? The 25 year old who scored 30 goals and was -9 just last year? Or the 36 year old Filppula who wasn't good enough to be our 2nd line center back when he was 30. Guy was handed a death sentence by Blashill and Yzerman this year.

    Mantha was out for a good part of the year. Perfect opportunity for AA to step up and take that spot. He didn't. 

    It would make zero sense for even a bad coach to not put him in that situation if he was going to be an asset. Particularly if ur looking to move him and get a maximum.

    Blashill and Yzerman had very good reasons to give AA more ice time and better linemates. They didn't. Why? Some of you would say its because Blashill is an idiot. But even if that's true, then why didn't SY direct Blash to play him more to get his points and value up and increase his trade value?

    The answer: AA was a problem, selfish player and Blash and Yzer thought it was better for the team in the long run not to reward that kind of behavior. To send a message to a young team that they're going to play responsible hockey, the way their HC and GM want them to or they're not going to play. That bad work ethic and selfish play won't be tolerated, and thumbing your nose at veteran players and coaches will get you axed.

  8. 1 hour ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

    One thing I keep hearing: "AA will be able to keep up with McDavid's speed"

    Well if anyone actually believes this, then why wasn't AA on the top line to keep up with Larkin's speed?

    Because Larkin and Mantha dont score enough to make up for AAs zero defense. The guy was a -45. His linemates would have had to score a collective 50 goals this season to keep up with his selfish play.

  9. 10 hours ago, Hairy Lime said:

    Wasn't liked by his teammates? Tell that to Larkin, then, because he seemed genuinely pissed about the trade and even said that AA WAS liked and wanted to stay in Detroit.

    As for AA's defense, it was no worse than a young Yzerman's, before a certain coach was brought in.

    This team's biggest problem is Blashill.

    Larkin says the PC, polite thing on the record, and an unnamed player says something completely contradictory off the record. Hmmmm.... I'm going with the latter.

    Blashill is A problem, not THE problem. And he is not to blame for AA. 

    AA is a 25 year old, speedy, middle 6 F, coming off a 30 goal season. Should be the kind of guy that a rebuilding team would want to keep around, right? Yet, he was traded anyway. That's very telling and doesn't speak well of AA's attitude or rapport with the team.

    Yzerman went thru the rebuild process himself as a player. He knows the kind of players needed to build a winner and the kind of players to avoid. AA was a cancer. He needed to go. That's why he was traded. That's not Blashill's fault, only Athanasiou's.

    5 minutes ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

    Did you see his goal last night? It was effortless. AA's line had 7 pts and was +6.

    I humble enough to admit we made a mistake here

    Sam Gagner scored 4 goals and 8 points in a game once. Think Holland made a mistake?

  10. 4 hours ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

    Totally disagree. The only player on this team who has consistently always had the best linemates is Larkin. He's been with Mantha/Bertuzzi/Fabbri basically the entire season. All four of those players have showed great improvement EXCEPT Larkin.

    Your argument would be better suited for AA, who WAS actually stuck on a scoreless island with Filppula and Helm for a good chunk of the year. And now he's beasting it up in Edmonton.

    I don't think you can consider AA to be "beasting it up" with a 1 game sample size.