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  1. 5 hours ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

    Maybe it's only because I'm in Canuck land, but I swear Vancouver fans have become insufferable now that they have Pettersson. Edmonton fans seem to at least remember past pain and aren't overly cocky about having McDavid. Vancouver turned it up to Toronto level D-bagness the second they got a decent star player. Hope they crash and burn and that city implodes with rioting and the Chinese government has to step in and honk kong them back to reality.

    Need a snickers

    Petterson, Boeser, Hughes, and now Podholzin. I actually like their core more than ours.

  2. So now I am picturing FMichael and CRL on a Brokeback camping trip together. FMichael is playing his crappy DRW guitar next to a campfire of Lidstrom books and CRL is singing "Kumbaya" wearing only his DRW thong.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Dabura said:

    So, uh, is it just me or is it looking like the Griffins are going to be absolutely stacked? Like, so much so that I'm wondering if there isn't going to be a bit of a crunch going on there.

    Not sure about forwards, but looking at D, yes. Assuming Green, TD, DD, E, Hronek, Bowey, and one of Chokowski or Seider makes the Wings...that potentialy leaves Seider/Cholowski, MacIsaac, Saarijarvi, McIlrath, Lashoff, Kaski, Lindstrom to play in GR depending on who goes back to juniors and Europe.

    Edit: Forgot about the little guy - Hicketts.

  4. On a side note...The Alumni Game totally baited me. I get to the game, and what do I see? A home white jersey skating around with 'FEDOROV' on the back. I was stoked. "Feds is here!" Then I noticed the 91 was an 81. "That's strange", I thought. I then zoomed in on my camera to take a better look. As it turns out, it wasn't false advertising. It was the correct name on the jersey. But it wasn't Sergei. It was friggin Fedor. Who never played for the Wings. WTH is he doing here? Is this some sort of consolation prize? Did Feds bail on them and send his lil bro instead? Not cool. Why not bring in Wayne Primeau? Or Nikos Tselios? Hey..why not Brent Gretzky or Bart Hull? Not cool.

  5. 5 hours ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

    Me: "Meh, I don't really buy the TSN hype, I don't think it's the Leafs year (again)"

    Torontonian: "STOP! You've violated the law. Pay the court a fine or serve your sentence. Your stolen goods are now forfeit."


    I always heard that Mounties got lots of beaver. Or was it Beiber?

  6. 5 hours ago, krsmith17 said:

    Me neither. Was he even at camp this year? I didn't notice him at all, and he didn't play in the Red & White game. Was he injured?

    Yeah. He was there. I don't think he was injured, he participated in full on drills/scrimmage on Saturday and Monday.

    I say I don't think he makes the NHL because after seeing him at camp the last 3 years, I havent seen enough improvement in that time to think he makes it.

    He is at least behind Green, Hronek, Seider, Bowey, Lindstrom, and Kaski down the right side.

    Speaking of Bowey, I don't see how he's playing in the NHL. Had I not known he was already on the roster, I would have thought he was a camp invite. I actually would prefer Seider or Kaski over him.

  7. Went one more day to camp. Glad I did. Much less crowded. Better looks at the players.

    1. Seider seems about where Cholowski is in his development IMO. His back skating was very choppy, not very fluid when he was being rushed. Other than that I didnt notice any issues with his play. Definitely belonged with the big boys.

    2. Hicketts is a munchkin. I'm 6-2 and I could literally rest my chin on top of his head.

    3. Daley looked good in practice. He gets way too much negativity from fans. He's still sound.

    4. I dont think Saarajarvi is going to make it to the NHL.

    5. I'm on the fence with Lindstrom. I wouldnt be surprised if he pans out or if he doesn't. Same with Kaski.

    6. Zadina didn't excel, but didn't look out of place either. He will be an NHL regular, but maybe not the goal scoring machine we were hoping for.

    7. Moose looked more poised to me. Probably still going to start in GR.

    8. Svech should be on the roster in a bottom 6 role IMO.

    9. Not really impressed with Nemeth. I would put him with DK and E. Green and Daley looked better IMO.

    10. Didnt notice Erne.

  8. 15 hours ago, TLGTrico said:

    So what are the chances Zadina scores in the red/white game?


    2 hours ago, Dabura said:

    Way-too-early opening night lineup projection based mostly on the combinations we saw in today's game:

    Bertuzzi  Larkin  Mantha
    Athanasiou  Filppula  Hirose
    Erne  Nielsen  Zadina
    Helm  Glendening  Abdelkader
    de la Rose, Ehn

    DeKeyser  Hronek
    Nemeth  Green
    Ericsson  Daley

    From where I stand, that 3RW spot is up for grabs. I have Zadina there because I think we need at least one high-skill scorer in the bottom-six mix, but Zadina has to prove he's ready to be an NHL scorer and, imo, he hasn't been doing that. "So why give him the spot?" He's generating Grade A chances in every game ("game"). He's doing everything but score goals. You give him the spot if you believe he's simply snakebitten right now and is poised to explode.

    Daley was paired with Mo' Cider

  9. 21 minutes ago, ChristopherReevesLegs said:

    I have no doubt Ericsson and Daley would clear, Bowey would probably get picked up though.

    For another team to take on Ericsson or Daley we probably need retain half salary and trade. Might be easier to do that if we let them start on the roster. But if we really want to add Seider we can waive one or both of them I'd think.

    Bowey and Daley are 2/3 of our diversity triangle. Some of u guys are so racist.

  10. On 6/18/2019 at 10:23 PM, kipwinger said:

    Let's set aside the fact that you wished that twenty year old girl (whom you never even met) flunks out of med school, and/or that two people who seem to really care about each other ultimately break up.

    Reread my post. I never said any that.You may not like hearing what I say, but at least I dont fabricate what other people say.

    On 6/18/2019 at 10:23 PM, kipwinger said:

    We'll just ignore what a miserably cynical point of view that actually is.

    I was a using a figure of speech. I said "I am going to laugh when..." It was not literal. Do you really think that I would literally laugh at the misery of another person? JC. I may be cynical at times, but at least I try to give you all the benefit of the doubt instead of assuming someone's a heartless dirtbag based on a comment that wasn't even supposed to be taken seriously. Had I known that anyone was going to take it so literally i would have chosen better words for sure. And if by any chance Jacob and his fiancee happened to see it, then I apologize.

    I would kill for a cup of coffee right now. Quick Kip, call the police!!! Neo is about murder someone!

    On 6/18/2019 at 10:23 PM, kipwinger said:

    What I'm REALLY wondering is what you do for a living that puts you in a position to give career advice to the 25 year old millionaire and his soon-to-be doctor girlfriend? 

    My career has nothing to do with it. Making a long term career choice based on things that are not certain in another person's life is unwise IMO. You disagree? Cool.Would it not be wiser for Trouba to wait until his fiancee's path is more certain to make a decision like that? He has a whole year left on his contract. Why not wait to sign that long term contract? What if they don't get married? What if any of the things I mentioned in regards to her career actually happen? They could, right? Reality is so cynical. If I was going to move to another city, away from my family, and likely take a financial hit in the process, I might wanna wait to see if any of my fiancee's "dreams" actually come to fruition first. Is that so wrong? It seems silly to me to make life decisions based on things that MIGHT happen when patience and time could be utilized to make a more definitive choice. 

    Oh and I'll remember you said this the next time you post an opinion about a player's career choice, since apparently we aren't supposed to have such opinions.

    On 6/18/2019 at 10:23 PM, kipwinger said:

    I bet you're a stock broker right?  Own your own wealth management firm?  Independently wealthy entrepreneur? 

    Nope. Not any of those things. Just someone who believes that one can do something selfless and unwise at the same time. I am allowed to have an opinion, right? Or aren't we allowed to do that in here anymore.


    On 6/18/2019 at 9:13 PM, Euro_Twins said:

    It's called committing to your loved ones. Hes realized his dream and will be a millionaire either way. Why take hers away?

    Who is taking her dream away? Not me. If Trouba doesn't got to NY now and sign a long term deal now, does her "dream" suddenly die? Of course not? Are you implying that she's so fragile that she can't become a doctor without Jacob holding her hand.? Now that would be sad.

    I get making sacrifices for loved ones, check my previous posts. I admired Green for choosing his family over chasing a cup.

    As much as I have teased Suter for choosing to sign with Minnesota so that his wife could be closer to home, I actually respect his decision to do it, even though I didn't like it.

    But their family situations we also much more concrete. They weren't really taking any risks in doing so. Their choices were both unselfish and safe. Good qualities to have in a spouse and parent IMO.

    I just happen to believe that Trouba is potentially making a mistake that he could later regret. I just think that if he waits a little longer until his fiancee's future is more certain before making a long term commitment regarding his own future, there's a better chance everything works out for the best.

    If that opinion makes me a d**k, than I guess I am a d**k.

  11. 30 minutes ago, Jonas Mahonas said:

    Why would we trade our 2nd best forward for a prospect?


    Because when Larkin, Mantha, Veleno, Zadina, and Podholzin/Cozens/Zegras are all on the roster he will be our 6th best F.