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  1. 5 hours ago, 13dangledangle said:

    Today is the day.   Im excited, nervous and at this point basically patientless.  It's time                                                  


    I at first read that as "pantieless". And I thought....if it brings us number it!

    Let's all do it. Let's all go no undies for this thing.

  2. 55 minutes ago, krsmith17 said:

    None of those players will be under contract after next season. The most likely candidates for Seattle are probably one of Svechnikov or Lindstrom, as the roster stands right now. Of course, a lot will likely change in the next 12+ months, so who knows...

    I wouldnt mind re-signing Gagner as the 3C if Nielsen gets bought out. Veleno isn't ready yet, and Moose will probably play wing. 

    Glendening will be re-signed. Of course they could get around exposing him by waiting until July 1st to do it.

  3. 59 minutes ago, krsmith17 said:

    You also don't wanna be another Toronto. All offense, no defense, and no Cup... There needs to be a balance. In saying that, I agree that we need offense, more than defense, but we also don't have an offensive defenseman that can push the play quite like Drysdale (is projected to be). I still say one of the big three forwards with any of the top three picks, but if we drop to four, it would be between Drysdale and Raymond for me.

    I also look at the ease of filling a hole. When it comes to top 4 left side D, yes that is a need. But I look at the prospects we have in the pipeline, and I think we have a much better chance of finding that future LH top 4 D there then we do a future 1C/2C. It's also easier to acquire a solid LH top 4 dman in free agency and via trade, then it is a solid 1C/2C forward. There are 2 really good C prospects at the top of the draft (3 if you can't Stutzle as a C). For that reason, I would rather go with one of those this draft instead of another RH defenseman. We'll probably be picking near the top of the draft next year. I would look at D then.


    And fmichael........please don't make any hole filling jokes.

  4. 12 hours ago, Legendary D In 03 said:

    No we aren't

    I can't name more than a dozen people who post comments here with regularity. Considering how many thousands of people have joined the site over the years, I would consider that a dying breed.

    8 hours ago, Dabura said:

    Trade Hronek?! Hell naw, mate. Gimme depth on the back end. If Hronek is pushed down to the 3 spot by Seider and Drysdale, that's nothing but a good thing for the team. (We needed all three of Lidstrom, Rafalski, Kronwall in '08.) If the concern is handedness, I think both Hronek and Seider are going to be capable of playing the left side full-time.

    As for Drysdale specifically? Well, y'all know where I stand on him. His offense makes him a top-8 pick. His offense + defense puts him in the top-3 conversation.

    I don't wanna be another Nashville. All D, no scorers and no cup. I would rather go F this year and solidify the top 6.

  5. 7 hours ago, Akakabuto said:

    Imagine CHI winning 1st and they get to have Lafreniere/Dach for the next 15 years. How deserving.

    I might actually have to kill myself if that happens. 

    You probably shouldn't LGW posters are becoming an endangered species.

  6. 17 hours ago, xault said:

    I am more or less a long time lurker, but forums like theses are becoming a thing of the past. I lurk on the discord as well.

    With Reddit, Discord and social media in general, it's hard for old forums like this site to grab new fans. Discord is my go-to personally for a bunch of stuff, hockey or whatever. 

    You're like one of those people who abandoned us myspacers for facebook.

    Appreciate when you post tho.

    On 6/18/2020 at 9:32 PM, Rivalred said:

    Maybe there is only a handful of people anymore on the site due to lack content related to hockey

    Your hockey related participation would be nice.

  7. 3 hours ago, Dabura said:

    Technically, 4th is the most likely.

    • 1st - 18.5%
    • 2nd - 16.5%
    • 3rd - 14.4%
    • 4th - 50.6%

    If there's a silver lining, it's that 18.5 + 16.5 + 14.4 = 49.4. Which mean it's basically a coin flip: heads/tails we pick in the top 3, tails/heads we pick 4th. (Hmm...that sounded more comforting in my head. :mellow:)

    EDIT: Oh, sorry, should've read the rest of the replies.

    Math nerd

  8. 38 minutes ago, krsmith17 said:

    It's not though...

    1st - 18.5%

    2nd - 16.5%

    3rd - 14.4%

    4th - 50.6%

    Picking 4th is still the most likely spot we land, but since picking top three, or dropping to four is basically a coin flip, I choose to believe that we'll land in the top three... Fingers crossed for one, but I'd be more than okay with two as well. Three would be disappointing, and four would be a huge kick to the nuts...

    I'm hoping the top five ends up being...

    1. Wings

    2. Ducks

    3. Kings

    4. Sens

    5. Sens (via Sharks)


    I wasnt referring to the actual lotto odds. Just what I think will happen.

  9. 7 hours ago, Dabura said:

    Lafreniere's a lock for 1st overall. I've gotta think Byfield's a virtual lock for 2nd.

    I think once those two are off the board, it's truly anyone's guess how the dominoes will fall. Stutzle is the consensus #3 guy, but there are some valid concerns with him, just as there are with any and every 2020 draft-eligible not named Lafreniere or Byfield.

    Now, don't get me wrong -- the Wings are so starved for top talent that "We got Stutzle/Rossi/Drysdale/Raymond/Holtz/Askarov/Perfetti, but there are some concerns about him" would be a great "problem" for us to have. It's just...y'know...the HYPE! fiend in me wants an as-close-to-a-sure-thing-elite-NHLer-as-it-gets guy. And that, to me, means Lafreniere or Byfield.

    If we get Lafreniere, we've finally found our superstar. And he'll step right into the NHL next season and probably do fairly well as a rookie. Wings fans would have an actual reason to catch a game or two at the LCA next season, especially if Yzerman decides to go out and land a big-name guy or two.

    If we get Byfield...well, as with Lafreniere, we've finally found our superstar. Not quite as sure a thing as Lafreniere. Not as NHL-ready. Probably needs to spend a year in Europe. Probably doesn't become a monster NHL centerman until several years from now. But there's little doubt he's ultimately going to get there. He has the potential to become the most complete centerman in the league.

    tl;dr I don't want to be ok with where we land in the lotto. I want to be overjoyed with where we land in the lotto. :w00t2:

    I was just thinking about how they're going to do the games if they allow fans into the building. Then I remembered how empty the arena was before CoVid, and I realized they'll have plenty of empty seats to spread everyone out. It'll be social distancing without doing it on purpose.

  10. 7 hours ago, AtlantaHotWings said:

     I am prepping for a worst case scenario  i.e. 4th.  Therefore when we get anything above 4 I can be super happy. If we get stuck @ 4 then I have already prepared so my day isn't ruined.

    At worst you're getting Byfield, Stutzle,  or Rossi. I wouldn't get too upset.

  11. 10 minutes ago, Dabura said:

    To be fair, Bowey 1) hasn't been re-signed yet and 2) is nothing more than a #5-7 defenseman at the NHL level.


    Bowey is a RFA. Pretty likely he gets re-signed. Yes, they are depth dmen. But they required assets to acquire, so we shouldn't just lose them on waivers for nothing if we don't have to.

  12. 4 hours ago, krsmith17 said:

    Biega has zero value. Being claimed off waivers doesn't change that. He still wouldn't garner anything in a trade.

    Yzerman didn't think so.

    Do we really want another Comrie incident? Trading away a prospect/pick away for a guy you lose on waivers for nothing. Did you forget about that overdone argument?

  13. On 6/15/2020 at 4:30 PM, ely s said:

    keep Biega as 7th dman and send Bowey down. Bowey will never have "high" trade value, if someone claims him, so be it, I wouldn´t shed a tear.

    I don't think it's a coincidence that SY has been stockpiling RH D. Even depth level dmen have more value if they're RH. Bowey and/or Biega wouldn't pass thru waivers if sent down. We would be losing something of value for nothing.

  14. It's easy to go off topic when there's only a handful of people actually posting content.

    You can only post the same ideas, thoughts, and opinions so many times before things go stale and you start looking for other things to discuss.

    If more people participated in the conversation, it would bring entirely different points of view on existing topics of discussion, as well as creating entirely new thoughts of discussion that no one else has thought of bringing up. That would keep the content fresh and relevant to entire point of this website.

    tl;dr: If you don't participate in the conversation, you can't complain about what's discussed.