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  1. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Draft

    His wifes name is Julie,
  2. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 TDL Thread

    David Perron will be 36 years old this year, I'd be for a 1 x $2,000,000 deal but not more.
  3. diehardredwingsfan58

    2/22 GDT - Avalanche @ Wings (7:00 PM EST)

    Ha Ha Ha, With a trash Rookie Goalie for Colorado, Yeah i don't think so. Maybe 10-9 Colorado.
  4. diehardredwingsfan58

    Who do you root for tonight?

    Let's Go Red Wings, We're basically facing a rookie goalie that's not very good. no reason to lose this game.
  5. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Offseason Thread

    How do you figure that Tanev is taking Eds spot? Tanev would be our 2nd pairing RHD while Edvinsson would be our 2nd pairing LHD I think both would be solid on the 2nd pairing and move Chiarot to the bottom pairing and use Maatta as trade bait.
  6. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 TDL Thread

    I was thinking the exact same thing 2024 2nd and Hanas for Chris Tanev at 3 x $3,500,000 he'd be solid 2nd pairing RHD for us until ASP is ready.
  7. diehardredwingsfan58

    New New Prospects Thread

    Sebastian Cossa 28 save shut out against the Texas Stars 1-0 I believe that's his first professional shut out.
  8. diehardredwingsfan58

    New New Prospects Thread

    He's reportedly back, but i'm not sure if he has played yet. Probably needs a few practice games still.
  9. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Offseason Thread

    Per Darren Dreger, Detroit is now one of the teams being linked to Christopher Tanev Our 2024 2nd round pick and Cross Hanas should get it done. And then sign him to either a 3 x $3,500,000 or 3 x $4,000,000 deal he's one of the best shot blockers in the league.
  10. diehardredwingsfan58

    Ras Extension Signed

    4 x $3,200,000 contract for Michael Rasmussen is a solid offer for both Ras and Detroit.
  11. diehardredwingsfan58

    2/17 GDT - Wings @ Flames (4:00 PM EST)

    After the way Jacob Markstrom played, Are the Devils sure they even want him.
  12. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 TDL Thread

    Yzerman is looking for D help, We've been linked to both Jakob Chychrun and Frank Vatrano. Hearing that Ken Holland has interest in either Perron or Sprong. I can imagine quite a few teams being interested in both players.
  13. diehardredwingsfan58

    All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

    Good game by the Griffins, Taro Hirose with the game winner.
  14. diehardredwingsfan58

    Yzerplanners at Tire Kickers - 2/13 GDT - 9 PM Regard Time

    He is. I want no part of that Reclamation project/Bust.
  15. diehardredwingsfan58

    Rumors Thread

    It's a known fact that Yzerman has had interest in Jakob Chychrun since last season, But it's still Pagnotta so you take it with a grain of salt. Would love to have Frank Vatrano. Both would make sense since both have a year left on their contracts. Which is Yzermans MO when trading pending UFAs.
  16. diehardredwingsfan58

    Detroit Lions 2023 Thread

    24-7 at halftime for the Lions, And once again our trash D gives the game away to the 49ers.
  17. diehardredwingsfan58

    Is Patrick Kane bad luck?

    He has like 16 points in 18 games, he's pretty much been a PPG player. he's fine.
  18. diehardredwingsfan58

    New New Prospects Thread

    It's a conditioning stint after his injury.
  19. diehardredwingsfan58

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Yup that's why Ottawa didn't even try to give him a contract, They knew he was a red stain on the team. And he's high tailed it back to Europe. he knew it was only a matter of time before they caught up with him.
  20. diehardredwingsfan58

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Yeah because he was found 100% guilty, And he pretty much ratted on the other 4. So this is pretty much a bad situation for the other 4 including Carter Hart.
  21. diehardredwingsfan58

    Dallas Restars vs Detroit Earning Their Red Wings

    Bad 2nd period cost us the game, We basically owned the 1st and 3rd periods.
  22. diehardredwingsfan58

    Rumors Thread

    He's only 11 points shy of Bertuzzi in his first full season in Grand Rapids, And there's still a lot of hockey to be played yet.
  23. diehardredwingsfan58

    Rumors Thread

    No thanks, Zegres is soft, Kasper is another Bertuzzi type.
  24. diehardredwingsfan58

    1/21 GDT - Lightning @ Wings (7:00 PM EST)

    Good game, First time Detroit has beaten Andrei Vasilevskiy in 6 tries.
  25. diehardredwingsfan58

    New New Prospects Thread

    Nice that Marco Kasper got AHL Player of the Week.