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  1. diehardredwingsfan58

    Trade Targets

    Man the mighty have fallen big time.
  2. diehardredwingsfan58

    Trade Targets

    I can definitely see that happening, After the kind of season Ras had this past season. I'm down for this deal.
  3. diehardredwingsfan58

    Steve Y conversation

    Awesome interview, Daniella Bruce is a great interviewer. She's going places within the Red Wings Organization.
  4. diehardredwingsfan58

    Trade Targets

    Yes please. Yes please, Any day of the year. Yeah i was bummed when Holland took Rasmussen over Necas, Necas is better by a country mile. And needs a change of scenery.
  5. diehardredwingsfan58

    Andrew Copp $5.26 x 5

    This, Plus he should have a better partner.
  6. diehardredwingsfan58

    Andrew Copp $5.26 x 5

    He is what he is, A defensive defenseman.
  7. diehardredwingsfan58

    Trade Targets

    Yzerman isn't dealing any of those players, Joe Veleno is still waiver eligible so he can be technically sent down to GR. In his interview with Daniella Bruce Yzerman says he expects big things this year out of Hronek and Zadina so he's not moving either one. Erne is Yzermans son so he wont be moved until the TDL if we're out of the playoff picture. Suter should be an excellent 3C after Larkin and Copp.
  8. diehardredwingsfan58

    Trade Targets

    Right Yzerman is going to give Perron a 2 year deal, Than trade him after one year and retain 50% for 2 years. Don't think so. Toronto has Murray and Samsonov. So why would they need or want Nedeljkovic?
  9. diehardredwingsfan58

    New New Prospects Thread

    Hopefully Kasper takes it and runs.
  10. diehardredwingsfan58

    Our next diamond

    The next Kucherov
  11. diehardredwingsfan58

    Dominik Kubalik $2.5 x 2

    Solid signing by Steve Yzerman, Hopefully Kubalik can contribute another 30 gaol season with Detroit.
  12. diehardredwingsfan58

    Rumors Thread

    Man i'm feeling sorry for that team already if that happens.
  13. diehardredwingsfan58

    Coach Vote - Restart

    When did Friedman ever say this? That was made up on some BS site. Friedman never mentioned once that Trotz was down to Vegas and Winnipeg. Trotz said numerous times that he's in no hurry to make a decision.He's pretty much leaving it up to his family. But Detroit not being in the running for Trotz isn't true. And as far as Friedman saying that Detroit might go with Rick Tocchet was only Friedman himself spitballing. Tocchet isn't an Yzerman caliber of a coach.
  14. diehardredwingsfan58

    2022 Draft / UFA

    May the Gleb be with you.
  15. diehardredwingsfan58

    2022 Draft / UFA

    Yes please.