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  1. diehardredwingsfan58

    Rumors Thread

    I'd do that, McGoarity is going to be the real deal.
  2. diehardredwingsfan58

    Rumors Thread

    There's rumors that Chevy has interest in Berggren. So there you go plus McGroarity is playing another year at Michigan supposedly.
  3. diehardredwingsfan58

    Patrick Kane no longer an Red wings

    Ha Ha Ha Says who? There's been reports on Twitter that they've agreed on term and are working on the money. Kane has already come out and said that the #NYR aren't an option.
  4. diehardredwingsfan58

    Rumors Thread

    Yup for both teams.
  5. diehardredwingsfan58

    Rumors Thread

    Friedman and Marek are saying that Steve Yzerman has strong interest in John Gibson, This is definitely a trade I can see going down between Verbeek and Yzerman.
  6. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Offseason Thread

    It makes total sense, As we're basically getting Trouba for 2 x $4,600,000 Trouna $8,000,000 - Holl $3,400,000 x 2 years comes to $4,600,000 x 2 for Trouba,
  7. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Draft

    Sorry my bad, it was Corey Pronman that said Michael Hage to Detroit I was way off. I don't see Berkley Catton falling to 15th overall though.
  8. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Offseason Thread

    Pierre- Luc Dubois to Washington for Darcy Kuemper. Washington had better hope that he changes his attitude. Or this will get ugly pretty quick.
  9. diehardredwingsfan58

    Patrick Kane IS a Detroit Red Wing

    Sure if he accepts, 2 x $5,000,000 but I seriously doubt that he will.
  10. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Offseason Thread

    9 days until the draft. And 12 days until free agency, time is going pretty fast. Go Panthers finish it off in Edmonton on Friday.
  11. diehardredwingsfan58

    Utah... Yetis?

    So for now it's the Utah HC, And then next season they will decide the new team name.
  12. diehardredwingsfan58

    Rumors Thread

    I can't wait until the cup finals is over, Start hearing more on the rumor mill.
  13. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Draft

    Craig Button on his latest, Has us drafting Michael Hage at 15th overall. Though Michael Bransegg Nygard is still up there. And possibly Solberg to pair with Seider would be sweet as well.
  14. diehardredwingsfan58

    Series Thread: Edmonton Oilers Vs Florida Panthers

    Series so far 3-2 Panthers, They need to kick it into gear. Edmonton is starting to come on here of late.
  15. diehardredwingsfan58

    Rumors Thread

    Vancouver Canucks re-sign Filip Hronek to a 8 year deal @ $7,250,000 per year. For a 26 year old. That's a pretty sweet deal for Hronek.