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  1. diehardredwingsfan58

    Griffins vs. Admirals series

    Dan Watson said that Nate wasn'r able to get much practice in due to to him still playing, Perhaps he wanted to give him more practice time instead of just giving him game action
  2. diehardredwingsfan58

    New New Prospects Thread

    Because he's staying over in Sweden until at least the prospect tournament in June or July. He won't be coming over until their season ends in 2025 since he's staying in the SHL for another year.
  3. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Draft

    He'd 100% trade up 1 or 2 spots for Cole Eiserman.
  4. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Offseason Thread

    I'd do a 3rd for Brett Pesces UFA rights, Kind of hard to tell on Martin Necas probably have to start with your 2024 1st at the very least. Not really sure what the Canes needs would be. If they'd be seeking D prospects or forward prospects. Maybe something like the 1st and Berggren and Wallinder with a cap dump to open up cap space to sign Necas.
  5. diehardredwingsfan58

    Series Thread: Edmonton Oilers vs Dallas Stars

    Go Stars Go.
  6. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Draft

    Some are calling him a yearly potential 40 goal guy.
  7. diehardredwingsfan58

    Griffins vs. Admirals series

    Sounds like Danielson might be in the lineup in Milwaukee this evening.
  8. diehardredwingsfan58

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Yeah Brett Pesce isn't another Copp/Compher.
  9. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Offseason Thread

    Waddell wants to re-sign Guentzel and Jarvis both will get big money. So he'll trade Martin Necas and let Brett Pesce walk.
  10. diehardredwingsfan58

    Griffins vs. Admirals series

    Griffins 4-2 over the Admirals game #1. Keep it boys Cossa was solid towards the end when Milwaukee was feeding pucks on him.
  11. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Offseason Thread

    Both signings on 8 year deal aren't living in reality, Matthew Boldy got 7 x $7,000,000 and Lucas Raymond is a country mile better than him. What you're offering both on 8 year deal are 3 year bridge. You need to offer both nearly $2,000,000 more extra on 8 year deals.
  12. diehardredwingsfan58

    Series Thread: Edmonton Oilers vs Vancouver Canucks

    Go Canucks.
  13. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Offseason Thread

    Ha Ha Ha Raymond is a country mile better than Boldy who got 7x7m, No freaking way is Raymond taking 8x6m he put up 172 points on his 3 year ELC. Raymond could easily get 8x8.5m
  14. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Draft

    Buyout Holl and trade Fabbri and Maatta that clears and additional $9,300,000 it can be done.
  15. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Offseason Thread

    Awe No, He's just thanking the fans for being there for them. All players say things like this.
  16. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Draft

    As long as he's Nate Danielson approved. He's a big boy and played with Nate with the Brandon Wheatkings. I'd take a shot on him. Though i'd rather have one of Nygard or Greentree instead.
  17. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Draft

    15th overall, Either one of Nygard or Greentree works for me.
  18. diehardredwingsfan58

    The YzerSCAM

    Wow the scamming is running deep here.
  19. diehardredwingsfan58

    Bees Cats

    Cats need to get their act together, Or this might be a short series as well. They looked like complete crap in game #1
  20. diehardredwingsfan58

    2024 Offseason Thread

    Yeah he just confirmed that he's staying with the SHL for another season. Ha Ha Ha, And Copp, Chiarot, Holl and Husso tell you to get bent. They're not waiving for that dumpster fire.
  21. diehardredwingsfan58

    Canes Rags

    Canes keep playing like they're. Rags are going to sweep them.
  22. diehardredwingsfan58

    New New Prospects Thread

    100% different, Within 2 years half of this current team could be different.
  23. diehardredwingsfan58

    Toronto vs. Boston

    Leafs suck, And the Bruins are about to get Shellacked from Florida.
  24. diehardredwingsfan58

    New New Prospects Thread

    Yup Shai Buium and Axel Sandin-Pellikka. And hopefully Nate Danielson is next.
  25. diehardredwingsfan58

    Utah... Yetis?

    And you might get your wish,