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  1. hockeytown9321

    Brian Campbell Appreciation Thread

    He's probably the biggest defensive liability for a big name big salary player since Coffey. I've said since everyone went nuts last year when he was available at the deadline, I think he's tied with Phaneuf for being the most overrated player in the NHL. I'm highly amused at the fear other teams are supposed to have facing either of them.
  2. hockeytown9321

    Ducks GM Bob Murray accused of cross-checking fan

    He's just sending a message for the next game.
  3. hockeytown9321

    Game 1 of Western Conference Finals on Sunday

    I'd like to mention that whoever at FSN thought it's be a good idea to advertise WCF tickets with 6 seconds left in the game should be shot.
  4. hockeytown9321

    Keith Jones is a %&*($@^(

    Because people are morons and think that since he's not putting any number up, he's not playing well. Yeah, it'd be nice if the puck went in for him, but he's been fine. I'd say you're definition of meaningful open ice hits is pretty subjective, and I also didn't know that the alleged lack of them were the sole indicator of whether a team is intimidated or scared. You're right we need to get to the net more, like we did in game 4 and game 5 after Anaheim sent their 1st message after game 3. There's been 2 incidents after games in this series. After game 3 and after game 6. Hard to say the last one is in anyone's head since they haven't played since then, but we played a pretty good game in game 4. I guess we were just slightly less scared after that one. Exactly what happened in game 5 that intimidated the Red Wings into playing so flat in game 6?
  5. hockeytown9321

    Keith Jones is a %&*($@^(

    Sounds like they sent you a message too. I mean, maybe they should've sent a message at the beginning of the series. Or they could've even attacked Datsyuk and Hossa in the parking lot before game 1. If only the Red Wings had known that the Ducks could beat them up, we could've saved everyone alot of time.
  6. hockeytown9321

    Keith Jones is a %&*($@^(

    Exactly what message was sent? Its always hilarious to me when teams "send a message". Do they and or you think the Red Wings got back the the dressing room and said "Oh no, they started a bunch of fights, they must really want to win. We should just forfeit the next game so they don't beat us up again" Its comical.
  7. hockeytown9321

    Blackhawks On Brink of Advancing

    i'm in favor of games that don't start in the middle of the night, however I'm also in favor of not thinking too much about it until we win 2 more games in this series.
  8. hockeytown9321

    WCSF GAME 4 GDT: Red Wings 6 at Ducks 3

    According to the NHL's ice time report, Getzlaf played 2 shifts after the first 5 minutes of the 3rd. One was 12 seconds long, the other was 1 second with 2.5 minutes left in the game. not sure how accurate that is, but its probably pretty close. It'd be strange to be resting him and then send him out at the end of the game after the empty net goal. I wonder if he was testing an injury.
  9. hockeytown9321

    WCSF GAME 1 GDT: Ducks 2 at Red Wings 3

    Wings won game 1, 2-1 I believe. Lost game 2 in OT.
  10. hockeytown9321

    Canucks fans already planning Stanley Cup parade route

    There was a Vancouver writer on the after 40 minutes segment the day after Vancouver went up 2-0 against the Red Wings in 2002. Not only did he state without hesitation that the Red Wings would bw swept, he was seriously talking about where the parade route would be. I laughed.
  11. hockeytown9321

    WCQF GAME 1 GDT: Blue Jackets 1 at Red Wings 4

    It might be because Fox Sports HD does not transmit their audio in 5.1.
  12. hockeytown9321

    Round 1: (2) Red Wings vs. (7) Blue Jackets

    For those who were wondering, since Osgood came back from his 10 day break in February, he played 13 games and had a GAA of 2.72 and a .900 save percentage. Over Mason's final 13 games, his GAA was 2.63 with a .898 save percentage. If you take out the aberration of the 8-2 Columbus win in Detroit, Osgood's GAA is 2.30 and sv % is .915. Taking out Mason's worst statistical game(the last one vs. Minnesota), his GAA is 2.43 and sv % is .905. Osgood has 2 shutouts in that time, Mason has 1.
  13. hockeytown9321

    WOW Cable Customers: Versus Not in HD

    If you have a 720p TV, you also have 1080i. The p stands for progressive scan, which means all of the pixels are refreshed at whatever refresh rate you have. the i in 1080i stands for interlaced, which means that your're getting more pixels than 720p, but you only get half them at a time. No one broadcasts in 1080p yet. I prefer 720p over 1080i for sports. I have WOW, and when I got my HDTV, I also started a subscription to Dish network. They offer an HD only package, which is fairly reasonably priced. But reception does indeed suck when it rains.
  14. hockeytown9321

    When will Game 1 Be?

    Red Wings are lobbying for Thursday according to mlive. If we play Anaheim, then I think it'll be Thursday, then Saturday afternoon and Monday night on the road.
  15. hockeytown9321

    Ducks’ Beauchemin cleared to play

    Yeah, we've seen our share of ACL injuries(Hatcher, Fischer, Kronwall, Kopecky), and in every case, it does take a while even after coming back to be at the level they were at before the injury.