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    Collect old Detroit Sports Games on betamax, vhs and dvd from the 80's and 90's. If you have any old tapes, please contact me. I will convert them for no charge.
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  2. sonof3m

    Wanted - Detroit Pistons Broadcasts

    Having trouble sending VHS via the web. Help VHS via the web?? I knew this guy was a total scam. Thanks for wasting my time!
  3. sonof3m

    Wanted - Detroit Pistons Broadcasts

    I sent you two private messages, yet you do not respond and only post on this thread. I'm sure no one else cares about our conversation. If you want to message me privately, we can continue, if not, no problem. Also, you can reset your email password.
  4. sonof3m

    Wanted - Detroit Pistons Broadcasts

    No problem. I sent you a private message. Please respond there. Thanks!
  5. sonof3m

    Wanted - Detroit Pistons Broadcasts

    If anyone has any Pistons games from the Grant Hill era also, please shoot me a message. Thanks!
  6. Did anyone happen to record any Wings games on VHS from the 90's and early 2000's? I need a few upgrades from the Channel 50 broadcasts. If you have any tapes, please contact me. Thanks.
  7. sonof3m

    Detroit Red Wings: A Celebration of Champions DVD

    Did you happen to have any other Red Wings games on VHS or DVD?
  8. Does anyone have any Red Wings games on video tape? Feel free to contact me. I will convert them to DVD, at no charge,
  9. sonof3m

    Wanted - University of Michigan Football (vhs)

    Still trying to track down some old Michigan college games, basketball or football.
  10. sonof3m

    Wanted - Detroit Pistons Broadcasts

    Still looking for some old Pistons broadcasts. Someone out there has to have some old tapes???
  11. sonof3m

    Michigan Panthers USFL Games

    Still trying to track down some USFL games, if anyone happened to record anything and would like them converted to DVD.
  12. sonof3m

    Barry Sanders Detroit Lions Games

    If anyone happens to have any old tapes, I would offer to convert them to DVD for you at no charge. I would return the tapes when finished, if you wanted them back.
  13. sonof3m

    Detroit Lions Tickets

    I am selling a few games from my season ticket package. If anyone is interested, send me a message. Lower Level, visitors bench side, around the 25-30 yard line. Philadelphia LA Rams Jacksonville Green Bay
  14. Does anyone have any Detroit Red Wings fight compilations on VHS or DVD? I am looking for fights from the 1994-95 season.
  15. Does anyone happen to have a copy of Game 1, 3 or 4 from the 2002 playoff series between the Detroit Red Wings and St. Louis Blues? I am looking for the WKBD broadcast of each game: 05/02/02 - St. Louis 0 at Detroit 2 (Gm1) 05/07/02 - Detroit 1 at St. Louis 6 (Gm3) 05/09/02 - Detroit 4 at St. Louis 3 (Gm4) If you recorded the games and still have the VHS tapes, I would be happy to convert them to DVD for you at no charge and would return the tapes back when I was finished. I would just like to make a copy for myself, for my own personal viewing only. Thanks.