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    Hi this is me Seth, I live in Anchorage AK I like to snowboard, listen to alot of music, i go to as many local shows as i can... i dig local H...i dig music... uh hockey up here is ok. OUr Aces are above average this year our UAA team kinda sucks. This board is awesome and i hope i never really get banned. that would suck! go to for a kickass band from AK....i love this website its awesome to have a place to root for my team and vent. Wish i could watch more hockey. And remember, keep the puck moving & your stick on the ice! GO WINGS GO!!!

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  1. Seth


  2. Seth

    What city deserves an NHL team

    you all are def wrong bout Anchorage & Maine. As someone whose lived/lives in both thats the fact. Seattle Quebec Portland Sacramento Cincinnati Baltimore Las Vegas (Cincinnati, and Baltimore would be smart in terms of the NHL getting into the Urban market)
  3. Seth

    Anton Axelsson

  4. Seth

    The Las Vegas Penguins?

    Vegas, Seattle, Winnipeg, KC, etc. Whatever. They need to stay there and the city officials need to make that shet happen.
  5. Seth

    Steve Moore interview

    uhhh jesus.... really classy. the part where you use the whole free speech right to make yourself out to be a pile of ...see how that worked? censorship....odd little thing. Sometimes takes his friend classy out...wouldn't know much about either one though. Well thats ok, by the time you reach 18 there will be a jail room for you; of this I am sure.
  6. Seth

    Chris Gratton?

    mmmm crow. I admit it. I used to be all for getting him. But crow is crow. Screw the bum!
  7. Seth

    There was a deal rejected by the NHL yesterday

    interesting Burke staying put during the deadline. Seems like another scorer would have been a good idea. Maybe it was just me, but I was kinda suprised Murray from the Bs didn't get moved.
  8. Seth

    Nolan rejected Trade to Red Wings

    dunno if I would take Nolan or Bert at this point in time. One's playing, and putting up points, the other is not. But agree with the family point. Definetly do wonder what the wings offered.
  9. Seth

    OFFICIAL: Todd Bertuzzi a Red Wing

    been awhile.... hell of a deadline this year, no question. The Smyth situtation is beyond crazy. Lowe's arse should be canned. Now onto the thread. After reading 14 pages.... interesting trade. Quite the safe play really for Holland and the organization. I eat some crow here and admit I'm pretty shocked he went after Calder and Bert. I will have an additional side of crow, regarding the Bert Moore thing. I went both sides when that sh*t went down. They've both taken the issue to far. Anyway. Heres the only thing of course. Health. If hes got it sweet, if not damn. I do hope we resign him regardless. 2nd rounder and mild pick for what was once one of the more (or if not the) dominate players in the league. Glad Williams finally got moved. Was really hope Lang's unproductive overpaid bleep would have been moved but oh well. With that being the only thing Im upset about, pretty sweet deals. Zubrus would have been sick though. (just not at that price, jebus)
  10. Seth


    Nathan Norton my arse. The only way is through Dats.
  11. Seth


    that would be awesome.
  12. Seth

    UFA Targets

    Smyth and Doan. Anything else is just crap.
  13. Seth

    Ryan Smyth is unhappy in Edmonton right now

    when it comes to Smyth you have no clue what your talking about. Rolston would be sick be he is definetly not avaiable buddy.
  14. Seth

    Interesting notes from Spector

    hell yes too Smyth!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If they don't want Dats fine..Give em Hudler and a 1st if they want, if not then table Dats and a pick (although thats overpayment in my book but...whatever). Then turn and deal Dats for a prospect and pick. Either way this next season...Doan and Smyth f*ck ya!
  15. Seth

    Rumour: Montreal/Detroit Rumour

    BS trade and BS rumor. Why would Chelly want to leave? Why would we want Sammsonov? Getting ride of Dats makes sense... but where are you going to find room for Souray to get playin time.. chelly really? No.