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  1. I tuned out of this season about 10 games in. Nothing worth watching, here.
  2. yes
  3. Pulks has more goals than Sheahan
  4. For real though, has anyone made a waiver claim on us in the past 10 years that arent the Carolina Hurricanes?
  5. Pulks just punched his ticket as a career AHLer. If I'm him I just go with it and rip up the AHL for the next 10 years lol
  6. Nielsen was one of the best players at the WCH, tons of fans and analysts are saying he has looked fantastic. I don't see how signing backes over nielsen would have been better, and even if it is, what makes you think he would have wanted to come to detroit? NYI fans were fuming that Nielsen left to come to Detroit. Also, backes has had 119,104, and 83 PIM the past 3 seasons. 25 minutes of those are for fighting. We don't need guys who can't play defence and take tripping/hooking penalties. We have enough with Larkin Ericsson and Abby
  7. Gotta be able to stand on skates to skate like the wind
  8. I'd still take Datsyuk for 40 games over Vanek for the next 5 seasons
  9. please keep these updates coming
  10. I was under the impression he was under contract for one more season but I probably just wasn't paying enough attention Good for him, he has potential to be a good backup. He stepped up this season but it seems like Coreau stepped up even more.
  11. Jack Eichel is better than Dylan Larkin
  12. I'll have to disagree, but of course theres no way of knowing because its all speculation Larkin, prior to the end of the past season, had never played 82 games in a season before. NCAA teams play roughly 40 games a year, at a decreased level of intensity. Add the travel schedule and pressure of the NHL, and its pretty easy to get winded at the halfway point of the season. I fully expect Larkin to be more consistent this season.
  13. We can't really compare Larkin and AA right now because AA didn't play 80 games at the NHL level. (or at all) Larkin started off blowing everyone out of the water at the beginning of the season, but he started to slow down. This could have just as easily happened to AA and I think we are going to see exactly what kind of player he will become this upcoming season. I think people really under value the ability of players to play 80 games consistently Having said that, I'm just as excited about AA as I am with Larkin. I think we have two different types of players here, but AA is probably the closest thing we will get to Datsyuk for a long time
  14. Last time we were good we had what, 8-10 guys in the top 200 for fantasy? Lidstrom, Rafalski, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Kronwall, Franzen, Hudler, Filpulla Just kind of puts it into perspective that changes need to be made to make us contenders again