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  1. WingsallTheway


  2. WingsallTheway

    Breaking News

    True or False? This is a horrible thread
  3. Mike Illitch most certainly would not have let Holland go in order to bring Yzerman back. I'm not sure Yzerman even wants to come back anyways, there has been no indication that is the case
  4. WingsallTheway

    Jacob Trouba

    Trouba is not worth AA and a 1st, no way. Maybe in a couple years that trade makes sense but right now its risky for both teams and especially us. There is an extremely high chance we can just sign him when hes a UFA. AA + a couple thirds makes more sense but I think he should be almost untouchable right now. Wouldn't want to trade any of our assets for an upoming FA.
  5. Nice to see about 15 octopus on the ice lastnight especially the game after this stupid PETA thing
  6. WingsallTheway

    04/04 GDT : at Ottawa Senators 2, Red Wings 0

    Blashill was quoted today as saying he needs to work on his defensive game and make more opportunities 5 on 5. He continuously throws him under the bus to reporters...not the best way to treat a young offensive player
  7. WingsallTheway

    04/04 GDT : at Ottawa Senators 2, Red Wings 0

    AA with 7 minutes again... barely any in the third. Can't stand Blashill 3 games left in the regular season and hes trying to make a point to a player who is a key part in the future. Makes no sense
  8. WingsallTheway

    Pulkkinen claimed by Minnesota Wild

  9. WingsallTheway

    Pulkkinen claimed by Minnesota Wild

    Pulks has more goals than Sheahan
  10. WingsallTheway

    Martin Frk claimed off waivers by Red Wings

    For real though, has anyone made a waiver claim on us in the past 10 years that arent the Carolina Hurricanes?
  11. WingsallTheway

    Pulkkinen claimed by Minnesota Wild

    Pulks just punched his ticket as a career AHLer. If I'm him I just go with it and rip up the AHL for the next 10 years lol
  12. WingsallTheway

    Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

    Nielsen was one of the best players at the WCH, tons of fans and analysts are saying he has looked fantastic. I don't see how signing backes over nielsen would have been better, and even if it is, what makes you think he would have wanted to come to detroit? NYI fans were fuming that Nielsen left to come to Detroit. Also, backes has had 119,104, and 83 PIM the past 3 seasons. 25 minutes of those are for fighting. We don't need guys who can't play defence and take tripping/hooking penalties. We have enough with Larkin Ericsson and Abby
  13. WingsallTheway

    Dan Cleary Gets Training Camp Tryout

    Gotta be able to stand on skates to skate like the wind
  14. WingsallTheway

    Datsyuk Announcement to Officially Leave NHL

    I'd still take Datsyuk for 40 games over Vanek for the next 5 seasons
  15. WingsallTheway

    Datsyuk Announcement to Officially Leave NHL

    please keep these updates coming