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  1. 10 minutes ago, Walman6million said:

    Im not convinced this isnt just supply and demand...

    Our org depth at RHD right now is literally:

    1. Seider 2. Lindstrom 3. Seth Barton 4. Antti Tuomisto 5. Anton Johansson 6. Oscar Plandowski

    Lindstrom blows, Barton blows. Johansson is too young/raw for a contract.

    In one of these threads I suggested signing Plandowski for GR next year, but I guess Tuomisto works fine as well. Neither probably ever sees the Wings. 

    Had we had other RHD i dont see him getting a contract. He hasnt been any much better in Finland. I think theres a reason SY kept it to 2 years...

    This is why SY will make sure David Reinbacher is a Red Wing in 100 days.

  2. 2 hours ago, Walman6million said:

    Jan Bednar signed an AHL contract to go to the Walleye. Lethemon is up with the Griffs so makes sense.

    Dont have much hope for him, but now we at least have another goalie in the system. Strong feeling Cossa/Leth are in GR next year.

    Van Pottelberghe deserves a shot imo. 

  3. This team needs another top6 c and top4 rd to replace Hronek with the 1st 2 picks in this draft.

    Best case scenario

    win the draft lottery - Connor Bedard

    Isles miss playoffs - David Reinbacher

    With these 2 pieces imo this team has everything it needs in the org to compete for a playoff spot and soon a Stanley cup. Just be patient and wait for them all develop.

  4. 12 hours ago, Walman6million said:

    Some NCAA guys to possibly court this year:

    • Max Sasson - LW - 6'1" 180 lbs - Western Mich - Detroit native
    • Jason Polin - RW - 5'11" 185 lbs - Western Mich - Detroit native
    • Travis Mitchell - LHD - 6'3" 200 lbs - Cornell - Detroit native

    Jake Livingstone - RHD - 6'3" 205 lbs

  5. 7 minutes ago, kipwinger said:

    The goal of those types of events, aside from filling the stands, isn't to make racists "go away". The goal is to normalize the idea that homosexual people exist and are welcome in society. That's a different goal than military appreciation nights. One is geared toward celebrating the service that military personnel have rendered. The other is about ensuring that certain citizens aren't discriminated against or marginalized because of their sexual preference (as has often been the case in America).

    I didnt mean physically go away but for these people to change there thinking. Wearing rainbow colors 1 night a year isnt going to stop the discrimination or hate against them. The whole thing is dumb imo.

    5 minutes ago, Walman6million said:

    I really want them to force the players to choose on these nights. Camo or rainbows. This way we can know which players to hate and which are LGBT.

    Vets arent oppressed though

    The pendulum is swinging to far the other way now imo. white males are being discriminated against in the workplace now your much more likely to get a job/promotion if your a woman or person of color.

    Im old school but todays society is soft. 

  6. 24 minutes ago, marcaractac said:

    They absolutely are forced to wear camo jerseys on a military night. There is just no pushback on it because they are hypocrites. 

    How does that make them hypocrites? How is that a comp? 1 group of people fought for there country the other just like the same sex. 1 deserves to be recognized and celebrated the other not so much. Im not anti LGBTQXYZ but I dont feel the need to celebrate them either. I dont have a problem with different race religion sex orientation playing hockey but wearing rainbow colors isnt going to make those that do have a problem with them playing go away.

  7. 6 minutes ago, The 91 of Ryans said:

    bad take # 4500


    32 minutes ago, Jonas Mahonas said:



    Foligno = 2 years @ 5 mil each

    Monahan = 3 years @ 7 mil each

    Klingberg = 1 year @ 6 mil



  8. 3 minutes ago, The 91 of Ryans said:

    so NYI probably make the playoffs then

    glad we agree


    Maybe yeah not probably. Considering there in a tight race with 4 other teams all better imo Id say its unlikely not probable.

  9. 29 minutes ago, The 91 of Ryans said:

    may wanna check the standings....

    may wanna check games remaining. Teams below are better imo considering injuries. imo Florida Ottawa or Buffalo will pass them before game 82.

  10. 8 hours ago, The 91 of Ryans said:

    Isles with a big win over Buffalo anlong with Pens win. Looking more and more like the WC spots

    Good chance NYI plays Carolina. With Sorokin in net: watch those a-holes go on a playoff run and Detroit picks 24 or something dumb

    Islanders arent getting in well pick 15oa.

  11. 1 hour ago, Jonas Mahonas said:


    This guy is an animal.  I have him #2 on my list of our prospects behind Edvinsson.  Soon to be #1 next year.

    Good prospect for 4th round but not top 5 in the org nevermind top 2. Kasper Edvinsson Wallinder Johansson Soderblom Mazur all ahead imo probly in the convo with Buium Hanas Buch.

  12. 1 hour ago, Walman6million said:

    Imagine Bedard + Kasper + Edvinsson joining the team next year





  13. Getting a top 2 pick in this draft would immediately shift the outlook of this rebuild. Bedard is generational and Fantilli looks to be as good as any other 1oa pick the past 7yrs.