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  1. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    Edvinsson had a rough game his worst this preseason imo last night.
  2. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    Man Im old. It took me way to long to figure out how to link a tweet but finally got it I think..... Imo you live with the rookie mistakes the few there are when a 19yo can move the puck like that.
  3. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    I mostly agree except for the disparity between the 2. There is a gap imo but I dont think its large. Its clear Edvinsson is ahead based on usage paired with nhlers while Johansson paired with ahlers.
  4. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    The only 1 with a point between Ed and Jo is Big Ed. Stats dont lie. What else doesnt lie is deployment by the coach. Edvinsson is trusted more in all situations for good reason hes the better player.
  5. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    So you think Maatta was our best dman and Raymond and Vrana were our 2 worst fs last game? The statcards dont lie. Btw Edvinsson hasnt had 2 bad games and 1 good one. He had 1 game he clearly looked rusty adjusting to the bigger ice and better each of the last 2gp. Im not sure what the argument is here its clear Ed is ahead of Jo in the eyes of SY and DL.
  6. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    Id love to see you try to explain how Maatta was our best dman and Raymond and Vrana were our worst forwards last game. lol
  7. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    Im gonna be completely honest I have no clue what those statcards are showing. Not sure how much credibility they have tho when according to those Maatta was our best dman and Raymond and Vrana were our worst forwards last game. You posted lines with Edvinsson in the top6 and Johansson in the dust. Sure tho Jo has been so much better then Ed.
  8. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    The red v white game is as irrelevant as it gets. Lalonde has said very little about Johansson compared to Edvinsson thats kinda the point. He also shot down your previous quote about turnovers. Hes been steady and making plays all pre-season.
  9. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    Your pulling quotes from training camp and red v white game? lol Heres some more recent ones from pre-season. “I’ve liked him through the whole camp. That’s one player who I think it was healthy to have a fresh start. He’s big, he’s got a long stick. He’s probably a little better positionally defensively than I would have anticipated. He’s got great poise. “Even looking back to that Red/White game, those turnovers, I haven’t seen them in these exhibition games. Just coming off the ice real quick (assistant coach Bob Boughner) made a comment, too. We’ve been happy with him and he’s a 19-year-old playing this game and he’s shown very well.” “The first couple of games, the practices, even the Red/White game, was like it’s just so fast. I think it’s slowing down for him, which is good,” Lalonde said. “He’s committed. He wants to get better. He’s seeking video out the next day. Any criticism you take to him is constructive. What he is so far for me is very exciting.” Thats just a few quotes from 1 article. There are many more that we can pull. Edvinsson has been playing more games more minutes more special teams all with more NHL quality players then Johansson.
  10. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    Your disagreeing with me the coach and probly 95% of those thatve watched the games. Johanssons been good but Edvinssons been better. Neither have blown the doors off but when your competition is Oesterle its a pretty easy decision to make. Edvinsson will make the team out of camp and Johansson will be up when Maattas traded. trade/waive all the duds.
  11. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    This is the optimal lineup if Bergg can find his way in. Eff the old school mentality having grinding 4th line have 4 lines that can be legitimate threats. This team would be tons of fun to watch and playoff team imo. Erne Smith Oesterle Kampfer should see minimal ice time this season.
  12. redw1ngs

    Seider v Lidstrom

    There was a similar more impressive play he made last night to hold the zone. Ice cold take Seider gets Norris votes this season.
  13. redw1ngs

    Ben Chiarot $4.75 x 4

    Chiarot will be a fan favorite this season and next exactly what this team needs and fan scapegoat by year 3 traded in year 4.
  14. redw1ngs

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    We already have to many bubble players. Berggren deserves a shot over BarreBoulet.
  15. redw1ngs

    Seider v Lidstrom

    Ya Ed is making the team anyone that thinks otherwise not paying attention. Johansson is good but ahead of Edvinsson? lolz