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  1. redw1ngs

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

  2. redw1ngs

    Smith/Hronek Assigned to Grand Rapids

    Id go with 4rd/2ld Leddy-Seider Staal-Stecher Lindstrom-Hronek
  3. redw1ngs

    2022-23 Wings Team. What's it gonna look like?

    Bert-Lark-Ray Vrana-Suter-Zadina Soderblom-Veleno-Fabbri Erne-Ras-Stephens Leddy-Seider Edvinsson-Hronek Johansson-Lindstrom
  4. redw1ngs

    Rasmus Dahlin and Filip Broberg

    No. Unless you mean we coulda picked him instead of Smith. but we didnt. The trade was Datsyuks contract and 16oa-Chychrun for Vitale, 20oa-Cholowski and 53oa-Hronek. We gave up Chychrun and got Cholowski AND Hronek in that trade.
  5. redw1ngs

    Rumors Thread

    Kravtsov is Svechnikov just a 3yrs younger.
  6. redw1ngs

    Rasmus Dahlin and Filip Broberg

    Hronek was part of the trade. Why wouldnt he factor in?
  7. redw1ngs

    Rasmus Dahlin and Filip Broberg

    Until you see hes only getting about 2mins per game in the shl.
  8. redw1ngs

    Rasmus Dahlin and Filip Broberg

    -40 on the sabres. Edvinsson might be as good as Dahlin but thats a big might. Beside we need more than one sure thing on the left side. Either way Dahlin isnt on the block and that isnt close to a fair offer. Seider plus would be a fair offer not a mid6 lw 1yr to ufa and some throw ins.
  9. redw1ngs

    Rasmus Dahlin and Filip Broberg

    Dahlin: 107pts in 197gp - 0.54pts/gp (21yo d) drafted 1st oa 3 years ago) Fabbri: 122pts in 246gp - 0.5pts/gp (25yo lw) Wallinder: may never play a game in the nhl Sounds like a bad trade for buffalo.
  10. redw1ngs

    Rasmus Dahlin and Filip Broberg

    Broberg: 4g, 21pts in 89gp - 0.24pts/gp Johansson: 11g, 39pts in 97gp - 0.40pts/gp
  11. redw1ngs

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    two-way contract, no longer waiver exempt. Cholowski could be a Red Wing again if Seattle attempt to send him to the minors.
  12. redw1ngs

    Does anyone have any good next Head Coach ideas?

    Sign me up for Rikard Gronberg to go along with the rest of the Swedish Mafia in the system - > Raymond, Berggren, Niederbach, Nilsson, Soderblom, Grewe, Edvinsson, Johansson, Wallinder, Lindstrom, Berglund, Larsson, Brattstrom, Eliasson.
  13. redw1ngs

    The Athetic's 2025-26 Lineup Projection

    Lucas Raymond (23) - Dylan Larkin (29) - Jakub Vrana (29) Tyler Bertuzzi (30) - Shane Wright (21) - Filip Zadina (25) Michael Rasmussen (26) - Joe Veleno (25) - Jonatan Berggren (25) Givani Smith (27) - Chase Pearson (28) - Mitchell Stephens (28) Simon Edvinsson (22) - Moritz Seider (24) Albert Johansson (24) - Filip Hronek (27) William Wallinder (23) - Gustav Lindstrom (26) Sebastian Cossa (22) Alex Nedeljkovic (29)
  14. redw1ngs

    2021 Draft

    1C / 2C - Dylan Larkin 2C / 3C - Joe Veleno, Michael Rasmussen, Theodor Niederbach 3C / 4C - Chase Pearson Larkin is our only top 6 center currently. Maybe one of the three players listed can emerge as a 1C / 2C. Center may be our biggest area of weakness. 1LW / 2LW - Jakub Vrana, Lucas Raymond 2LW / 3LW - Tyler Bertuzzi, Robert Mastrosimone 3LW / 4LW - Adam Erne, Evgeny Svechnikov 1RW / 2RW - Filip Zadina 2RW / 3RW - Robby Fabbri, Jonatan Berggren 3RW / 4RW - Givani Smith, Elmer Soderblom Our biggest area of strength is on the wings but we could use another top 6 RW depending on how Berggren pans out. 1LD / 2LD - 2LD / 3LD - Dennis Cholowski, William Wallinder, Albert Johansson, Eemil Viro, Jared McIsaac, Donovan Sebrango 1RD / 2RD - Moritz Seider 2RD / 3RD - Filip Hronek, Gustav Lindstrom, Antti Tuomisto, Seth Barton We currently have the most depth at LD but no standout top pair. Maybe one of the 6 players listed can emerge as a 1LD but I wouldn't count on it. Our best player is at RD but pretty thin after Seider. I don't think we have a single goalie that projects to be a #1. Maybe Petruzzelli but there's no guarantee he even signs. Based on this I think we should target C / LD / G in the upcoming draft. McTavish / Hughes / Wallstadt with #6 Raty / Lambos / Cossa with #23 Pinelli / Chayka / Lennox with #38 / #48 / #52. Target another RW and RD in rounds 3 / 4.
  15. redw1ngs

    2021 Draft

    I think you mean Askarov? Askarov at 4th overall over Raymond would have been terrible. Knight was taken the year prior. Likewise, Knight at 6th overall over Seider would have been riot worthy.