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  1. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    I dont think all 3 will make the Wings but def wouldnt be opposed to it. My guess would be Edvinsson/Kasper in D Wallinder/Mazur in GR.
  2. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    Undersized left shot w with unspectacular numbers as a 22yo. Likely wouldnt of factored into Detroits plans anyway. No loss. Hoping to see Mazur/Kasper/Wallinder sign/play a few games with GRG tho.
  3. redw1ngs

    Eddog vs. Seider

    In the scenario we draft Reinbacher Id invision something like Edvinsson-Seider / Wallinder-Reinbacher / Walman-Johansson but wtf do I know.
  4. redw1ngs

    Eddog vs. Seider

  5. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

  6. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

  7. redw1ngs

    Eddog vs. Seider

    completely different style dman but imo Edvinsson will be every bit as valuable to this team as Seider. Also dont be surprised if Wallinder enters that conversation real soon to.
  8. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    Yea and who drafted Seider? If SY had 10oa instead of 6oa Seider probly still be a Red Wing. Its also possible we have a top 7-8oa pick this year.
  9. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

  10. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    tbf do you think any team including Col thought Rantanen fit that profile at the time? Theres a # of prospects in this draft that could be pt/g players maybe Matthew Wood is that player.
  11. redw1ngs

    2023 UFA / Draft

    Raymonds just 20yo - 21 next week hes got 95pts in 143gp - 0.664pts%. If you look around the league at some of the top w most were at or below that rate at the same age. I agree he needs a big season next in the 70pt range but I disagree that theres been anything to indicate he wont be a top line w in the league. Another 2-3yrs of personal and team development and Raymond will be a pt/g w.
  12. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    Is that a definitive statement?
  13. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    This is why SY will make sure David Reinbacher is a Red Wing in 100 days.
  14. redw1ngs

    GDT 3/18/23 Wings host Colorado: The Simonizing

    Veleno is a good skater wins puck battles and adds toughness/physicality. Provides nothing offensively but good bottom 6 shutdown c. Zadina has skill plays hard but is soft as butter.
  15. redw1ngs

    New New Prospects Thread

    Cant be any worse then Lindstrom/Hagg.