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    2024 TDL Thread

    Way to early - but if this s*** goes south we may not have another chance to discuss it - so whom do we buy at this years TDL? Personally I would like to rape and pillage the Flames. They have a ton of options that could be longer term building blocks for us. More so than any other team at this point. >Elias Lindholm >Noah Hanafin >Nikita Zadorov >Chris Tanev To DET: Lindholm + Hanafin To CGY: Fabbri + Maata + McIsaac + 1st + 5th
  2. bIueadams

    2024 Offseason Thread

    We are having so much fun this offseason debating frivolous things - I thought well heck - lets get ready for next offseason! Debrincat - Larkin - Raymond Rasmussen - Stamkos - Berggren Fabbri - Copp - Compher Kostin - Kasper - Soderblom Veleno Walman - Seider Edvinsson - Petry Martinez - Holl Maata Husso Cossa Tampa will have have $75 million against the cap and 15 players on the roster. Even if the cap goes up to $90 million this is only enough for $1.875 per roster spot to round out their team. Stamkos is the oldest player on the team, and IMO its time for them to redistribute his wealth elsewhere on the roster. They can't continue to plug holes with league min Zach Bogosians and Calvin DeHanns and Tyler Mottes etc. Their roster has become very top heavy (Leafs syndrome). I do think Stamkos will be released this coming summer. Stamwatch 2.0 will happen. SY would have an obvious inside edge with this player. And he would be the perfect veteran to come here and take the kids to the promised land. Thats the selling point for him. You've done it all Steven - heres your next challenge - take us to the promise land and make Tampa regret phasing you out. Steven also trusts SY intimately that he knows what hes doing with rosters. Also add Alec Martinez on the backend. Another veteran who's won multiple cups on multiple teams and can mentor these kids through the process. He's from Rochester MI and has talked about being a Wings fan growing up. I know Stammer is a pretty big add - but I think thats all we need to do. This team should have a steady trickle of prospects after this season. I think it's imperative to start adding vets who have been there done that. The only player on this roster that has won the cup is Compher the year before this last. Technically Fabbri has - but in a very limited role on that Blues team. Stammer and Martinez both have connections to Detroit and both have the most cup experience available next summer. Regardless - there's lots of good players possibly available next year. Unlike this summer. Ones that peak my interest: LHD Devon Toews C/RW Will Nylander C/RW Sam Reinhart G Connor Hellebuyck C/RW Mark Scheifele C/LW Jake Guentzel LW Tyler Bertuzzi C/LW Teuvo Teravainen LHD Noah Hanafin I also selfishly sort of want to add Corey Perry.... Zadorov is also available - that guy wrecks shop and would be fun to add.
  3. bIueadams

    Waiver Wire

    Edmonton just waived Tyler Benson Literally just turned 24 year old left wing and former 2nd round pick, has been a PPG dominate AHL player for a while now. Only 7 games in the NHL where he hasn't done much so far. I'd claim.
  4. bIueadams

    Detroit Lions 2023 Thread

    Bout time we started a secondary sports thread. F the Chiefs. We got this. Superbowl now.
  5. bIueadams

    Bertuzzi and Hronek Basically the speculation is: 1. Bertuzzi is going to want a huge contract to stay in Detroit 2. Hronek is very unhappy that Seider has replaced him as the go to guy
  6. So no one told you the wings were gonna be this wayyyyyyy *clapclapclapclap* Your coach is a joke, you're PP's broke, and your prospects are DOAaaaaaaaaaaa It's like you're vets are always stuck in second gearrrrrrrrrrr Well, it hasn't been our day, our week, our month, or even our year But, a contract will be there for youuuuuuu (Patrick Kane), when the rain starts to pour A contract will be there for you, like It's been there before (when we could win earlier this season). A contract will be there for you, cause you're there for me toooooooo.... With love, your best fren, Alexander
  7. Okayyyyy we agree that Graves shoots right, what's your point?
  8. Tatar has received more Selke votes than Larkin has When are we going to stop living in the make believe world where Larkin is some elite defensive talent? Every fan base uses this excuse to inflate their superstars. "Uhh uhhh uhhh yeah Larkin may not be as good as McDavid, but he's way better defensively!" He's not. The sooner we all accept reality the better.
  9. bIueadams

    2023 Offseason Thread

    I didnt mean gagy in the homophobic way - i meant it purely in the insulting sense.
  10. What's your proposal Ken Holland?
  11. Oh look at me I'm @Euro_Twins I live in the nice canadian version of Detroit and look north on the americans and I dont need Kane. You will sign Kane and you will cheer for him and you will like it.
  12. I have no desire for another LHD like Liljegren. If anything that's the position we should be unloading from. Friedman has also indicated recently that SY and Ras are in extension talks. To DET: Nylander To TOR: McIsaac + Viro + Berggren + 1st + 3rd
  13. bIueadams

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Jeezus christ. Fine them, and then force them to draft macklin callebrini. But personally, i dont think Aldrich touched those kids
  14. bIueadams

    2023 Offseason Thread

    Source: youre gaey
  15. bIueadams

    2023 Offseason Thread

    Realer than anything @kipwinger posts
  16. bIueadams

    2023 Offseason Thread

    yet here you are fabricating lmao
  17. bIueadams

    2023 Offseason Thread

    Ah yes esteemed writer Justin Borune lol I'd have more respect if you wrote it yourself and didn't pretend like Justin was some type of official presence