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  1. Okayyyyy we agree that Graves shoots right, what's your point?
  2. Tatar has received more Selke votes than Larkin has When are we going to stop living in the make believe world where Larkin is some elite defensive talent? Every fan base uses this excuse to inflate their superstars. "Uhh uhhh uhhh yeah Larkin may not be as good as McDavid, but he's way better defensively!" He's not. The sooner we all accept reality the better.
  3. bIueadams

    2023 Offseason Thread

    I didnt mean gagy in the homophobic way - i meant it purely in the insulting sense.
  4. What's your proposal Ken Holland?
  5. Oh look at me I'm @Euro_Twins I live in the nice canadian version of Detroit and look north on the americans and I dont need Kane. You will sign Kane and you will cheer for him and you will like it.
  6. I have no desire for another LHD like Liljegren. If anything that's the position we should be unloading from. Friedman has also indicated recently that SY and Ras are in extension talks. To DET: Nylander To TOR: McIsaac + Viro + Berggren + 1st + 3rd
  7. bIueadams

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Jeezus christ. Fine them, and then force them to draft macklin callebrini. But personally, i dont think Aldrich touched those kids
  8. bIueadams

    2023 Offseason Thread

    Source: youre gaey
  9. bIueadams

    2023 Offseason Thread

    Realer than anything @kipwinger posts