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  1. Troy McClure

    GDT: 4-16 Montreal Canadians vs Detroit Red Wings

    Getting smacked by the prez trophy team is on the line Get er done red bois
  2. Troy McClure

    Daisy the cow is the daughter of Al the octopus

    post somewhere else, were full
  3. Troy McClure

    2024 Offseason Thread

    Kane isnt reupping unless we make huge statement in the playoffs, which we wont
  4. Troy McClure

    2025 Offseason Thread

    Chia is good you regards Roy is my next boyfriend thou....
  5. Troy McClure

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Catch a coyote in a trap and it will chew its own paw off to escape and lose to your hockey team 5 years later
  6. Troy McClure

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    Interesting tidbit: There is a clause in the sales agreement sending the yotes to Salt Lake, that if the current owner of the yotes is able to build an arena in Arizona within 5 years after this sale, he will payback the money he made in the sale, and in exchange be allowed to reactivate the phoeonix coyotes with an expansion draft.
  7. Troy McClure

    News From Around the NHL *Mod warning page 75*

    If were doing animals, Utah is the beehive state. So "The Bees", colors black and yellow, and their logo can be a big letter B on their chest. But in all seriousness it will either be the Salt Lake Sister Wives or The Stormin' Mormons.
  8. Troy McClure

    During the Season 2024 Thread

    Fine with Husso/Lyon. But I think we have to bring in a ringer goalie again like Lyon was this year. Very real possibility that Lyon wont keep this going into next year, Husso will be poopies again, and Cossa isnt ready. I think we need a Hellberg/Lyon/KHL type. Someone we can stick in GR to start, but has the potential to take over the NHL net if plans A through C fail.
  9. Troy McClure

    During the Season 2024 Thread

    Leafs are probably going to push our s*** in tomorrow. But two games against Montreal should be winnable on paper. Those 2 are must wins. Last game of the year will be at MTL and they will be playing to eliminating us. Will be tough but there is hope. The next 3 games look rough for the Pens and Caps. We gotta get 2/3 pray they drop 2/3.
  10. Troy McClure

    4/11 - 1st Rd Exit On The Line GDT - Wings @ Pens

    He used to be a coach for the wings under blash Seider should be a superstar already. But all the X-factor, penash, savoie faire, je nes sais qoui, whatever you want to call it, has been coached out of his game. I think an argument can be made that this is better for the team as a whole or better in the long run for Seider... but boy oh boy, IMO its really a shame to reign in a young guy thats so good at making high risk plays. What makes a superstar is not just being really good, but bringing something to the table that other stars dont. Like Datsyuks pickpockets and dangles. Or Zbergs ability to skate half the speed of everyone else and still no one can take the puck off him. Seider had that with his aggression in the Dzone and gambling in the Ozone. Now hes so much more cookie cutter and bland. Shame on Derek, and Lidstrom if hes at all a part of this.
  11. Troy McClure

    4/11 - 1st Rd Exit On The Line GDT - Wings @ Pens

    The lib holier than thoughs in@The 91 of Ryans and @kipwinger have jumped ship in the last week. Color me surprised. Easy to call real fans doomers then dissapear when the team actually dooms. They have so much integrity i bet there too busy doing super postivitve stuff to cooment. God bless their hearts.
  12. Troy McClure

    4/11 - 1st Rd Exit On The Line GDT - Wings @ Pens

    Brad Gali on twitter "Patrick Kane says he hasnt thought about where hes playing next season yet, but hes thankful for his time with Detroit" Guy is already gone
  13. Troy McClure

    4/11 - 1st Rd Exit On The Line GDT - Wings @ Pens

    PIT and MTL teeoff april 16th. We teeoff april 26th. We are not the same.
  14. 8 years. Its been 8 long years since we expierenced the joy of exiting the playoffs in the first round. And now Crysby with his whiny baby antics wants to take that from us. Dont let him. Its time to show the entire league that the 2016 Red Wings are back, and we want our single 5 game series. LGRW!!!
  15. Troy McClure

    What Happened to Nyquist?

    Goose not loose [ ] Goose loose [ X ]