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  1. Scott R Lucidi

    2021 Training Camp, PTO's, Pre-Season Chat

    My takeaways from what I've seen so far: 1) Raymond, Veleno, and Seider all need to be up with the big club permanently. They are all green and have all looked shaky with the pace of the NHL at times, but they all have enough talent to take one of the spots on our 23 man roster. 2) Leddy is not a long term solution unless he's a 3rd pairing guy at a better contract rate. Great guy to have for a pp, but a weak spot defensively. 3) Greiss needs to go. This guy looks like he's coming off a 4 year layoff, not a summer break. Move on next season. 4) Bertuzzi-Larkin-UFA needs to be our 2nd line after the 2022 draft. Should take a hard look at Filip Forsberg. 5) We need to suck this year to get Wright to make Zadina-Wright-Raymond our 1st line for the 2022-23 season. A lot of you might not like Zadina, but he is doing just fine for a 21 year old #6 pick. Get used to him improving and playing good hockey for us.
  2. Scott R Lucidi

    10/7 - "No" GDT - Pittsburgh Pengins vs Wheel Team - 7:30 EDT

    Daniel Lafferty is playing 4th line C for Pittsburgh?
  3. Scott R Lucidi

    Rumors Thread

    What if we offer this: 2022 2nd Round Pick 2023 First (Protected Top 5 - Gets Moved Back a Year if We Have a Top 5 Pick, Phoenix Gets Our 2023 2nd Round Pick as Compensation) 2024 First (Gets Moved Back a Year if 2023 Pick Gets Moved Back)
  4. Scott R Lucidi


    Moritz Seider's final form is scary.
  5. Scott R Lucidi


    Transsexual Zetterberg/GMRwings1983 Daughter Mated to Pavel Datsyuk Do it!
  6. Scott R Lucidi

    If you could pick any 20 players for an All-Time roster..

    thats a good question. probably in the cam neely to mike bossy zone.
  7. Scott R Lucidi

    If you could pick any 20 players for an All-Time roster..

    Yzerman was the only player I thought should not be on this list. The rest of your picks were solid.
  8. Scott R Lucidi

    All Purpose Grand Rapids Griffins Thread

    great post
  9. Scott R Lucidi

    If you could pick any 20 players for an All-Time roster..

    Jagr-Gretzky-Howe Jagr brings the all around 200 foot threat and frees Gretz and Gordie up to play blueline to goalline. Gretz has 2 dynamos to pass the puck to. Howe handles the monkey business for the others. Hull - Mario - Ovechkin Bobby brings the speed and finishing, Mario brings the class, and Ovechkin keeps the flies off the other two. Fedorov - McDavid - Messier Feds brings the 200' game, McDavid brings the afterburners, and Messier cleans up the mess. Bure - Crosby - Hull Bure with the speed, Crosby the finesse, and Brett with the finishing. Lidstrom-Orr Just Scary. This is almost impossible to argue. Harvey-Bourque Again, scary good. Rock solid defender in Harvey and top 3 offensive dman in Bourque. Robinson - Chelios The muscle of the D.
  10. Scott R Lucidi

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?) This guy is one of us, yah?
  11. Scott R Lucidi

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    good move by the canes so long as they finish well
  12. Scott R Lucidi

    2020 NCAA Free Agents

    stupid ***** coach isnt even going to play McCarthy
  13. Scott R Lucidi

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    Typically Id agree with your assessment provided said player was #1D and was likely to be #1D for contract term. There's a good chance Hronek becomes our #3D THIS YEAR, however. And almost certain chance he's anchoring the 2nd pairing by next season. 2021: Hronek-Leddy Seider-Staal Lindstrom-Oesterle 2022: Seider-Leddy Hronek-Edvinsson Lindstrom-Johansson 2023 -: Seider-Edvinsson Hronek-Johannson Lindstrom-McIsaac I would be surprised if Hronek gets more than 5 per on a long term deal. 6 per on a short term deal wouldnt surprise me. I think he'd be smart to sign through ufa status and play his ass off. By age 26, he could be making a strong case for 8-9 mil on the open market. If Im Yzerman, Im doing my best to have the best #3 dman in the league making #3 dman money.
  14. Scott R Lucidi

    2021 Off-Season (Too Soon?)

    I dont think he's going to get that much, tbh. With Seider and Leddy coming on board, Id expect Hronek to see less scoring minutes this season. I think Yzerman will offer 2 contracts - one that keeps him an RFA and has a higher per year in the range of 5.5-6 mil, and one that gives him max term in the range of 5-5.5 mil per. Hronek then will have a chance to poclet 35-40 mil on this contact and another 45-50 mil on his next. He's set to have a handsome career money wise due to developing well early. But he's slated to be our 2A guy in the next couple of years. I think giving him 1st pairing money for a longer term would be a mistake.