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  1. Scott R Lucidi

    Rumors Thread

    Exactly. That's the irony I intended. You're wise.
  2. Scott R Lucidi

    2022 Draft / UFA

    We need profiles for Husso, Pysyk, and Haag as well.
  3. Scott R Lucidi

    Robert Hagg $800k x 1

    This cat is a +4 over 300 games with Philly, Buffalo, and Florida. And only 16 of those games with Florida. That's mighty impressive considering the suck level of the teams he played for. Perhaps this guy is a hidden gem.
  4. Scott R Lucidi

    New New Prospects Thread

    2 things: 1) The rest of the teams caught up to us in European scouting. There are no secrets over there anymore. 2) A player drafted past pick #20 has almost zero chance of having a solid NHL career. That's just the way it is. Once in a while, you might find a needle in the haystack. But it's a crap shoot.
  5. Scott R Lucidi

    New New Prospects Thread

    After Pick 20, the chances of the player making the NHL and lasting are terrible. So Steve has done just fine. Getting Berggren and Soderblom into top 9 positions from their draft positions is outstanding. And he's hit home runs on all (5) of his first rounders. Seider, Raymond, Edvinsson, and Veleno are all going to be long time NHL players. Cossa is up in the air still, but he's also trending in the right direction. If there's one thing Steve has done well in his first 3 seasons, it's drafting. His UFA signings haven't been that strong up to this point, but that is more than likely by design. I wouldn't be surprised if we spend some money soon on some bigger targets.
  6. Scott R Lucidi

    Coach Vote - Restart

    We like Zadina, but we really think he needs to skate faster, hit more, score a lot more goals, assist on a lot more goals, play way better defense, and in general not be such a non-factor out on the ice. We might not need to change the player, but we definitely need to change how the player plays.
  7. Scott R Lucidi

    No Helmet Rule

    That was absolutely brutal. Such an easy fix to the mess, too = Instant Replay. All that needed to happen was a replay of the series of the helmet coming off Petterson. Then they could have called no goal and a delay of game 2 minute minor on the Rangers. Problem solved. Can't believe the league didn't get this right without having to go through an example that cost a team a game 7. The Pens have a right to be upset here.
  8. Scott R Lucidi

    SY Press Conference - New Coach

    I think Torts is going to be our guy. He's exactly what our soft ass swedes need.
  9. Scott R Lucidi

    Trotz Fired

    Ovi is the man.
  10. Scott R Lucidi

    Eemil Viro

    Seems like a decent skater. I'm not seeing much past that.
  11. Scott R Lucidi

    (18) Larkins vs (18) Seiders

    Who wins and why?
  12. Scott R Lucidi

    2022 Draft - Threatening Bettman (the owners)

    I just want to see these loser teams at the bottom that suck the lifeblood out of 1/2" the good nhl prospects get bent. That's all.
  13. Scott R Lucidi

    New New Prospects Thread

    I really hope Evinsson, Wallinder, and Soderblom make the big club next year. No reason to waste time on the Osterles and Juolevis of the hockey world any more. Let those guys go and be mediocre elsewhere. They're just costing our kids experience.
  14. Scott R Lucidi

    Dylan Larkin Is Soft muscle repair is a,abdomen%2C typically the rectus abdominis. Same thing Draper and Lidstrom needed a while back.
  15. Scott R Lucidi

    2022 Draft / UFA

    I would love to spend money on players like that. And that's the kind of thing that would make me want to push Zadina down the line up and into oblivion eventually. The kind of thing that makes me want to hang onto Zadina and spend more time on his development is when someone recommends that we keep our 32 million of caps space open and not sign any good players because we are going to need to resign 4 good players in the next 7 seasons. Then I sit there and look at our prospect pool and check to see if any of them would be more suited to play top nine minutes than Zadina. The answer is obviously no. So we're right back to where we started. Why are we whipping Zadina? That makes no sense. Whip the GM if he's not giving you the caliber of players the team needs. Or whip the coach if you think he's not playing the players the right amount of time or in a role suited to fit his strengths. But whipping a 22 year old guy who's doing his best to change his game 180 degrees than what he's accustomed to because he hasn't done it in 2 seasons is RIDICULOUS. Especially when there's not a better alternative available.