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  1. Scott R Lucidi

    Ovechkin to 1,000 Goals?

    How does 9-10 goals in 14 more games mean this season got cancelled?
  2. Scott R Lucidi

    Glendog for Captain

    Gonna be Seider
  3. Scott R Lucidi

    2020 Offseason

    All of this AND: You kind of have to bust or show signs of busting before you're a bust! By this age, Fedorov, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Mantha, and Larkin did not have as many GP or Points in the NHL. Come at me with "But Yzerman" did.
  4. Scott R Lucidi

    2020 Offseason

    He's tenacious.
  5. Hey - man you talkin back to me? TAKE HIM OUT
  6. Scott R Lucidi

    2020 Offseason

    I like it, but I think the good play is to keep Howard around 2 more years and give him the starts. Let him get torched and then bring Larson/Petruzzelli in for cleanup. After the opponent has a 4-5 goal lead, they usually don't press to make it a 9 goal lead. That's good for confidence for a young guy. Lets him see the speed of the game, but not face the ultra aggressive net drives that good goalies need to get used to stopping. If Howard will take 2 years, 3 million per to be our scapegoat, sign him up. If not, let him go and move onto Murray.
  7. Scott R Lucidi

    2020 Offseason

    One thing that leads me to believe Zadina will get better is his lower body. Dude is as brickhouse waste down. Thats a good sign.
  8. Scott R Lucidi

    2020 Offseason

    Im actually ok with what you just said. But yes, he will not be the highest scoring player in the league. If you want to say his ceiling is top line winger, i think you could make a convincing argument.
  9. Scott R Lucidi

    2020 Offseason

    For a guy that is struggling to make the nhl, the ceiling is NOT the Art Ross Trophy Winner position. It IS top 6 winger scoring 50-70 pts, aka Tatar. Your smug know it all attitude is rearing its ugly head again. And like your trade proposals, your arguments are looking ridiculous. Winnepeg probably wont do Laine for Mantha, Pittsburgh probably wont give us Letang for Cholowski, and Rasmussen's ceiling = Eric Lindros. Why even say anything if everything that you are gonna say is of the "no sh$t, Sherlock" variety?
  10. Scott R Lucidi

    2020 Offseason

    Zadina ceiling = kucherov? That's the most absurd thing i've read here yet. He is struggling to make the NHL right now.
  11. Scott R Lucidi

    LGW Buyouts

    Especially when you are just using way too many words to describe oystersteel.
  12. Scott R Lucidi

    LGW Buyouts

    I voted myself out so I can focus on Oystersteel. Thank you, Aki!
  13. No, because i wouldnt be on here if that could happen!
  14. You arent irritating anybody. He's been trolling you for 2 pages. But this type of trolling/banter (personal insult) makes us look stupid, and this site is already at a low point. So just give it a rest.
  15. Guys, seriously. STFU and walk away from this thread. You're only looking like a bunch of tools. Insulting each other over Jimmy Howards offseason form. Its assinine. I would ban you all for immaturity right now if I could.