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  1. Trade or release Draper. Force him to retire. Ozzie should be next. Anything other than that and you are worshipping at the altar of the Grind Line slurpers. "lets get the band back together" and "there's something left in the tank" and "he's still got some hockey left in him" "quit being negative, you're not a true fan" and go on and on and on................ Wake up, we need younger healthier players, these guys are done!
  2. In light of the Rupert Murdoch News Corp's power play with US citizens in this economy, I hope to God Mike takes the Wings, Tigers and soon to be Pistons games, along with CCHA and everything else to his own broadcasting station like in New York. I'm tired of the DISH dispute and the exorbant fees charged by Con-cast, charter, ect. Take it over the air so Michigan residents can pick it up with a digital antenna. Just think of the free advertising dollars for Olympia Ent. Make it happen Mike!
  3. Time to send Ozzie down the retirement road like Maltby. time for you to go, thanks for the memories and mentoring Jimmy. Take draper with you.......... Seriously though, He looks done. The past three seasons he's been awful. Our defense hasn't helped, but he doesn't look like he can steal a game anymore. Time to retire dude.
  4. yeah, they are awesome. lets sign them up for lifetime Illitch loyalty contracts
  5. Time to cut our losses with drapes and send him on the retirement tour. If we are lucky maybe we could get some trade value for him, possibly a draft pick! Maltby too, he's just as bad. For all those that say he's the best penalty killer on the team: look at our record on the PK. GET RID OF HIM FINALLY
  6. Who cares
  7. Hell yeah! lets get scarface to center the heritage line with Drapes and Malts!
  8. I'd be on board with that. What could even be better would be to re-sign Drapes and Malts to 5yr deals though...get the heritage line started
  9. Seriously, a little ******* geritol and a couple walkers, we could be all set.
  10. I think we should give Drapes and Malts 5yr loyalty contracts...they aren't that old, and I'll bet they could win the Conn Smythe trophy together.
  11. I think Holland should resign Good 'ol drpapes and Malts to 5 year deals, that way, we can trade some prospects and keep them on the team forever!!!! WE COULD CALL IT THE HERITAGE LINE CUT THESE GREYBEARDS AND GET ON WITH IT FOR f***S SAKE
  12. You can't carry a gun into a sports arena, guaranteed they won't be packing heat unless they ran to their vehicle to get one and start a gunfight regardless.
  13. And who won the cup? go f*** yourself troll
  14. he's a whiny ass little ******. I'd like to see him get beaten down here soon, maybe he'll shut his trap then