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  1. Nabokov claimed by NYI, refuses to report, suspended

    I like this...forgot about that...
  2. Legace injures himself on Palin's carpet

    While he was down he took the advantage of munching on some carpet...Hence the thought he was on a magic carpet ride...
  3. Anyone got the little folding schedule?

    I got mine...thought I grabbed 2 but didn't. Bummed me out. I only saw it at one party store so far and it was in Clawson. They only had a half dozen or so...I co;;ect those pocket sched s for all teams I can for Michigan.
  4. Opening Ceremony

    Nope, They just raised the one for now. I watched it on CBC. They had all the tropies there on the ice. They must of not wanted to do to much bragging. I was there years back when they raised the div, conf and the pres trophies.
  5. Opening Ceremony

    One word for Karen Newman and her twins...HOT...
  6. Stevie Y.

    If he was going to do this, he would of done it a few years back. Then there is the fact if he came back, there would be a special press confress...not a foul up like this...
  7. Jordin Tootoo In Town

    He came to spend time with his life partner, Lilja... :deal: :deal: :deal:
  8. Player vs. Player

    Alec Delvecchio Probert vs Kocur
  9. Detroit's Three Home and Home Eastern Conf teams

    I miss those Toronto home and home games on Friday and Saturday nights...
  10. Player vs. Player

    Larson...I was just thinling about this match... Larionov or Fetisov
  11. Player vs. Player

    Fleury in his heyday... Borge Salming or Brad Marsh
  12. Player vs. Player

    Chelios Pat LaFontain or Jimmy Carson
  13. Atlanta signs Williams

    Gteat pick up for Atlanta, as long as he stays healthy... About time that they got a center for Kovalchuk...
  14. Favorite Goalie Mask

    I would have to search for it but Ozzie has an awesome mask that he never wears. Its a full face mask with a wizard on baxk waving a wand with all the stars and twinkles. Every now and then FSN, chanel 50, CBC will show it...
  15. Favorite Goalie Mask

    I loved Gump Worsley's...Oh wait that wasn't a mask... :rotflmao: