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  1. IF we couldn't get passed the first rd with lidstrom,Stuart and hurdler. Babcock insist with the current roster were headed backwards.. How does tootoo , Samuelson, Gustafson make us better? We've went backwards. Low balling these free agents assuming cause they would wear the wing wheel doesn't bring these free agents in anymore. We no longer have yzerman,shanhan,chelios,lidstrom to lure in big fish kids. It will stay that way until holland decides to outbid his opponent in free agency. Something he has never done.
  2. Doan staying in PHX 4 yrs $21.2 mill

    Left winger you truly know your hockey son. I agree with you. Think Kenny will call larinov or federov. He may as well since he's failed to land a stud free agent Canadian since he's been the gm.
  3. Doan staying in PHX 4 yrs $21.2 mill

    I agree. D town doesn't appeal to free agents like it use too. Every free agent we have our eye on we gotta compete against other teams with the same dollars. Is it our euro factor or the age of our team?
  4. Doan staying in PHX 4 yrs $21.2 mill

    Basing it on how free agency has worked for the wings don't count on it. There's more teams in better position to win a cup. Not to mention these teams are offering more money .
  5. Holland Content with Current Roster

    Well said. I like how holland stressed that we needed a top scoring forward and yet he backtracks were fine when he loses out on all these forwards. Same goes for d.. I think we outta start worrying of drafting north American hockey players instead of euros every yr if we wanna land Canadian,American players. I personally think its hurting our team when it comes to free agency. Holland hasn't made any moves at the trade deadline for a few years now. His confidence were okay with the team we have is losing credibility with the wings being bounced from the playoffs so quick. Man I almost wish we had Stevie y as our gm. He's active and headed in the right direction with the lightning.
  6. Holland Content with Current Roster

  7. Semin

    You didn't watch the capitals in the playoffs this year did ya? Semin was playing excellent two way hockey for caps. I'm not big on Russian players even since federov. However semin would be the guy taking the shots on the wings, rather than watching ovechkin take 10 a game. watching pavel and Alexander at the worlds they were incredible together like they have been playing together for years. Like I sId I'm not big on Russian players but semin and datsyuk would be scary
  8. Semin

  9. Holland waiting for the CBA?

    If the cap goes down teams that are over will have to get under the cap. Which means overpaid guys like suter,parise will be out the door unless they rework their contracts to be cap friendly. Much like the NFL players. Players are asked to rework their contracts to help there teAm get under the salary cap and if they decline they get cut. The NHL is going that same route with a new Cba with a projected lower salary cap.
  10. Semin

    Sounds right didn't he make between four and five mill in wash. Pitt offered him 3 years 18 mill I heard. Offer him two million more and we have a sniper to play on a line with pavel.
  11. Semin

    Pit does not have him. There gonna have to outbid new jersey and Detroit first
  12. Evander Kane is a Better Option than Zach Parise

    You haven't watched evader Kane play much huh? You act like he was lucky tp score 30 goals in a season. He has size what we need. He has a heavy shot. He is physical and he has speed. Something the wings lack. What does our team lack in? We lack a wing that can finish. To say he only had one good season and that he may not do it here is a reach. Like I stated he has never played on a line with skill like the wings have.
  13. Evander Kane is a Better Option than Zach Parise

    Who's he play on a line with? He's worth the draft picks being our first rd picks are at the back of the pack and we seem to strike gold in rds 3,4,5 so yes he's worth it. Kane has never played wth the talent the wings have.
  14. A case for rebuilding

    Just how many shut down defensman are there in the NHL? Not to many bubb. All we need is a solid defensman since there are no shut dmen available in free agency not to mention no team would trade Detroit their franchise d. Holland would have to give up alot of youth to land a solid defensman. I don't see it happining since he keeps insisting he's good with what we have. He's gonna sit back and wait for a new Cba and put the wings in the right position cap wise to land someone. As long as we have z,pavel were gonna be competitive. Truth is we cannot replace a legend. Wasn't kindl and smith drafted in rd 1 it's obvious the organization thinks highly of them both being they drafted pavel,z and lidstrom in what rd? Look how they turned out by giving them ice time and patience