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  1. GDT

    I'm not sure, but weren't Ken and Mick talking about how lousy the Canes PP has been? If so, that always seems to be the kiss of death - you knew they were going to score.
  2. So happy for MacKinnon that he wasn't drafted by Detroit. If he was, instead of breaking Gretzky's record, he'd still be in Grand Rapids, and we'd be pleading with Holland to bring him up!
  3. Morning after b***h fest. Didn't get to watch the Lidstrom ceremony until this morning. And I was very upset that I had to watch John Keating running his yap, while they SHOULD have been showing us the introductions of all of the former players and coaches. And then, while several speakers noted that "Nobody else would ever wear #5 again," someone decided to put Lidstrom's jersey on a whole team of sub-par performers, who can't ever seem to even play a whole 60 minute game. Harumph!
  4. gdt

    OK, let's be honest. We just scored the kind of goal that we were all just wondering why we are never able to score that kind of goal. I think I just confused myself!
  5. gdt

    Ah, one of those nice goals where you're saying "there it is" before it even goes in the net.
  6. gdt

    Now we get to hear Babs get grilled with hardball questions by John Keating. Instead of asking him why the Wings PP doesn't have a clue, Keating will ask one of his patented "how" questions - "How big a loss is this tonight?" Keating is as big a loser as the team he covers.
  7. gdt

    All of our chances - all of our chances - blah, blah, blah, game after game, yet no goals. Missed chances = choker = loser. And with tonight's shut out, this team officially becomes an embarrassment to Red Wing hockey. Even the Dead Wings never managed to be shut out 3 road games in a row.
  8. gdt

    After so many games of complaining about bad "puck luck" maybe we should entertain the notion that very few members of this team have enough skill to belong in this league. I'm watching a team that just doesn't have a clue about how to play in the NHL.
  9. gdt

    And Hartnall buries one to make it 2-0. The Wings never seem to be that wide open, and if they were, the shooter would put it right on the goalies chest, if not shoot it wide.
  10. GDT

    What an entertaining game - 60 minute game, 20 minutes of which is spent watching the Wings just trying to get it out of their zone. These guys must be really predictable, because the Blues seemed to know everything the Wings were going to do ahead of time.
  11. When you first mentioned misfit, my first reaction was Howie Young. But, according to the definition that is evolving in this discussion, he wouldn't qualify.
  12. GDT

    Now we have to endure the same ole same ole postgame crap. Trevor Thompson smiling away like we won the game, followed by softball questions for Babs and Howard, and then a string of Wings players talking about all of the crap tha "we just can't do" in the third period, despite the fact that they always seem to do those things. Then yet another discussion about how yet another bottom feeding team has all of this great young talent, and how they had more jump in the third period, blah blah blah ------
  13. gdt

    Six minutes left in the game, Flyers with a two goal lead. If the situation was reversed, this is when the Wings would give it all away, if they hadn't already done it much earlier.
  14. gdt

    If the Wings aren't careful, they're going to get too big a lead to blow for a shootout!
  15. gdt

    If it isn't bad enough to have to watch a loss like this, comes the realization that not only is this one lousy hockey team, but they are a bunch of ******* to boot. But, of course, I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know. God, what I wouldn't pay for another Probie, Kocur, or Grimson!