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  1. God the announcers sound horrible. This love affair should've ended on Valentines Day.
  2. At least in the end they put up a fight, too little too late.
  3. Horse/Moose/Mule scored... Yay!!!
  5. Oh well, best to get all the injuries out of the way before the playoffs. We don't need a president's trophy, just a place in the playoffs.
  6. Is that your best comeback? Time to get that GED buddy. And for the hell of it, WTF does full metal jousting have to do with ice sports. It's irrelevant, just like your comments. Go piss up someone else' tree.
  7. HockeyConvert, there is no need for your uneducated, idiotic posts, but they happen, just like vicious hits in hockey... If you don't like it, watch figure skating...
  8. This is pathetic, we look worse on PP than full strength.
  9. Voracek ducked to avoid the hit. It all happens in a split second, it's hard to avoid it. This is a physical game and you can't make players afraid of hitting cause some ******* keep their head down on purpose.
  10. You shouldn't punish a player for hitting another player that ducks to avoid a hit. Instead Shanny rewards them with suspending the "offending" player"...
  11. Soon they'll take away hitting in hockey cause they won't hold players accountable for putting themselves in bad positions...
  12. Hit was clean, Voracek saw kronner coming and put his head down. Time to hold the receivers of the hit accountable... It'll be reviewed by Shanny for sure, possibly a suspension cause it looked bad... But kronner didn't even hit him as bad as it looked...
  13. That was a headshot, just not sure if it was intentional...
  14. Kronwall just killed Vorachek...sp