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  1. roboturner

    Howard = Average

    So uhhh.....To save me from reading this, is it safe to assume the general opinion of Howard around here has uhh, changed slight from the last time I was here?
  2. roboturner

    Jimmy Devellano

    I like where this is going
  3. roboturner

    Looks like we have a goalie next year

    Yzerman = The Prince That Was Promised
  4. roboturner

    Looks like we have a goalie next year

    You guys all know I've never been a fan of Howard, but to me this is a good deal. There just isn't anybody else right now and there's no reason to put a new guy just to fill the gap.
  5. roboturner

    2/2 GDT - Red Wings @ Hurricanes - 7:00 PM EST

    Games over and it's still 2 pages...
  6. roboturner

    1/31 GDT - Sharks @ Red Wings - 8:00 PM EST

    I feel like I've been left out of the Fight Club faction.
  7. roboturner

    Official Expansion Draft/NHL Awards, Crosby love fest thread.

    Did you guys see This Is The End? It was hilarious when I finally watched it.
  8. roboturner

    Gustav Nyquist Hearing

    alright bud Edit: Everybody can now see just how dangerous a roundhouse kick from Christopher Reeves is.
  9. roboturner

    Gustav Nyquist Hearing

    I'm not trying to defend Gus' actions. It looked like he meant to retaliate someway, but what happened didn't seem premeditated (there wasn't really time for that anyway) and he seemed pretty shocked/surprised immediately after it happened. So in that respect it might not have been 'on purpose', but it looked bad when it happened and it sounded bad when he was trying to dismiss it as accidental after the game. It's been days since it happened, perhaps in that time he's been able to take more responsibility for it before the meeting today. In the end, (he doesn't really have a record of playing dirty that I can think of) 6 games sounds like the right amount for the incident.
  10. roboturner

    02/12 GDT : at Minnesota Wild 6, Red Wings 3

    Looked like Nyquist meant to do something in retaliation, just not that. His body language right after seemed like he was as shocked by it as everybody else. But in the end, it happened, so he'll get punished for what happened.
  11. roboturner

    01/04 GDT : Red Wings vs Ducks : 10:30 PM ET

    That was actually a great pass by Ericsson. Hit the guy right on the tape. It's too bad he didn't look to see what color jersey the guy was wearing.....
  12. roboturner

    Conflict in the Crease

    Really? Cuz you specifically asked what was wrong with cherry picking Howard's stats, then continued on to push aside the struggles Howard has had in his career.
  13. roboturner

    Conflict in the Crease

    Neither. That was my point.